Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Chapter 15

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Drink 

Sophia chuckled. Emelia knew Sophia’s position. However, she still dared to hand in her information

Aylen added, There will be a dinner party with these five new trainees. Will you attend the dinner party?” 

She didn’t have to show up as she was the director

Sophia raised her brow and said coolly

Of course” 

The dinner party was held in Dream Club, a private club in Aberdyfi. It was very expensive to have fun here

Sophia and Aylen entered one after another

Aylen took her handbag, and Sophia lowered her head to look at her phone

Just then, a group of rich young men walked over


Sophia paused. They were Pierce’s friends

She slightly frowned, wondering. Don’t they know I divorced Pierce?” 

A man called Chad Barker came over with a smile

Sophia, did you come here for Pierce? He’s in the box and almost drunk” 


Sophia paused and smiled

We’ve got divorced.” 

Chad and the others were shocked

Then they saw Sophia and Aylen walking away while laughing

Chad asked the waiter about her box number and then went back to the box with the others

Pierce was constantly drinking in the box. But he was sober

His body was in the shadow, making it hard to see him clearly

Chad pushed the door open and sat before him

You got divorced? I saw Sophia laugh and talk with a man. They walked into a box

It’s not worth it, Pierce. That woman left with the money. You should know what kind of woman she is. Sophia doesn’t have a good background, but she’s pretty and capable enough for you!” 

They all felt it was a bad decision to choose Emelia and divorce Sophia

Pierce sat quietly with a cold vibe around him. He clutched the wine glass hard

However, Nolan Morrison, who sat near the door, had different opinions

Why isn’t Emelia good enough? It was Pierce’s mother who forced her to leave him! If Emelia didn’t leave, she would pick up with Emelia

On the contrary, Sophia had ulterior intentions. She married Pierce 



forcibly. Their marriage was just a trade. Now, they’ve got divorced. We should feel happy for Pierce!” 

People fell silent

Then they heard the sound of glass breaking

He put the glass heavily on the table, which made the glass break

The atmosphere became suffocating and quiet

Pierce stood up in silence and walked out with a smell of alcohol

Chad followed him at once and whispered in his ear

Pierce turned and didn’t go to Sophia’s box. Instead, he rested in another box

He had complex feelings beyond description, which made him upset

Then he got a message

He checked it and found it was from Emelia

Help me! I’m in Room 8808 in Dream Club.” 

Pierce’s face changed. He stood up abruptly

It was the room number that Chad had just told him

Pierce heard cries from inside

He kicked the door open

When he saw what was happening, he was surprised. Then Emelia jumped into his embrace, crying pitifully

There were about 9 people. But Sophia was not here



He was a bit relieved

But the atmosphere in the room was a bit oppressive

Someone recognized Pierce and was shocked

Mr. Clement? Why are you here?” 

Pierce patted Emelia’s shoulder

What happened?” 

Before Emelia opened her mouth, he heard a cold female voice


Sophia greeted the crew and then made a phone call outside

Seeing this, she glanced at Pierce coldly

Emelia sobbed

Sophia asked me to drink with them!” 

She cried even harder as if she had been so humiliated

It shocked everyone

Pierce’s face darkened at once. He looked at Sophia with cold and complex eyes

Sophia sneered and corrected her

You should call me Ms. Cruise.” 

Emelia didn’t deserve to call her by her name

The show producer walked over. He had wine all over his body and 


explained hurriedly

It’s a misunderstanding. I asked Ms. Wilson to drink, but she wouldn’t. and even slapped me. She scattered the wine on me. But I didn’t force her. They can prove it!” 

That’s true. She can refuse. But she shouldn’t pretend!” 

No one forces her. But she attacked the producer. That’s so rude!” 

Other people explained with disgust at Emelia’s reaction

Pierce put on a long face. Anger loomed on his brows

He didn’t believe them

Ms. Cruise, do you think he’s telling the truth?” 

Pierce called Sophia Ms. Cruise, which showed his cold attitude

Sophia had learned that the producer was famous in the showbiz. The producer was an upright man

She glanced at the others. Of course, I do!” 

Anyone but Emelia was trustworthy here

Aylen stood out and nodded at Sophia

Ms. Cruise, that’s true. He didn’t force her. But Emelia overreacted” 

Emelia cried louder. Nonsense. You bullied me! Pierce.. 

The producer didn’t know how to defend himself. Emelia cried so hard as if she had been bullied

He hated Emelia. But he couldn’t afford to offend Pierce, who backed Emelia up



He could only look at Sophia with pleading eyes

Sophia raised her brow, chuckled, and interrupted her with disdain

Ms Wilson, don’t worry. Even if I want some girls to drink with them, I won’t ask a woman who has a kid to do so

They all like young and pretty girls. They have eyes. Only Pierce likes. you ” 

Emelia’s cries ceased. She stood there with a pale face as if she had been slapped. She was so embarrassed

She was indeed 8 years older than the other four trainees. She was the oldest trainee

A pretty girl among the four trainees couldn’t help snorting, which proved Sophia’s words

It turned the atmosphere embarrassing

But the producer felt confident with Sophia’s help. He gritted his teeth

Ms. Wilson, you’re a good actress. You’ll achieve something as an 


You don’t need to be in my show. With Mr. Clement’s help, I’m sure you can be the heroine in a show.” 

Emelia froze

She had nervous eyes. But the nervous look soon disappeared. It was not a big deal to offend a producer. Anyway, she had Pierce’s support

Pierce’s eyes were gloomy and cold. His expression was complex

He should have trusted Emelia. But he was swayed


In the face of Sophia’s disdainful look, he felt as if he had been burned

He pressed his lips and lowered his head to look at Emelia

I’ll have you sent back.” 



Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia )

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Before Sophia Cruise’s divorce, someone advised, Although your husband cheated on you and has an illegitimate son, that’s just a mistake that all men will make. You should be magnanimous and take good care of his son.

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce

  After her divorce, Sophia changed into the world’s richest woman, and many handsome young men fawned on her. Whenever rumors spread, her ex-husband, Pierce Clement, was the first to refute, I believe in my ex-wife. Those people have nothing to do with her. One day, Sophia was interviewed by reporters. Ms. Cruise, what if you fall in love with someone else? Sophia replied with a smile, I hope my husband can be magnanimous. After all, that’s just a mistake that all women will make. Pierce was rendered speechless. I can’t!


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