A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan ) Chapter 188

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan ) Chapter 188

Chapter 188 

When Matilda returned to the studio, the crew comforted her again, urging her not to take things to heart. Then Orson went back to his usual aloof self. He had just settled in front of his desk when the lights flickered out and he dozed off with a clang

Talk about a power nap,Hala remarked with a click of her tongue, Surviving till 27 is no small feat.” 

Getting old,Luna stretched languidly, I mean, Orson’s tall and fairskinned, could be a heartthrob anywhere else. But it’s weird that he never seems to have a girlfriend. Pushing thirty and still single, why’s that?” 

With his graveyard shift lifestyle? Forget a girlfriend, he’s lucky to be alive,” Yoshi said with a flick of his imaginary tail as he bounced back to his seat. Ever heard the saying, No girlfriends in the design industry?” 

But come evening, a new client arrived that took Matilda by surprise. Luna had begged and pleaded with the company execs to get the WhatsApp number of a bigshot CEO, and after a whole afternoon of pestering, she managed to get him to drop by

Keen to make amends, Matilda volunteered to give it another shot. With Hala rooting for her in the background, she entered the reception with a fluttering heart. However, the sight of the blond man lounging on the sofa froze her smile

Just her luck, always running into the last person she wanted to see

Her smile faltered

Hello, Mr. Simpson.” 

Adrian lounged on the sofa like he owned the place, legs propped on the coffee table, more like he was in a VIP lounge than a business meeting. His eyes sparkled like jewels when he smiled, utterly captivating

Oh, what a coincidence,he greeted Matilda with an irreverent grin

Gathering her resolve, Matilda took a deep breath and sat across from him. Adrian’s amusement grew at her stern expression, Hey, no warm welcome for me?” 

If you’re here to goof off,Matilda pointed towards the door, the exit’s that way, no escort needed.” 

Come on, can’t you be a bit more grateful?Adrian was baffled. He had helped her 


Chapter 188 

more than once, yet she always greeted him with the same unappreciative 


As far as Matilda was concerned, Adrian was in the negatives, and she wasn’t about to change her attitude. Handing over the documents, she said flatly, I didn’t expect it to be you again.” 

Oh, so there was someone else before me?Adrian’s face soured at the implication

Who was it, Yvan?” 

Matilda’s grip on her papers tightened as Adrian straightened up and leaned in closer. His laughter was charmingly disarming, the mixed features of his face now disturbingly alluring, What, Yvan’s okay, but I’m not?” 

Matilda felt immune to the sting of his words. Once, they would have hurt, but now she’d grown numb to such mockery

With a smile devoid of warmth, she replied, As long as there’s payment, anyone’s 


Adrian’s laugh turned colder, and the two seemed to be locked in a battle of wills. He reached across the table and grasped her slender wrist. To an onlooker, they might have seemed like an intimate couple

He narrowed his eyes, a look that sent chills down Matilda’s spine. She tried to pull away, but he held firm and said, Matilda, you should know who I’m here for.” 

Let go,she hissed, Act with some dignity in public!” 

Adrian, shameless as ever, released her but continued to gaze at Matilda with an intensity that burned. I’m quite curious about how many masks you wear.” 

He found himself fascinated by the push and pull, the forceful way he was penetrating her world, layer by layer

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan )

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/28/2024 Native Language: English
A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan ) Betrayed and framed five years ago

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth

  Matilda was wrongly accused of causing the death of Yvan's lover and their child. As a result, Yvan heartlessly sent her to prison, shattering her life and family, all the while completely oblivious to the fact that she was also carrying his unborn child. Fast-forward five years, Matilda is released from prison and confronted by Yvan, who demands, "If you want your child, come to me and atone for your sins!" With a bitter smile, Matilda replies, "You can have whoever you want, and let the child call them 'mom'." Furious, Yvan retorts, "After five years in prison, how can you still be so ruthless!" Matilda, her eyes reddened with tears, responds mockingly, "That's right, because I am a murderer in your eyes." Only later does Yvan realize the unbearable guilt and agony he owes her-a mere apology that Mati...

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth


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