Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Chapter 136

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Chapter 136

Chapter 136: My Wife 

Sophia felt as if she had been unconscious for a very long time, as if someone had been speaking into her ear every day

The voice seemed to come from afar, yet it was warm, deep, and gentle, urging her to wake up quickly

She seemed to be forever immersed in the suffocating darkness of the ocean depths

The icy sea water swept over every pore of her body, making her wish she were dead

It seemed as though she could vaguely see an image in her mind

When she was sinking to the bottom of the sea, struggling in vain, a resolute figure jumped down from above, swiftly and decisively reaching her side

In the pitchblack seabed, she couldn’t see anything, yet she saw the faint light he brought, which snatched her from the hands of the Grim Reaper

At that moment, she remembered it forever

However, she quickly lost consciousness due to prolonged suffocation

At this moment

The room was warm, furnished in an American style, with elegant yet heavy curtains

She was alive

Chapter 136. My Wife 

She looked at Derick who came before her, something seemed to have touched her heart, a bittersweet emotion, she wanted to cry, she was very grateful

Derick walked up to her, and the doctor consciously gave up his position

His eyes were warm and clear, reflecting her pale features

It’s good that you’re awake, Sophia, it’s good that you’re awake.” 

His unhesitant gamble with his life was not in vain

Thank you.” 

Sophia smiled, looking at him

She guessed it, it was him who had saved her

In the pitchblack seabed, the person she saw was Derick

Derick’s eyes paused, but he couldn’t help but pull her into his arms

Sophia wanted to cry, but that instant triggered physical discomfort, and she started to cough violently

Derick’s face subtly changed as he gently stroked her back, his eyes coldly turning towards the doctor

What happened? Wasn’t it said to be not serious?” 

The doctor paused for a moment, then quickly explained

Ms. Cruise had a severe lung infection due to spending too much time underwater. Although initial treatment had been able to control it, she remained unconscious and could not be completely cured. Further observation was needed.” 

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia )

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia )

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Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Before Sophia Cruise’s divorce, someone advised, Although your husband cheated on you and has an illegitimate son, that’s just a mistake that all men will make. You should be magnanimous and take good care of his son.

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce

  After her divorce, Sophia changed into the world’s richest woman, and many handsome young men fawned on her. Whenever rumors spread, her ex-husband, Pierce Clement, was the first to refute, I believe in my ex-wife. Those people have nothing to do with her. One day, Sophia was interviewed by reporters. Ms. Cruise, what if you fall in love with someone else? Sophia replied with a smile, I hope my husband can be magnanimous. After all, that’s just a mistake that all women will make. Pierce was rendered speechless. I can’t!


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