Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 887

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 887

Chapter 887 Massacre 

The elder took a sniff and noticed that, beyond the scent of blood, there was also a palpable wave of intense heat

Oddly enough, the intense heat resonated with him, evoking a sense of familiarity. It was strikingly similar to the spirit fire he had encountered during a lessthanhonorable moment in his past, yet he was hesitant to confirm the similarity

Use this location as the center and search. Once found, try to detain him as long as possible. That beat is quite peculiar, so, everyone, be careful!Without wasting any time, the elder quickly issued instructions to the people around him

The group dispersed once again

However, it wasn’t long before Emrysaura resurfaced. Yet, merely a few seconds later, it vanished once again, leaving nothing but a lifeless body lying in its wake

The scene was exactly the same as before

When the elder arrived, he quickly caught a whiff of the intense heat in the air, which only deepened his sense of uncertainty and alarm. Why does this feel so familiar? Could it really have been him

At that moment, Emrys stood motionless atop the lush, leafy branches of a tree. Using those natural elements as his camouflage, he silently awaited the arrival of his new prey 

like a hunter

However, after learning from the lessons of their previous two encounters, the members of the Two Sword Sects had become much more cautious. Several elders, who were in the early stages of Golden Elixir Stage, dared not spread out too far. They were carefully conducting their search below

Meanwhile, the elder had leaped into midair, surveying every dense area from his superior vantage point


At that very moment, a piercing streak of light suddenly shot from the distant horizon, as if it had grown eyes. Astonishingly, it aimed straight for the treetop where Emrys was hiding, passing right through it

That was a sword that had been swiftly, launched from the horizon, and it was a soul 


Chapter 887 Massacre 

sword, not a plain one

With such a great ability to control the soul sword and kill from thousands of kilometers away, aside from Alexander, Emrys couldn’t think of anyone else for the moment

You old piece of trash. You actually tried a sneak attack?Immediately, Emrys was on high alert

He had no time to hide or evade, so he brandished his Spiritual Control Divine Sword and parried the incoming soul sword

However, in the next moment, Emrys shuddered all over, finding it hard to believe the scene unfolding before his eyes


To his astonishment, Spiritual Control Divine Sword broke, and it wasn’t because of the soul sword

Before coming into contact with the soul sword, the Spiritual Control Divine Sword had inexplicably shattered into pieces for reasons unknown

Meanwhile, Emrys felt a surge of warmth flowing through his arm, coursing into his body and finally gathering in his elixir field

However, he simply didn’t have the time to carefully examine his elixir field. The situation at hand was urgent, so all he could do was to swiftly mobilize his right index finger, ready to first fend off that highly aggressive soul sword


Previously, Emrysright index finger had consumed the spirit fire, making it 

indestructible. It was covered in layers of crimson scales. When it collided with the soul sword, it erupted in a series of dazzling sparks

Although he ultimately succeeded in fending off the attack, the powerful impact brought about by the swift movement of the soul sword still sent Emrys flying off the tree branch

Causing him to stumble upon landing


Even Emrys himself hadn’t noticed that, at that moment, a subtle tremor had passed through his elixir field. Simultaneously, the soul sword he held also quivered slightly, but it was incredibly faint



The soul sword launched only a single attack before it swiftly returned to its original direction as if it had been summoned back

Atop a steep peak as tall as Sword King Mountain, Alexander sat with his eyes closed. His fingers moved through the empty air in front of him, not stopping until the soul sword 

his returned to his hand. Only then did he open eyes

Oh, Chaser Sword. If only I had you in my possession back then, I wouldn’t have been defeated by Talon in just three moves, hmph!With a soft hum, Alexander gently caressed the blade of the Chaser Sword, his touch filled with unparalleled affection

After he had tamed the Chaser Sword, he developed a unique connection with it. He had a rough understanding of what had transpired earlier deep within his heart


Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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