And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 6

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 6


Mom,he spoke, his voice slow and hoarse after a severe illness, tinged with a hint of resignation, I’m as good as ineffectual now, stripped of my inheritance rights. Why delay her life?” 

Tears welled up in Roselind’s eyes as she covered her mouth to stifle her sobs. It’ll all turn around. Just as soon as we find Mr. White, you’ve still got assets and resources to make a comeback! Everything’s going to be alright!” 

And have you asked this young lady if she’s prepared to be a widow in all but name?His gaze rested on Gwendolyn, those eyes hinting at something more

Gwendolyn felt a creeping discomfort, her mind flashing back to the awkwardness of the previous evening. Did he really see her as someone so unfulfilled

Roselind felt a pang of guilt as she looked at Gwendolyn, who was visibly torn

Gwendolyn, would you stand by Howard? Our branch of the family may have fallen from grace, but I’ve got a nice chunk of change saved up. It’ll keep us afloat,she pleaded

Gwendolyn’s lips were pressed into a thin line, her fingernails digging into her palms. Gemma had been blackmailing her with Nicolette’s wellbeing, demanding the big projects in Howard’s possession. However, those very projects seemed to be the only chance for them to turn things around

Should Gwendolyn strip away their last hope

But then, what about Nicolette

Her silence spoke volumes to Howard and Roselind, interpreted as reluctance

Howard lying in the bed, with an air of distant nobility, seemed to arrive at a conclusion. We’ll proceed with the divorce procedure tomorrow.” 

Gwendolyn snapped to attention, her soft voice cutting through the tension

I won’t divorce you!” 

Facing Howard’s intimidating stare, she mustered her courage, I married you, and I’m willing to be that widow!” 

Relief washed over Roselind who smiled through her tears, That’s my girl, I knew you were different from those other women. Marina, let’s leave them be. Give them some space to foster 

their bond.” 


With a nod and a glance that seemed to praise Gwendolyn, Marina followed Roselind out, locking the door behind them

Gwendolyn stood by the bedside, fidgeting with her fingers and wetting her dry lips. His piercing 



gaze was fixed on her

After a long moment, he spoke, his voice low. Ms. Quigley, if it’s money you want, I can give it to you. My mother’s money is tied up in the stock market. She’s been duping you.” 

Gwendolyn bit her cheek, insisting. I’m not after money.” 

Recollections of the previous night flashed before Howard, his chest tight with suppressed anger, Now that I’m awake, I will not tolerate the liberties you took with me last night. Being a widow means you can’t lay a finger on me, not even” 

His expression grew colder, Not even for a bit of sexual comfort.” 

Gwendolyn was aflame with embarrassment

Did he mean cuddles and kisses

I didn’t do anything,she whispered softly, And you’re notcapable.” 

What did you say?he demanded

Shaking her head, Gwendolyn unclenched her fists, making up her mind

Her eyes, clear and determined, she affirmed, Mr. Chadwick, I am confident I can heal your legs.” 

He scoffed

From a golden boy to a broken man, he was full of irritation and defeat. The woman before him, time and again, seemed to mock and humiliate him

Even a man of Howard’s refinement was at the end of his patience, Get out.” 

But Gwendolyn stood her ground, I’m not lying

Do you have a medical license? Have you cured anyone before? Can you provide proof?” 

She shook her head, No, but I’ve helped many in the countryside. When I touched you yesterday, I felt your pulse. It was” 

Get out!” 

Gwendolyn frowned, meeting his resistance with a flicker of anger

the stepped forward and yake back his covers in one swift motion, pulling down his pajama bottoms to reveal his welldefined legs, now bare in the chilly air

Howard was livid. Gwendolyn!he shouted


And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/4/2024 Native Language: English
And The Daddy Is... The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Gwendolyn had spent her formative years in the tranquil comfort of the countryside. After her father's untimely death and her mother's swift remarriage, her life took an unexpected detour. As an adult, her calculating mother summoned her back to the urban jungle to take her step-sister's place at the altar. The lucky groom? Howard, the Chadwick family's paraplegic.

And The Daddy Is

Dawn had barely broken on their second day of matrimonial bliss when Howard gave her two options: "Divorce or play the widow. Your call." Gwendolyn, not missing a beat, unceremoniously ripped off his dress pants, running her hands up his surprisingly firm thigh, and boldly announced, "I opt for plan C." Before long, her uncanny ability to heal the sick and restore vitality was causing a stir, gaining her considerable recognition. And Howard, the supposed paraplegic and family embarrassment, turned out to be a stealthy billionaire, whose condi...


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