Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 885

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Made Up My Mind 

Emrys didn’t like hanging out with a bunch of boring guys at Soul Sword Sect

Leaving so soon!Ruben was taken aback for a moment, somewhat caught off guard because they were at a critical period 

Not only did Devon and Caden harbor resentment toward Emrys, but Alexander as well. It was presumed that he, too, was displeased with Emrys, and it was uncertain how he would deal with him

If Emrys had continued to stay at Soul Sword Sect, Alexander, out of concern for his reputation, would certainly have found it difficult to act against Emrys. Otherwise, Alexander would have truly earned the title of being narrowminded, which would have been quite a disgrace

However, once Emrys left Soul Sword Sect, everything became uncertain

Alexander was a formidable sword cultivator at absolutephase of Golden Elixir Stage. He could control his sword to travel kilometers. Finding a secluded place to kill Erarys would be a piece of cake for him. 

All Ruben could do was to advise Emrys to think thrice

However, Emrys looked at Ruben with an unusually vigilant gaze and said. “Mr. Ruben. you’re showing such a reluctant expression. You wouldn’t be harboring any intentions toward me, would you? I am, after all, a respectable person.” 

Ruben asked in confusion, Mr. Griffins, what are you talking about?” 

It’s nothing, it’s nothing. My mind is made up. Regardless of what you say, it’s useless. There’s no need to hold me back!” 

Seeing Emrysdetermination, Ruben could only sigh and say. Ah, since you’re set on leaving, I certainly can’t force you to stay. How about I arrange for someone to accompany you?” 

No need,Emrys politely declined Ruben’s kind offer, then prepared to leave without any intention of lingering

Ruben couldn’t help but ask, Mr. Griffins, could you hold on a moment? May I ask you one final question?” 


Chapter 885 Made Up My Mind 

Please, go ahead.” 

Is there really a group called Rabid Gang in Mount Kushburn?” 

Take a guess!Emrys laughed heartily, then strode away

Ruben thought, I don’t have to guess. I know your identity is a sham! What a pity, such a remarkable character, and yet he didn’t even leave his real name behind. Who knows if there will ever be a chance to meet again? Although, with his talents, he will surely shock. Mount Kushburn soon enough! Assuming he doesn’t meet an untimely end halfway through, that is

Suddenly, an idea struck Ruben. He quickly summoned Silas, whom he had been speaking with earlier, and instructed, Ensure the covert protection of Mr. Griffins.” 

Emrys was unwilling to stay at Soul Sword Sect, and Ruben had no better alternatives. At that point, that was all Ruben could do. Hopefully, Alexander wouldn’t give Mr. Griffins a hard time. Otherwise, no matter how many people I send, they wouldn’t be able to protect him

That was a small token of affection from Ruben

Emrys had left the territory of Three Sword Sects

Naturally, he had noticed the presence of Silas, but he remained calm, allowing him to follow. However, after Emrys had walked a certain distance, several waves of chilling energy suddenly surged toward him

Without a doubt, he knew who had sent them

Emrys didn’t show the slightest hint of panic. Instead, he smirked

He had countless ways to slip away from Soul Sword Sect unnoticed, yet he chose not to use them. Instead, he left in such an ostentatious manner because he was waiting for those people to arrive

Judging from the aura of his assassins, they were all in Golden Elixir Stage, with two of them even being in middlephase

With such cultivation, they were undoubtedly at the level of an elder

Those Two Sword Sects really went all out in their attempts to kill me. Emrys sneered inwardly, Spiritual Control Divine Sword already in his grasp



Chapter Bus Made Up My Mind 

A battle had erupted not far behind him. Clearly, Silas from Soul Sword Sect was engaged in combat with the elders from the Two Sword Sects

That situation, Silas had anticipated it long ago

Just a while ago at Soul Sword Sect, Ruben had secretly instructed him to protect Emrys. Afterward, he added. Act according to your capabilities,” 

In other words, Ruben had anticipated that situation long ago

Emrystalent was simply too extraordinary. If he was allowed to leave that day, he would inevitably grow into a terrifying force in the future

Therefore, Devon and Caden had dispatched a considerable number of skilled masters in Golden Elixir Stage to hunt down Emrys, whom they mistakenly believed to be an early- phase Foundation Stage cultivator


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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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