Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Chapter 8

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Condemnation From the Public 

Sandra felt guilty as she looked at Sophia’s haggard face

Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant? If only I hadn’t taken you out. I’m sorry” 

Sophia paused, forcing a bitter smile. Her eyes turned wet

What’s it got to do with you? Emelia purposely harmed me. If she had failed this time, she would try again. You’re not the one to blame.” 

Sophia’s gaze became complicated

The sorrow lingered in her mind. She would make Emelia pay for it

Sandra took a deep breath

Videos and photos of the accident that night have spread, and everyone is cursing them on the Internet

Pierce is looking for you everywhere. I think he’s eager to solve it privately. Sophia, you can’t soften this time.” 

Sophia’s eyes flashed. Don’t worry. I’m not a lovestruck idiot 


She thought, Pierce wants me to cooperate with him to clean up hist mess like before, but sorry, I will only add fuel to the fire.” 

Once Sandra was gone, Sophia pulled out her cell phone

There were dozens of missed calls from Pierce, Devan, and the Clement’s home



Sophia looked at the trending topics online

A mistress broke up a wealthy familyand A mistress ran over the wife of her lover

The videos were shot by the dash cams of the cars parked around the clubhouse

They recorded the whole thing from when she waited there to when she was hit

Many people left comments to show their indignation

How ruthless she is! I don’t believe it was unintentional.” 

That woman is the mother of Pierce’s illegitimate child, right? What an unscrupulous homewrecker!” 

Pierce is so foolish. Sophia is far better than this woman.” 

I feel so sad for Sophia. She did so much for Pierce, but in the end, he cheated on her. Men all love to cheat, right?” 

This woman should be arrested and sentenced for attempted murder.” 


Most people condemned Pierce and Emelia online

The Clement Group’s stock price dropped to an alltime low

Sophia thought. This is a major incident in the history of the Clement Group. No wonder Pierce is anxious

Since even the Clement Group cannot control public opinion, the Cruise family must have intervened

Although Dad promised to stay out of it, how can he possibly just 

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stand by and watch

It’s good to let everyone see Emelia’s true colors

It’s easy to guide public opinion, isn’t it

Does Pierce think he’s the king on the Internet?” 

Sophia sneered and turned off her cell phone

But it wasn’t enough

She had to recuperate and then gradually settle the score

Other than Sandra and Brycen, no one else knew the true state of Sophia’s body

The servants only knew that she was weak after having a car accident. and they served her the best supplements to nourish her

Half a month later

Sophia almost recovered when the lawyer told her that Pierce refused to sign the divorce agreement

She smiled, not surprised

If he had signed it, the rumors would have been proved true

Sophia changed her clothes and headed out the door. She was going to settle this matter once and for all

Sophia sat in a café near the Clement Group building

She saw that someone had used red paint to write the shocking words a life for a lifeon the ground in front of the company entrance

The cleaner was scrubbing the stains



Conderlanuction From the Pubhe 

Sophia’s nose twitched She seemed to know who had done this for her

She thought, My family will always back me up.” 

Sophia clicked on Emelia’s phone number that she’d had someone find out, wrote a message, and sent it

Within half an hour

Pierce showed up, his cold face looking a little tired and upset. He came straight to the café

Sophia knew that Pierce had spies everywhere

He stared at Sophia with deep, gloomy eyes for a few seconds, his voice hoarse, low, and cold

Where have you been?” 

During this period of time, a sequence of trouble had plagued him

However, he couldn’t find Sophia at all as if she had disappeared into thin air

Under the pressure of public opinion, the police took Emelia away several times for investigation

Pierce’s lawyer was also busy

He couldn’t handle this case which got trickier and trickier

Sophia slowly lowered her head and took a sip of coffee, her face cold and indifferent

Have you signed the divorce papers? If you have time today, go through the formalities.” 




She didn’t say a single unnecessary word

Pierce looked deeply into her eyes, pursed his thin lips, and hesitated for a moment

There are different ways of driving at home and abroad, and with poor vision at night, she might not have seen you” 

Sophia knew who Pierce was talking about

She violently threw her coffee cup on the table and stood up, unable to hold back her anger

You know that she caused me to have a miscarriage, don’t you? It was also your child. Am I supposed to forgive her?” 

Pierce’s face was taut and rigid, and there was a complex look in his deep eyes

He paused. Enduring the dull ache in his chest, he softened his dry voice, which was still cold and hard

We’ll have another child, Sophia. I’ll send her away” 

For the first time, he felt helpless in the days she disappeared

He had indeed been too cruel to her

All this time, he seemed to have neglected too many of her feelings

At night, he felt lonely and gloomy

But it was useless to regret

Sophia couldn’t help tilting her head back and laughing, her chest heaving in anger

She thought, Sending Emelia away and keeping her somewhere else


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That is his way of getting the best of both worlds

Does he think I should be grateful

How could I have expected anything from Pierce

I thought he’d be kind to his own child and feel sad for him

But I forgot that he always favored Emelia.” 

Sophia’s eyes turned grim, her face expressionless as she stared at Pierce, her voice cool

I forgot that you had your own child, so it doesn’t matter to you that my child died.” 

Pierce trembled slightly, his heart aching

No, it wasn’t like that

He frowned, intending to explain something, but Sophia didn’t give him a chance

Sign the divorce papers, and I’ll let her off, or else I’ll let her know how it feels to lose her own child.” 

Her voice was icy as hell. It was a blatant threat.. 

Pierce was shocked, gazing at her with surly eyes for a moment. His aura instantly turned cold

But after he thought about it, his face and voice softened a bit

Sophia, I will make it up to you. Don’t hurt the innocent.” 

His voice was deep and stern, and he didn’t notice that Sophia’s expression became, even more mocking


16.35 · 

Chapter 8 Condemnati 

She thought, Innocent

Am I not innocent

Emelia killed my child

So why can’t I kill her child?” 

Sophia didn’t believe that Emelia was innocent

Meanwhile, Pierce’s phone rang abruptly

He frowned slightly at the caller ID and immediately picked up the phone

Emelia’s sobs came through

Pierce, Luke disappeared while I was not looking. What should I do?” 

Pierce instantly stared sullenly at Sophia before him

His eyes were cold

He soothed Emelia for a moment, hung up the phone, and looked at Sophia in silence

His voice was icy and dry

Did you do that?” 

Sophia didn’t make a sound

Pierce took her silence as a yes

His eyes became anxious

Where is he?” 

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He couldn’t believe Sophia had done such a thing

He thought. How could she have hurt the innocent?” 

But he had to believe it

Sophia tapped the divorce papers on the desk as if she were negotiating a deal

She was confident that she would win

Pierce watched her quietly for a minute

His heart turned cold

There was nothing Pierce could do

His guilt couldn’t solve anything 

Sophia didn’t want his compensation

Pierce was afraid if he didn’t agree to a divorce. Sophia would do something stupid and even more extreme

He paused and gradually regained his composure

With complicated thoughts in his mind, he said with gloomy eyes. Okay. I agree.” 

He directly picked up a pen, signed the divorce agreement, and pushed 

it over

So where’s Luke?” 

Sophia dropped her eyes, took the agreement and her bag, and stood 

  1. up

To avoid trouble. let’s go get the divorce decree first.” 

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia )

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
Become the Richest Woman After Divorce ( Stacy And Sophia ) Before Sophia Cruise’s divorce, someone advised, Although your husband cheated on you and has an illegitimate son, that’s just a mistake that all men will make. You should be magnanimous and take good care of his son.

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce

  After her divorce, Sophia changed into the world’s richest woman, and many handsome young men fawned on her. Whenever rumors spread, her ex-husband, Pierce Clement, was the first to refute, I believe in my ex-wife. Those people have nothing to do with her. One day, Sophia was interviewed by reporters. Ms. Cruise, what if you fall in love with someone else? Sophia replied with a smile, I hope my husband can be magnanimous. After all, that’s just a mistake that all women will make. Pierce was rendered speechless. I can’t!


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