Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Chapter 139

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Chapter 139

Chapter 139: The Owner of the Car 

On that floor of the office, a middleaged man who appeared gentle and elegant asked with a smile

Derick looked at the newcomer, smiling as he introduced them to Sophia: 

Sophia, this was your aunt’s husband, Laurent.” 

Sophia raised her eyebrows, not expecting the first person she would meet to be Laurent

She extended her hand gently and delicately: Hello, uncle.” 

Laurent gently grasped her hand and then let go, looking at Sophia as if she were a woman of privilege and comfort

Where was Sophia from and who else was in her family?” 

Derick’s eyes darkened

Sophia, tilting her head with a grin, spoke

I lived in Fineland with my parents since I was little, where they ran a small business. Didn’t Derick tell you?” 

Derick laughed as he loosely wrapped his arm around her waist

I didn’t value these things, why would I introduce them everywhere? Besides, my aunt already knew, as for my uncleinlaw” 

After all, he was just my uncle by marriage

Laurent gave an awkward laugh, then turned and walked away




Chapter 139 The Owner of the Car 

Derick, with his arm around Sophia, pushed the door and entered the office

Sophia glanced around, it was a very formal American style, simple and practical, the area was large, and the lighting was excellent

Derick walked over to the coffee machine and began making coffee, his voice warm and clear

Add milk, right?” 


Sophia responded

Very quickly

Derick had prepared it and brought it to her

“You sit by yourself for a while, when the time comes, I will take you.” 

Sophia nodded, I know, you do your thing.” 

Derick gave an apologetic smile, then his assistant Hayden came in

He nodded at Sophia, then turned to look at Derick

Mr. Woodward, these are the developments in the Zennland project. Since the news of your incident came out, many groups have attempted to sabotage the project, with the Clement Group’s offensive being the most obvious.” 

Sophia couldn’t help but look over

Derick was solemnly flipping through the documents in his hand

It seemed not surprising



23 89

Chapter 139. The Owner of the Car 

Proceeded as originally planned, letting the manager take over my position.” 

He had been prepared for a long time, even if he was already deadin his home country, but nothing could shake him

Hayden nodded

Sophia stood up and asked him, Did the Cruise family encounter any problems?” 

Hayden paused, looked at her, and began to speak with a smile

The Cruise Group was fine, with Kylan- there, no one dared to provoke.” 

However, Ms. Cruise, the projects you previously discussed with Eagle Entertainment, the Ayesa Group, and the Clement Group, I’m afraid there might be some problems.” 

Sophia frowned, her face darkening

What did that mean?” 

That project was the top priority for Eagle Entertainment moving forward

It was also the project that Eagle Entertainment primarily focused on with its main force

If she lost this project, it would mean that all her previous efforts would have been in vain

Hayden glanced at Derick, somewhat hesitant

Now Sophia was even more anxious



Chapter 139: The Owner of the Car 

What exactly happened?” 

Hayden sighed

Under the pretext that Eagle Entertainment was incapable of cooperation, Pierce planned to forcefully break the contract and kick Eagle Entertainment out. He intended to take over all the shares held by Eagle Entertainment

However, Lydia from the Ayesa Group had not agreed at the time

But in the end, I didn’t know if I could keep going” 

His voice had faded by the end of his speech

Sophia’s face had completely turned ice cold

She couldn’t help but let out a cold laugh

This Pierce, truly believed she was dead, so he couldn’t wait to take over all her rights and interests

Her body wasn’t even cold yet,and he couldn’t wait to show his true colors

Didn’t even leave a bit of face for each other


This was the person she had once abandoned her family and gave up all her dignity to love

After the divorce, he kept insisting on starting over, and for a moment, she actually believed it to be true

And the result

What a slap in the face


23 59 

Chapter 139: The Owner of the Car 

A pang of sourness involuntarily filled Sophia’s eyes

Fortunately, she did not believe this man’s nonsense

How could he possibly have been sincere

He could even trade his own marriage, how could he possibly be moved to turn back


It was truly at the critical moment that the true nature of people was 


Her heart had simply sunk to the bottom

Just felt it was incredibly absurd and ridiculous

Derick glanced at her, then waved his hand, signaling Hayden to leave

He was silent for a few seconds before he spoke

Sophia, did you still like him?” 

Sophia’s face turned cold

Like? It’s enough to be foolish once in a lifetime, I can’t keep being foolish until I die, can I?” 

She clenched her fists tightly, feeling an unspeakable anger surging within her

From the very beginning, she shouldn’t have met him

Derick walked over, patiently looking at her as he said

He shouldn’t have been so angry. If he wanted to steal, let him steal. At worst, we could just steal it back. It’s not a big deal.” 



Sophia looked at him for a few seconds before she let out a soft laugh

You were right,I said, I was planning to take it back.” 

How could she possibly have given her heart and soul to that scoundrel for nothing

She wanted him, Camille, and Annie to all pay the price

Derick chuckled, just about to say something, when suddenly there was a knock at the door from outside

Mr. Woodward, the meeting had just begun.” 


As soon as Derick finished speaking, Sophia looked at him with a smile

Go ahead, I took good care of myself.” 

Derick nodded, stood up, and left the office

She sat for a while, having only taken a few sips of her coffee, when she heard the sound of high heels outside

Why wasn’t I allowed in?” 

Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Woodward is not here, he has gone to a meeting, you cannot just go into his office!” 

The secretary outside stopped the visitor

A sharp female voice had shouted

Didn’t you know about my relationship with Derick? When I was with him, was there any place in this company that I couldn’t enter



Dare the one of the 

I wanted to see who exactly was the woman who had ensnared his sout” 

Ms. Sullivan, please respect yourself, the person inside is Mrs. Woodward!” 

The secretary was almost unable to stop it

The woman, seemingly mad, pushed people away and forcefully opened the office door

Sophia stood in front of the window, the breeze gently stirring her hair

Her profile was threedimensional, her exquisite features stunning. Her skin was so white it seemed to glow. She stood there, as if bathed in a soft light, exuding a sense of ethereal beauty

The moment Virginia Sullivan walked in and saw Sophia, she was completely stunned

Indeed, Sophia’s face was not something that could be compared with common makeup

But it was because of this face that her beloved man was taken away

The secretary stood in front, looking troubled

Ms. Sullivan, please leave, it’s really not convenient here!” 

Virginia pushed someone away abruptly

Get lost, it’s not your turn to speak here!” 

She looked at Sophia, feeling very unhappy inside

Virginia was always dressed in designer brands, and her personality 



Chapter 139 The Owner of the Car 

seemed fiery

She glared at Sophia, gave her a onceover, and let out a soft laugh

Were you the woman he hid in the mansion?” 

Sophia looked at her, blinking emotionlessly

Did not speak

Recalled the pink Maserati that was denied entry at the manor gate

Virginia was ignored, she stepped forward, brushing her hair

Let me introduce myself, before you came along, I was his girlfriend, Virginia.” 

Chapter 140 He Vins Dest 

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia )

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Before Sophia Cruise’s divorce, someone advised, Although your husband cheated on you and has an illegitimate son, that’s just a mistake that all men will make. You should be magnanimous and take good care of his son.

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce

  After her divorce, Sophia changed into the world’s richest woman, and many handsome young men fawned on her. Whenever rumors spread, her ex-husband, Pierce Clement, was the first to refute, I believe in my ex-wife. Those people have nothing to do with her. One day, Sophia was interviewed by reporters. Ms. Cruise, what if you fall in love with someone else? Sophia replied with a smile, I hope my husband can be magnanimous. After all, that’s just a mistake that all women will make. Pierce was rendered speechless. I can’t!


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