Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 475

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 475

Chapter 475 A Sharp Pain

The Dream Girl of these male students, the influential senior of the female students, was just like that, carried away by a

domineering man. The impact on their hearts was incredibly immense.

Emrys carried Larissa’s incredibly light body, running all the way to the gate before finally setting her down.

As expected, Larissa’s face flushed with embarrassment. Angrily, she said, “You little jerk, are you trying to kill me? How can I face my juniors after this?”

Just a moment ago, Larissa had seen everything very clearly. There were quite a few people taking pictures, and she estimated that it wouldn’t be long before the news of her being carried out of the campus by a man would spread.

What embarrassed Larissa was not being carried away by Emrys, but that slap.

After all, she was once a campus idol. She had to maintain some semblance of that image. But the scene that had just unfolded had completely shattered her idol-like image.

It must have broken so many young boys’ hearts.

However, Emrys exhibited no semblance of a reflective attitude and said earnestly, “Issa, you don’t understand. I’m doing this for their own good. I’m trying to motivate them in various ways!”

While Larissa was tidying her disheveled hair with her slender


fingers, she cast a glance at Emrys and said, “Go on, keep making up your stories. If you can’t come up with a reasonable

explanation, I’ll let you experience my bite again.”

After some thought, Emrys said, “Issa, you’re considered an idol in this martial arts academy, right?”

“Hmph, what do you mean ‘considered’? I am indeed!” Larissa corrected with great vigor.

“All right, you are an idol.” Emrys discovered that Larissa was even more narcissistic than himself. “What is an idol? An idol is someone who is held high above, a perfect being. Am I right?”

“Of course.”

“Well, then,” Emrys said with a smile. “In the past, you were seen as the perfect idol in the eyes of those people. But just now, I shattered that idol image of yours. Do you know what that means?”

“It means you’re a scoundrel!” Larissa glared

at him.

Emrys ignored that and said earnestly, “I’m teaching these young ones a lesson. Even the most perfect idol can be reduced to a mere mortal as long as you possess enough strength. Even the most perfect idol is still a human being. They simply possess more grace and charm than the average person and have higher standards. The same goes for men. But this doesn’t mean they are devoid of emotions and desires. The way I treated you just now was to inspire your juniors. As long as they are outstanding enough, they can easily win over the hearts of their idols, both male and female! Unfortunately…”


Emrys suddenly lifted his head to gaze at the sky, trying his best to appear melancholic.

“Alas, who can comprehend the earnest efforts I’ve made? It’s one thing for the male students to despise me, but for you, Issa, to misunderstand me as well, do you know how much that hurt


After Emrys finished speaking, Larissa was completely stunned.

She simply couldn’t believe how shameless a person could be.

Even though it was clearly Emrys who was taking advantage of her, after Emrys’s explanation, it seemed as if he was the one who had been wronged.

With gritted teeth, Larissa said, “So what you’re saying is, not only should I not blame you for the slap you gave me, but I should also compliment you for it?”

Emrys looked at Larissa’s stunningly beautiful face.

“I’ll pass on the compliments. I’ve always been the type to keep my achievements and fame hidden. I don’t care for any accolades as long as you understand the good intentions behind my actions.”


Larissa strolled forward at a leisurely pace, her captivating fragrance stirring Emrys’ heart.

Just as he believed he had brought Larissa to the brink of tears


with his words, a sudden, intense pain shot through his shoulder 

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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