Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 889

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 889

Chapter 889 New Sect Leader 

The elder was none other than Rodney Warde, the senior elder of Spirit Sword Sect

Originally, he set out to uncover the cause of his brother, Haunn’s death, and in doing so, he stirred up trouble at Crimson Sun Sect. However, he ended up encountering a formidable bald warrior who swiftly brought him to his knees

Rodney’s hair and eyebrows were completely singed off

Upon returning to Spirit Sword Sect, Rodney had kept this matter a secret from everyone else

When someone curiously asked him how he ended up in such a bare state, his response was simply, It’s refreshing.” 

Indeed, it turned out to be refreshingly cool

Rodney had even fallen in love with this look. After his hair had grown out a had taken it upon himself to shave it all off again




Just moments ago, he had detected the scent of spirit fire twice in the air, which had filled his heart with uncertainty and fear. This scent was all too familiar to him. It was practically his worst nightmare

He suspected that the man who called himself Tigger was the baldheaded man from Crimson Sun Sect

It was not until this moment, when Emrys removed his mask, that Rodney finally confirmed ithe was indeed the same domineering young man

What on earth is going on

Rodney felt like crying

The elders of the sect nearby were utterly astounded. From the moment Rodney addressed the young man respectfully, they knew that this young man was far from ordinary

His strength was undeniably superior to theirs

What’s going on here?someone asked


Rodney’s emotions were a tangled mess as he spoke. Do you all remember, not too long ago, when a bald figure of unparalleled strength emerged from Crimmon Sun Scar 

I heard some rumors about it. It was said that a formidable figure, in the middlephase Golden Elixir Stage, had challenged the bald headed man. However, it resulted in a swift defeat of the formidable figure, with him kneeling on the ground in surrender after just a few moves. His dignity was completely lost” 

With an embarrassed look, Rodney didn’t hide anything and admitted, The person standing before us is none other than the unparalleled powerhouse from Crimson Sun Sect. And the one who was beaten and kneeling on the groundIt was me

Silence ensued

Everyone immediately exchanged glances

They all understood Rodney’s personality well. He was an incredibly proud man, and he had every reason to be, given his strength and capabilities. He was in the middlephase Golden Elixir Stage, as was the sect leader, Devon

It was only natural to be proud

This revelation left everyone even more astonished. No one had imagined that the person rumored to have been brought to his knees was, in fact, Rodney

Meanwhile, they were taken aback. It had never crossed their minds that the person they had been relentlessly pursuing was none other than the baldheaded man

However, they were flabbergasted by his aura

Rodney also voiced his confusion, Mr. Lund, why does your aura seem different than before?” 

The aura of a cultivator, much like a fingerprint, served as an excellent means of identification

Rodney had crossed paths with Emrys before, and so he could feel it even more profoundly. The Emrys standing before him now was vastly different from the man he had known before

This was why, even though he had distinctly sensed the aura of spirit fire twice, he dared not confirm Emrysidentity until Emrys transformed his figure and removed his mask

Oh, I had practiced an ancient secret technique, which allowed me to alter my own aura.” 



Chapter 889 New Sect Leader 

As Emrys spoke, a subtle shift occurred within his spirit. He deactivated the illusion effect of Soul Cloak Stone

Suddenly, his aura, which was characteristic of a cultivator, underwent a massive 

transformation. Simultaneously, he was no longer in Foundation Stage but had achieved absolutephase Golden Elixir Stage

At that moment, aside from Rodney, the others finally believed what Rodney had just said. The man standing before them was indeed the extraordinarily powerful baldheaded elite

The thought that the person who had been pursuing them relentlessly throughout their journey was actually an absolutephase Golden Elixir Stage cultivator, filled everyone with an overwhelming urge to cry

This was someone whose power could rival that of Alexander

Everyone felt a wave of lingering fear

At this point, Emrys struck a pose and said, I have received the legacy of Heavenly Sword King. You lot should be well aware of what this means, right?” 

Understood, you are our newly appointed sect leader.” 

The reason I concealed my identity was because I didn’t want to reveal myself too quickly. As for the position as a sect leader, I’m not interested for now. However, I’m known for my capricious nature, so who knows? I might change my mind in the next second.” 

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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