A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan ) Chapter 189

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan ) Chapter 189

Chapter 189 

I’m not in the mood for your stupid games.Matilda snapped, rising abruptly from her seat. If you’re looking to kill time, why don’t you go to the club? They’ll wine and dine with you, and even warm your bedmight help you with that insatiable itch you seem to have, like a dog in heat.” 

Adrian’s smile froze on his face, contorting into anger the next second as he grabbed Matilda’s shoulders, Did you just compare me to a dog?” 

She laughed, a cold sound that made Adrian’s handsome face turn an ugly shade of green. He lurched forward, seizing her chin, and Matilda struggled, We’re at the office, let go of me!” 

Since I’m a dog in your eyes, wouldn’t it be disappointing, Ms. Thompson, if I didn’t act the part?” 

The name Ms. Thompsonstruck a nerve, and Matilda gritted her teeth against the insult, You don’t have to keep showing up, trying to prove something. I have zero interest in you or anyone of your ilk!” 

With a forceful shove, she freed herself. Adrian sensed a change in hershe seemed utterly fearless now

Adrian scoffed, Matilda, you really think you’re somebody now, don’t you? Without me, you-” 

He was cut off by a cool voice

What’s going on here?Orson, carrying a freshly brewed cup of coffee, had strolled through the lobby, not expecting to stumble upon such a scene

Catching sight of Matilda being aggressively held, a smirk played at the corners of his mouth. He had underestimated herflitting between Yvan and now the Simpson family’s golden boy, Adrian. Appearances could be deceiving indeed

Who’s this handsome fellow?Adrian appraised Orson from head to toe, turning to Matilda

Your new boy toy?” 

Her eyes flared with anger, Stop insulting people. He’s a colleague!

Oh.Adrian swung around to Orson, And what’s it to you? Is it your place to speak on matters between me and Matilda?” 

Adrian’s tone was humiliating, and Matilda, breaking free, showered him with a flurry of documents, You’re the one who deceived and hurt me, and now you’re the one who can’t stop pestering me. Do you find this amusing? Because I find you utterly dull.” 

Without cleaning up the mess, she stormed out, not even sparing Orson a glance. Matilda was taken aback by his early arrival but was more heartbroken by Adrian’s relentless pursuit. When would they tire of this catandmouse game

Adrian watched her leave, a low chuckle escaping him. Matilda had indeed grown bolder since her brush with death. She seemed to have shed all her vulnerabilities, unafraid and uncaring of 



Chapter 10Y 

their actions

Was this her socalled fresh start

To Matilda’s surprise, Adrian agreed to invest in their project, increasing the sponsorship considerably. The next day, as they signed the contract, everyone praised her for securing such a substantial financial backer

Only Matilda was skeptical. Why would Adrian suddenly offer so much support

But the reality left her no time to ponder, as the funds were quickly allocated

Yoshi was astounded, Dude, this much cash? We could produce a major online game now.” 

Only Orson cast a mocking glance at Matilda upon hearing the news. His look was enigmatic, yet the scorn in his eyes was like a needle to Matilda’s heart

She clenched her fists, opting not to justify herself with words

What began as a thoughtless farce by Adrian turned out to be a mere facade of tranquility in Matilda’s supposed new life. Just as she believed she could embark on a new chapter, the cruel specter of her past stealthily followed her every step

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan )

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan )

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A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan ) Betrayed and framed five years ago

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth

  Matilda was wrongly accused of causing the death of Yvan's lover and their child. As a result, Yvan heartlessly sent her to prison, shattering her life and family, all the while completely oblivious to the fact that she was also carrying his unborn child. Fast-forward five years, Matilda is released from prison and confronted by Yvan, who demands, "If you want your child, come to me and atone for your sins!" With a bitter smile, Matilda replies, "You can have whoever you want, and let the child call them 'mom'." Furious, Yvan retorts, "After five years in prison, how can you still be so ruthless!" Matilda, her eyes reddened with tears, responds mockingly, "That's right, because I am a murderer in your eyes." Only later does Yvan realize the unbearable guilt and agony he owes her-a mere apology that Mati...

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth


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