And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 5

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 5


Tucked away in a shadowy nook by the staircase, Gwendolyn eyed the flickering name on her phone screen. Suppressing her distaste, she picked up the call


Gwen,came Gemma’s gentle probing voice from the other end. Was Howard awake? Were his legsreally done for?” 

The doctors had barely delivered their verdict when the Sawyer family was already privy to the internal scoop

Gemma showed no concern for how the Chadwick family was dealing with Gwendolyn, nor did she inquire how Gwendolyn had spent her previous night. Instead, Gemma was fishing for insider information

Gwendolyn fell into greater disappointment

I’m hanging up if there’s nothing else,she said flatly

Wait!Shouting, Gemma was tinged with urgency. Do Vivien a solid! Howard got this massive deal, a collaboration between Summit Corp and Chadwick Group. Convince him to sign the Transfer of Project, and Vivien can marry Howard’s cousin.” 

Gwendolyn couldn’t help but laugh bitterly

What makes you think I can help with that? I’m just a shotgun bride with no standing.” 

Gemma cooed with patience, The moment you walked down the aisle, Howard woke up. The entire Chadwick family is counting on you now. Besides, he’s a broken man. What’s the point of holding onto the project? Better to let it go and help Vivien secure her future with Mr. Bainbridge.” 

Greed flickered in Gemma. That project could rake in billions upon completion. Howard had solidified his grip on Chadwick Group with it

I can’t help you,Gwendolyn retorted, ready to end the call

Gemma grew shrill, We have brought Nicolette here! If you don’t agree, you can kiss your goodbyes to her forever.” 

Have you lost your humanity?Gwendolyn roared back, That’s my grandmother, your 


All these years, if it weren’t for Nicolette’s care, Gwendolyn would have perished long ago

Nicolette had lived a life of hardship, scrimping and saving to put Gwendolyn through school, and had worked herself to the bone. No matter how hard Gwendolyn tried to learn medicine from the neighbor, Mr. White, she couldn’t restore the spent and failing body of Nicolette

And now, Gemma had the audacity to send Nicolette on such a grueling journey! She couldn’t 

fathom the trials and indignities the frail Nicolette must have endured

Your father died early. Nicolette and I share no blood,Gemma stated coldly

Clutching her phone, Gwendolyn’s knuckles turned white, her fingers trembling

Biting her lip and with tearbrimmed eyes, she asked, Am I even your daughter?” 

Gemma paused for a while before replying, her voice cold and heartless, Vivien was raised by my hand. She comes from a good family. She is also graceful and talented. If you could marry Howard, she certainly deserves better. Whatever, you just have to get it done. On your homecoming day. I expect good news. Otherwise, something would happen to Nicolette.” 

With that, Gemma hung up abruptly

A chill crept up Gwendolyn’s spine, making every breath feel like a blade scraping against her throat and lungs

After a while, a voice echoed at the stairwell, Mrs. Chadwick, why are you here?” 

Marina had been looking for Gwendolyn and dragged her towards the master bedroom upon finding her. Mr. Howard has been asking for you ever since he woke up.” 

Brushing aside her troubles, Gwendolyn followed Marina into the room. Mrs. Chadwick warmly ushered her to the bedside, turning to the stern man on the bed

*This is Gwendolyn, your wife. We had the wedding while you were unconscious.” 

Locking eyes with Howard’s icy gaze, Gwendolyn shyly lowered her head. He must think her an audacious and shameless woman

Howard’s eyes were like a storm brewing over the desert, his brow furrowed with cold intent

I want a divorce,he commanded

Gwendolyn stared at him in shock

No way!Roselind’s voice rang out, indignant and sharp. Gwendolyn is your lifeline! What if you die without her? Are you still hung up on that bitch?” 

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

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And The Daddy Is... The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Gwendolyn had spent her formative years in the tranquil comfort of the countryside. After her father's untimely death and her mother's swift remarriage, her life took an unexpected detour. As an adult, her calculating mother summoned her back to the urban jungle to take her step-sister's place at the altar. The lucky groom? Howard, the Chadwick family's paraplegic.

And The Daddy Is

Dawn had barely broken on their second day of matrimonial bliss when Howard gave her two options: "Divorce or play the widow. Your call." Gwendolyn, not missing a beat, unceremoniously ripped off his dress pants, running her hands up his surprisingly firm thigh, and boldly announced, "I opt for plan C." Before long, her uncanny ability to heal the sick and restore vitality was causing a stir, gaining her considerable recognition. And Howard, the supposed paraplegic and family embarrassment, turned out to be a stealthy billionaire, whose condi...


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