Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 988

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 988

Chapter 988 Involved With Eight Women At Once 

It would be beneficial for Yelena to gain more combat experience anyway

However, in Nedley’s eyes, this made it seem as if Emrys was a coward hiding behind Yelena

Nedley had only subtly implied that Emrys lacked backbone, which was already quite at generous way to put it

After discovering the reason, not only did Emrys not get angry, but he even held Nedley in higher regard. He had to admit this old man was rather endearing

Upon realizing his mistake, Emrys swiftly apologized, So, it was because of this reason that you had issues with me. I’m sorry, Old Mr. Donnelly, it was my fault. If a similar situation arises in the future, I will surely step up. I apologize if I came off as rude carlier; I didn’t mean to offend you. I hope you won’t hold it against me for being a youngster who still has a lot to learn.” 

You shouldn’t be apologizing to me but to Ms. Lynch instead,Nedley retorted coldly

You’re right.” 

Emrys turned to Yelena, sincerely admitting, I was wrong.” 

Suppressing a chuckle, Yelena mentally sniped at Emrys for his ability to stir things up. Putting on an air of magnanimity, she waved her hand dismissively and said, Never mind. I’ve already forgiven you.” 

Nedley spoke to Emrys in a teaching tone, Young man, your girlfriend is truly exceptional. To find a girl like this is a blessing you’ve earned over several lifetimes, so cherish her!” 

Hear that? Everyone always says that the bystander can see things more objectively. Even Old Mr. Donnelly acknowledges that a decent girl. But you, you’re just blind to it. You even have the audacity to be involved with seven women at once!” 

Feigning the image of a frail woman, Yelena spoke in a pitiful tone

Upon hearing these words, both Nedley and the other young man’s expressions changed simultaneously. 

One of Emryseyes twitched

You vixen, you just can’t resist venting your restless energy by stirring up some trouble for me, can you

Initially, Nedley’s opinion of Emrys had improved slightly after the latter sincerely. apologized for his earlier cowardly behavior


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Chapter 988 Involved With Eight Women At Once 

Yet, upon hearing Yelena’s words, Nedley immediately developed an extremely negative impression of Emrys

Ms. Lynch, did you just say this young man is involved with seven women at the same 



Yes! And that’s only the women I know of. Wait, if you include Jacqueline from the Balford family, that would make eight. Yes, I know of eight women. Who knows how many more there are that I don’t know about!” 

At least eight womenDoes he have the stamina of a horse? There isn’t even enough days in a week to fit all those women in

The short and slim young man was so consumed by jealousy that his eyes turned green. He cursed Emrys under his breath, resentful of his obliviousness to the plight of the less fortunate and for hogging so many women

Such a person should be dragged out and castrated

Nedley could no longer contain his anger as he exclaimed, Young man, you’ve crossed the line! This is no way to behave! TThis is utterly immoral!” 

Suddenly, he remembered something

He turned his head toward Yelena and said, Ms. Lynch, since you know that he’s unreliable, why do you still stay with him?” 

What was the point of being with a man who lacked backbone and morals

The short, skinny young man thought to himself, Exactly, why stay with him? You’ll do much better with me

Meanwhile, Emrys was cursing Yelena in his head, You despicable vixen, how dare you tarnish my reputation

You’re right, Yelena, I am nothing more than a scumbag. From this point forward, I won’t bother you anymore. You should find yourself a reliable man!” 

Out of the blue, Emrys spat out those words and abruptly turned to leave

He’s upset? When did Rys become so unable to take a joke

Yelena watched Emrysretreating figure. Clenching her fists, she shouted, Dammit, Emrys, I’m giving you three seconds to come back! One, two, three…. 

Emrys didn’t even look back


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Chapter 988 Involved With Eight Women At Once 

worth your affection. It’s better to let him go. There’s no need to keep him around!” 

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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"I have seven stunning sisters who are all obsessed with pampering me, their little brother. Little do they know, I've already become the mighty and highly influential Empyrean Lord. My eldest sister is a cold and aloof CEO, while my second sister is an exceptional doctor. My third sister is a beautiful assassin, my fourth sister is a gorgeous journalist, and my fifth sister has a mysterious and unpredictable nature. My sixth sister is an unparalleled award-winning actress, while my seventh sister has an extraordinary background. Fifteen years ago, all of you treated me like your own family. Now, it's my turn to protect you.

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Jadeborough in July was scorching. A skinny young man in the crowd was silently gazing at the familiar and yet somewhat unfamiliar city. “It's been fifteen years... I'm finally back. I wonder how the girls are,” the young man mumbled under his breath. Emrys Lund was an orphan who grew up in an orphanage. There, seven girls who were not related to him by blood still loved him like family. Their favorite game as children was to play house with Emrys. They even promised to marry Emrys in the future. Emrys was only five back then. In his cute voice, he told them that their promises had to be genuine because they were no longer three years old. The seven girls gave him a pinky promise for that. Conclusion: 
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