And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 11

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 11

Chapter 11 

The next day dawned with a tradition of the newly married daughter returning to her family after the wedding

Roselind carefully selected gifts, considering it a good deed well done on behalf of the Sawyer family. With the idea of bringing back something of significant value, she also carefully chose a perfectly aged, hundredyearold bottle of wine

Gwendolyn, I’m sorry you have to go by yourself. Howard is not well enough, so the burden. falls on you,she said, guilt laced in her voice as she took Gwendolyn’s hands

Dressed in a light green dress that flowed gently to her ankles, Gwendolyn nodded slightly

She glanced towards the second floor of the quaint cottage, recalling their argument the day before. Naturally, she hadn’t managed to get the transfer documents from Howard and it seemed she would have to find her way to bring Nicolette back

I better be off then.” 

Take care on the road,Roselind said, stepping back to watch as Gwendolyn got into the car and drove away

Sitting in the car, Gwendolyn rested her hands by her sides, her cuffs pinned into fluted pleats by silver needles, which was a seemingly inconspicuous detail. This return trip was bound to be a battle of wits and wills

If push came to shove, so be it

Upon arrival at the Sawyer family, not a single servant was present to greet her

Gwendolyn strode into the living room, halting the laughter and chatter within

Gwen,Gemma rushed over with feigned warmth, You’re finally back. Didn’t Mr. Howard come with you?” 

Vivien sat arrogantly on the sofa, chin lifted, eyes scornful. Who’d care for a country bumpkin? Howard would be embarrassed to be seen with her.” 


Herman, seated across the room, chastised her as he put down his newspaper with an air of authority. Don’t speak to your sister that way.” 

Unafraid, Vivien shrugged

Gwendolyn, have a seat and a cup of coffee,Herman instructed as if educating her, Sisters should help each other out. With Vivien marrying Bainbridge, you’ll soon be together in the Chadwick family. Vivien has been spoiled. Be patient with her.” 

Yes, you two are practically sisters,Gemma chimed in to smooth things over while probing, Gwen, has Howard got any news about Mr. White? If you find him, don’t forget to tell me.” 


Chapter 11 

For years she had been unable to conceive a son for Herman. No doctor had been able to remedy her condition. There were rumors that Mr. White possessed a miraculous health concoction

Gwendolyn looked on at their nauseating act, countering with sarcasm, What’s the matter? Are you ill too?” 

You’re so impolite!Gemma’s face fell, and she swung her hand in a slap

A red mark bloomed on Gwendolyn’s fair cheek as she glared at Gemma, a surge of injustice and deep resentment filling her

This was her own mother

Gemma, I’ve told you before. This bitch only gets the message when you get tough, but you and Herman won’t stop playing nice,Vivien sneered, Gwendolyn, hand over the transfer documents.” 

Where is Nicolette?Gwendolyn demanded, I’ll give you the documents once I know she’s safe and sound.” 

You didn’t get them, did you?Vivien laughed coldly. Well, then you’re in for it today. Why are you just standing there, Gemma? Hold her down and search her!” 

Get away!” 

Gwendolyn deftly retrieved a needle and jabbed it into Vivien’s arm

Ah!Vivien screamed, unable to move as Gwendolyn held her in check

Gwendolyn, let go of your sister!Gemma called out in panic, Don’t hurt Vivien!” 

Her heart held room only for Vivien

Gwendolyn’s beautiful face hardened like frost as she declared, I want to see Nicolette!” 

Gwennie!The sound of hurried footsteps echoed from the staircase

How did the old hag get out!” 

A frail and silverhaired old woman panted down the stairs, and Gemma grabbed her arm, You old fool where do you think you’re going!” 

Grandma!Gwendolyn reddened her eyes as she saw her pale face. Nicolette must have been so restless at the Sawyer family, looking much more haggard


And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

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And The Daddy Is... The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Gwendolyn had spent her formative years in the tranquil comfort of the countryside. After her father's untimely death and her mother's swift remarriage, her life took an unexpected detour. As an adult, her calculating mother summoned her back to the urban jungle to take her step-sister's place at the altar. The lucky groom? Howard, the Chadwick family's paraplegic.

And The Daddy Is

Dawn had barely broken on their second day of matrimonial bliss when Howard gave her two options: "Divorce or play the widow. Your call." Gwendolyn, not missing a beat, unceremoniously ripped off his dress pants, running her hands up his surprisingly firm thigh, and boldly announced, "I opt for plan C." Before long, her uncanny ability to heal the sick and restore vitality was causing a stir, gaining her considerable recognition. And Howard, the supposed paraplegic and family embarrassment, turned out to be a stealthy billionaire, whose condi...


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