Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 972

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 972

Chapter 972 Take The Punishment 


Kenneth shook his head in disappointment. Sky Devourer Lord, I thought you were a man of great vision. It’s surprising to see you stoop to bickering with insignificant peopleOh, I almost forgot. You’re just an insignificant figure, too. It’s just that your reputation is a bit more prominent than the average insignificant figure, that’s all!” 

Yeah, I lack vision. However, since you’re so visionary, why don’t you take the punishment for your dog?After finishing his words, Emrys suddenly took a swift step forward, instantly closing the distance between him and Kenneth

Raising his hand, he prepared to deliver a slap

Kenneth reacted swiftly, quickly dodging to the side. However, his action inadvertently exposed Wayne behind him. In the end, Emrysslap still landed on Wayne’s face


The force behind that slap was significantly greater than before. It was so powerful that it skewed Wayne’s mouth, leaving him whimpering incoherently, unable to form any words

Emrys looked at Kenneth, scoffing as he said, What did you dodge? With your stature, taking a hit for your dog shouldn’t be a big deal, right?” 

This isn’t how you should do things, Sky Devourer Lord. You’re simply being unreasonable!” 

Upon seeing Emrys resort to physical action without much provocation, Kenneth couldn’t hold back anymore. His facade finally fell apart, revealing a hint of gloom. He declared, You will certainly pay for your recklessness!” 

On either side of Kenneth’s waist, a katana was diagonally sheathed. At that moment, he drew one of them out. His body slightly lowered, assuming an offensive stance

Emrys glanced at the katana in his hand and asked, Didn’t I hear that your Xanthos family has a few katanas that have harnessed the sword soul? Why not use them?” 

Heh, seems like you’re aware of a few things, Sky Devourer Lord. However, you’re not yet worthy of me summoning my sword soul. Take this!With a scoff, Kenneth suddenly brandished his blade

The sharp and slender katana was abruptly thrust toward Emrysthroat

From the moment Kenneth crouched down, assuming an offensive stance, to the instance he thrust out his katana, it all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye

Had it been anyone else, they simply wouldn’t have been able to avoid it


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Chapter 972 Take The Punishment 

couldn’t be bothered to

From beginning to end, he had never made a move at all, so, quite naturally, the katana sliced toward his throat

The blade flashed by, then came to a halt, same as Kenneth’s body

His posture remained the same as before, only his standing position had changed. It looked as if he had teleported, indicating the speed at which he moved was incredibly fast

Suddenly, silence enveloped the surrounding

The individuals from the samurai school didn’t even manage to see clearly how exactly Kenneth made his move, but they were not surprised in the slightest

They were aware of Kenneth’s formidable strength, so they were not surprised

They were taken aback because of how pathetic Sky Devourer Lord was being taken down with just one strike

They thought perhaps he didn’t even realize how swift Kenneth’s blade was and knew how he met his end

No one felt sympathy for Sky Devourer Lord; they didn’t even sigh.” 

Haha, so this is the might of Sky Devourer Lord? Indeed, he doesn’t live up reputation. What a disappointment!” 

to his 

Sky Devourer Lord had only ever faced opponents who were not up to par, which naturally inflated his confidence. That’s why he dared to challenge our master. Little did he know, he was merely courting death.” 

He deserved it!” 

It was clear that Chief Xanthos was genuinely angry today. When that Atharian came before, Chief Xanthos didn’t use his deadly moves on him. He simply drew his sword to scare the Atharian away.” 

Hehe, comparing Alex to Sky Devourer Lord is like comparing an ant to a giant. Sky Devourer Lord is far more arrogant than him, daring to speak to Chief Xanthos in such a manner. If he doesn’t deserve death, then who does? That’s right, I’m being sarcastic. Sky Devourer Lord definitely had it coming!” 

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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