And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 304

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 304

Chapter 304 

Sandra took a bite of her crispy doughnut, her words slightly muffled, They’re all rich kids with their big motorcycles. In the event of an accident, They’re either dead or maimed.” 

Gwendolyn sighed

Sandra continued, Don’t rush off after your shift. I’ve roped in Jeannie, and we’re hitting the mall.” 

The mall? What for?Gwendolyn asked

Never mind that. We’ll guide you. Time to make rounds, don’t keep the old doctors waiting.” 

With a nonchalant nod, Gwendolyn slipped into her hospital uniform and joined the hospital veterans on 

their ward rounds

Starting on the second floor of the inpatient department, the recent admissions were aflutter with the sudden attention of several specialists

Fortuitous indeed

They checked all the way to the orthopedic department

Standing at the door of one of the rooms, Gwendolyn recognized a familiar voice

Through the open doorway, Magnolia, her face pale and eyes swollen, was scolding, I told you racing was dangerous. Do you have any idea how many people died this time? You freaked me out. Skyler, when will you grow up?” 

Skyler in the bed, his head, and limbs swathed in bandages like a mummy, had a rebellious sparkin his eyes as he responded with indifference, I’m just the spare to the Hamilton family. Sanford’s the golden boy, Selina is the darling. No loss if I kick the bucket.” 

Magnolia clutched her chest and cried out, You’re my child, and how can you be spare? You’re such a disappointment.” 

Skyler’s eyes fell, his expression a mix of selfmockery, Dad stormed the hospital and cursed me out when he saw I wasn’t dead. Selina didn’t even bother showing up, and slept in like nothing happened 

Magnolia tried to explain, Selina’s timid, so I didn’t tell her.” 

A scoff from Skyler, They say twins have a sixth sense. Seems she’s been heartless since the cradle. Maybe she’s the one we picked up from outside? Oh no, you dote on her too much. I must be the foundling.” 

Skyler, you” 

The attending interrupted, Doctors on rounds, family needs to step out for a bit.” 

Taking a deep breath, Magnolia’s heart ached as she left the room, waiting in the corridor. Gwendolyn passed her by and entered the room

Minor concussion, multiple fractures, no internal damage. The patient’s young, and he’ll recover quickly.” 

Lucky indeed

Gwendolyn nodded at the attending’s diagnosis.. 

Dr. Quigley, would you check on him?he suggested. 



Chapter 304 


No major issues, he’ll be fine with some rest,she said softly after doing her checkup

Skyler’s fingers hooked onto her white coat, teasingly, Dr. Quigley, you sure you don’t want to check a little more thoroughly?” 

Gwendolyn pulled her coat back, replying coolly, That won’t be necessary.” 

Skyler found her stern expression oddly appealing

You’re way prettier than Selina,” he stated carelessly, a smirk on his face

Dr. Quigley’s quite popular.the older doctors joked as they bustled out of the room

Gwendolyn quickly left as well

Behind her, Magnolia’s admonishing voice continued, How dare you put down Selina? She’s much prettier than Gwendolyn. No wonder Selina doesn’t warm to you, always talking nonsense.” 

Skyler replied nonchalantly, Mom, being blind to the truth is a disease. It needs a cure. I think she’d make a better sister than Selina anyway.” 

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

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And The Daddy Is... The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Gwendolyn had spent her formative years in the tranquil comfort of the countryside. After her father's untimely death and her mother's swift remarriage, her life took an unexpected detour. As an adult, her calculating mother summoned her back to the urban jungle to take her step-sister's place at the altar. The lucky groom? Howard, the Chadwick family's paraplegic.

And The Daddy Is

Dawn had barely broken on their second day of matrimonial bliss when Howard gave her two options: "Divorce or play the widow. Your call." Gwendolyn, not missing a beat, unceremoniously ripped off his dress pants, running her hands up his surprisingly firm thigh, and boldly announced, "I opt for plan C." Before long, her uncanny ability to heal the sick and restore vitality was causing a stir, gaining her considerable recognition. And Howard, the supposed paraplegic and family embarrassment, turned out to be a stealthy billionaire, whose condi...


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