Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 974

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Transcended The Mundane 

It was because their perspectives had long since transcended the mundane world

The immortal family was akin to the existence of something like Mount Kushburn

Emrys understood the logic, yet he couldn’t help but scoff, Apologies, but that’s your perspective. From where I stand, my very bones carry the bloodline of Chanaea. You, the so- called immortal families, carry the bloodline of Jetroina in your bones. So, the possibility of me joining you is absolutely nil. Also, none of you deserve me!” 

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard that

The status of the immortal family in Jetroina was unparalleled, so much so that even the emperor had to show utmost respect upon meeting them. As for the socalled Hidden Fighters Alliance, they were nothing but insignificant in the face of the immortal family

Of course, Sky Devourer Palace was nothing to write home about either from their eyes. 

Essentially, those immortal families were too proud to stoop down and involve themselves in such mundane affairs. Otherwise, if they casually dispatched a core member, they could have easily obliterated Sky Devourer Palace

The power 

of the immortals, after all, was not something a mere mortal could match

Thus, it was astonishing to everyone present that Sky Devourer Lord dared to say such a thing in front of so many people. It was simply a spectacle that made him the laughingstock

Sky Devourer Lord, I had already given you a chance. Unfortunately, you failed to recognize the favor. Don’t blame me then for being ruthless. I remember there were rumors before saying that you had died. It was as if the entire Chanaea was singing a dirge and their faith collapsed. However, it turned out that this was just a wellplayed act of your own making. Is there any truth to this? It seems like you’re quite skilled at manipulating people’s emotions. You’ve managed to highlight your importance through such methods, making the people of Chanaea believe they can’t do anything without you. You really would have made a great missionary. What a pity then that you made a grave mistake today, offending an immortal. Hence, you, the faith of Chanaea, are destined to crumble today. This time, it’s not an act.Kenneth was muttering to himself, seemingly conveying to Emrys that the latter would be facing a true death at that moment and that the faith of Chanaea would be destroyed

As he spoke, he slowly drew out the additional katana that was at his waist

The moment the sword hilt parted from its sheath, it was as if an unseen, heartstopping energy radiated swiftly in all directions, casting a terrifying gloom over the surrounding 


The members of the camurai school had their ever wide onen their faces flushed. It was 


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Chapter 974 Transcended The Mundane 

leaving them breathless

The katana, bestowed with celestial power, was finally unsheathed once again

Emrysheart gave a small jolt

Staring at the katana in Kenneth’s hand, he felt a hint of surprise in his heart. He remarked, It seems that this celestial power indeed has some unique aspects.” 

Before he drew his katana, Katana was not considered particularly powerful. At most, he was seen as a skilled samurai

Yet, after he drew the sword, the celestial power hidden within the blade coursed through his body, causing a profound transformation in an instant

He was completely transformed

Emrys pondered for a moment, then suddenly spoke up. Hold on, perhaps we can discuss this further. There’s no need for violence. It’s just so crude!” 

The gazes of the people around instantly took on a peculiar shift, followed promptly by an eruption of hearty laughter

Hahaha, Sky Devourer Lord, you’re indeed scared, aren’t you? Is it because you’ve experienced the terror of the celestial power?” 

Just a moment ago, you said the immortal families don’t deserve you. Surprisingly, you were proven wrong so quickly. Sky Devourer Lord, you truly are remarkable. To think you’re the pride of Chanaea.” 

This reminds me of that Alex guy. Just like now, he was scared out of his wits when Chief Xanthos drew his sword back then. In the end, he had no choice but to slink away, not daring to make a peep.” 

I know, right? Those overconfident fools always think they’re something special. Little do they know, celestial power is something they could never even begin to comprehend.” 



Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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