Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 987

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 987

Chapter 987 Lacking Backbone 

It’s all right. We’re all compatriots here in this foreign land, so we should help each other out. In the future, if you see those people from the Jagger Association, try to steer clear of them. They’re no good.” 

Got it. Thank you for the warning, sir.” 

My name is Nedley Donnelly. I run a traditional medicine clinic nearby called Vitality Oasis. You can simply refer to me as Old Mr. Donnelly.” 

At that moment, Emrys spoke up. A traditional medicine clinic? Old Mr. Donnelly, did you really open a traditional medicine clinic in Jetroina?” 

What’s the matter? Do you have a problem with that?” 

Originally, Nedley’s tone when chatting with Yelena was pleasant. However, when it came to Emrys, his attitude changed abruptly, becoming cold. Even his words were filled with displeasure

Emrys was surprised

Err, I don’t think I’m the one who has a problem; rather, you seem to have an issue with me

He felt utterly baffled, clueless as to how he had managed to upset Nedley

Could it be that this old man is also a lecher? Otherwise, why would there be such a stark difference in attitude when dealing with a beauty and me

However, Emrys had been observing Nedley since earlier. He noticed that Nedley’s gaze toward Yelena was pure, merely reflecting the affection an elder holds for a younger generation, untainted by any other intentions

Hence, his twofaced behavior was even more bewildering

Since the old man didn’t seem to like him, he decided to wisely keep his mouth shut

Yelena also noticed the change in Nedley’s demeanor. She flashed a charming grin and said, Old Mr. Donnelly, my name is Yelena Lynch. And this gentleman here, he’s myboyfriend. His name is Emrys Lund.” 

This vixen is clearly doing it on purpose

The more disdainful Nedley was toward Emrys, the more she insisted on shoving him into Nedley’s face, even declaring that Emrys was her man

Without even glancing at Emrys, Nedley let out a cold huff. Ms. Lynch, there are certain things I shouldn’t say, but I can’t help but remind you that a man’s character is of utmost 


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Chapter 987 Lacking Backbone 

importance. You must keep your eyes wide open.” 

Hey, old geezer, who are you trying to insult with your roundabout remarks

Immediately. Emrys was displeased

Didn’t the old man’s words just imply that his character was questionable? How did he even come to that conclusion

Emrys wanted to argue with him

Yelena was always one for excitement, so her eyes gleamed as she said, Old Mr. Donnelly, you’re right that a man’s character is crucial. I’ll certainly be more discerning in the future.” 

Indeed, Ms. Lynch. I’m glad you understand. Even though I left Chanaea many years ago, I never lost the backbone any Chanacan man should have. If I had lost that spirit, I wouldn’t even be worthy of calling myself a Chanacan.” 

Nedley was hinting at something, his words more direct this time. He was just short of pointing at Emrys and berating him for being a spineless man who was disgracing Chanaea

There was no way Emrys could stand it anymore

He said with a furrowed brow, Old man, stop acting so strange in front of me. When have I ever lacked courage? Enlighten me.” 

The esteemed Empyrean Lord being accused of lacking a backbone was probably the most. astonishing tale in all of history

What nonsense


After Emrys finished speaking but before Nedley could respond, the short and thin man standing next to Nedley barked out in a loud, angry voice, How dare you! Is that how you speak to Old Mr. Donnelly?” 

This is none of your business!” 

Emrys glanced at the short and slim young man, instantly infuriating him with those words. He huffed, Master Donnelly, you shouldn’t have saved this guy. It would have been better if the people from the Jagger Association had beaten him to death!” 

Nedley also had a gloomy expression on his face

If you really had any backbone, how could you hide behind a woman in times of danger? Women are to be protected, not used as human shields. Is it wrong to call you spineless? You’re just disgracing us Chanaea men!” 

It seemed that Nedley was also infuriated by Emryscrude behavior as he pointed at him and 


Chapter 987 Lacking Backbone 

launched into a tirade

Only then did Emrys understand the reason for Nedley’s attitude

Previously, when those Jagger Association members had sought trouble, Emrys knew they were no match for Yelena, so he hadn’t bothered to meddle

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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"I have seven stunning sisters who are all obsessed with pampering me, their little brother. Little do they know, I've already become the mighty and highly influential Empyrean Lord. My eldest sister is a cold and aloof CEO, while my second sister is an exceptional doctor. My third sister is a beautiful assassin, my fourth sister is a gorgeous journalist, and my fifth sister has a mysterious and unpredictable nature. My sixth sister is an unparalleled award-winning actress, while my seventh sister has an extraordinary background. Fifteen years ago, all of you treated me like your own family. Now, it's my turn to protect you.

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Jadeborough in July was scorching. A skinny young man in the crowd was silently gazing at the familiar and yet somewhat unfamiliar city. “It's been fifteen years... I'm finally back. I wonder how the girls are,” the young man mumbled under his breath. Emrys Lund was an orphan who grew up in an orphanage. There, seven girls who were not related to him by blood still loved him like family. Their favorite game as children was to play house with Emrys. They even promised to marry Emrys in the future. Emrys was only five back then. In his cute voice, he told them that their promises had to be genuine because they were no longer three years old. The seven girls gave him a pinky promise for that. Conclusion: 
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