Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 971

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Do Not Expect Courtesies 

What’ll happen then, hmm?Emrys immediately cut off Wayne’s words

Wayne instantly dropped her jovial facade, warning fiercely, Wait until Chief Xanthos arrives. Don’t expect any courtesies!” 

Then have him come over!” 




Emrys swung his hand in a slap, his impatience evident as he spoke. I’ve told you, get him here now. I don’t want to hear your incessant yapping in my presence anymore.” 

Sky Devourer Lord, you brought this upon yourself!With a loud roar, Wayne stormed out of the samurai school, seething with anger

The remaining people no longer indulged in mockery and sarcasm

They were unafraid of Emrys, for they had a powerful backing. Merely uttering the name Xanthos was enough to deter countless people. However, when faced with an unreasonable Sky Devourer Lord, no one had a solution

Thus, they opted to endure, waiting for their chief to arrive and teach Sky Devourer Lord how foolish his behavior was

Emrys paid no mind to the hostile glares of those people. They were nothing more than minor characters, not worth the energy to engage with

After waiting for what seemed like forever, Wayne’s angry roar echoed from outside once again, Sky Devourer Lord, you reckless fool. Chief Xanthos has arrived. Prepare to meet your end!” 

As his roar subsided, a middleaged man sporting a mustache stepped in, his wooden clogs clattering on the floor

He was a very typical image of a Jetroina man

When Kenneth entered, he didn’t bellow and shout like Wayne but instead spoke with remarkable composure. Sky Devourer Lord, a rare visitor indeed. What brings you to seek 

me out?” 

Emrys gave him a onceover, his demeanor calm and unruffled. He smiled and said, I’m here to discuss a few matters with you, Mr. Xanthos.” 


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Chapter 971 Do Not Expect Courtesies 

to be a man who had weathered many storms


A traitor named Endre emerged from our Chanaca Martial Arts Alliance. During his tenure, he delivered numerous artifacts to the Xanthos family. Are you aware of this matter?

I do.Kenneth did not deny it, as given his status, there was absolutely no need for him to deny anything

He didn’t see the harm of 

that his family took it

Emrys couldn’t help but admire Kennth’s courage, then proceeded to ask, So, you’re aware of the traitor Endre fleeing to your family, don’t you?” 

Of course.” Once again, Kenneth nodded in acknowledgment

However, it was merely an admission, nothing more. There was no mention of returning those artifacts, nor any talk of handing over Endre

It seemed as though they were waiting for Emrys to take the initiative and ask

Emrys didn’t ask any further. Instead, he shook his head and said, Kenneth, it’s rare for me, Sky Devourer Lord, to stand and converse so calmly, but it seems you’re somewhat unaware!” 

Unaware?A hint of change finally surfaced on Kenneth’s face

He curiously asked, What kind of awareness are you expecting from me? To willingly return 

those artifacts? Or to hand over Endre?This socalled Sky Devourer Lord doesn’t take me 

seriously. He’s a nobody, yet he expects me to show him respect? What a joke

Wayne blustered, Sky Devourer Lord, mind your status! It’s fine to show off in front of those nobodies, but who gave you the nerve to speak like this in front of Chief Xanthos?” 

Why is a dog like you butting into our conversation?Emrys shot Wayne a glance, his brows furrowing slightly. This dog is too noisy

You don’t have the right to insult me by calling me a dog, you Chanaea pig!Relying on the support of Kenneth, Wayne began to act recklessly

However, just as his words fell, he suddenly felt a chill sweeping over his entire body

Emrys looked at him coldly. Are you asking for another slap?” 

A glimmer of vengeful fury flashed in Wayne’s eyes as he recalled the previous slap. However, his body subtly shifted a few steps toward Kenneth’s direction

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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