Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 989

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 989

Chapter 989 I Was Just Joking 

Old Mr. Donnelly, I’ll explain everything to you later.” 

A slight change crossed Yelena’s face. She hastily caught up with Emrys, gently shaking his arm as she said, I’m sorry, Rys. I was wrong.” 

What did you do wrong?” 

I shouldn’t have made something out of nothing.” 

Will you dare to do it again in the future?” 


What should we do if this situation happens again?” 

Then I’ll leave myself at your mercy.” 

That’s more like it!” 

Yelena was rendered speechless

There was no way Emrys could possibly be upset over such a trivial matter. Yelena naturally realized this too. Hence, she assertively grabbed his car and led him back to where Nedley 


It was as if she was channeling Cordelia

With a helpless sigh, Nedley said, Ah, Ms. Lynch, why are you so naive? Sticking with a man like that will get you nowhere. You’re better off ending things sooner rather than later.” 

Smiling sheepishly, Yelena respondet Old Mr. Donnelly, I think you’ve misunderstood. I was just joking around earlier!” 

You were joking?Taken aback, Old Mr. Donnelly asked, Are you implying that this young man hasn’t been fooling around with eight women?” 

No, no, he just happens to be popular with the opposite sex, Sure, there are many girls. around him, but he hasn’t done anything to betray my trust

In her heart, Yelena silently added, At least, I don’t think so

Only then did Nedley realize it was likely that Yelena had still been upset about how Emrys hid behind her while the group from the Jagger Association was causing trouble

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Chapter 989 I Was Just Joking 

Hence, she deliberately found an excuse to take revenge on Emrys

In other words, the young couple had been bickering all along, yet ironically, it was he, an outsider, who had taken it seriously

Young people these days really know how to stir things up.. 

With a soft sigh, Nedley spoke carnestly to Emrys. Young man, even though your girlfriend. claims she’s just joking around, many truths are often spoken in jest.” 

What do you mean?” 

Your girlfriend just mentioned you have quite a way with the opposite sex. Essentially, what she’s implying is that you’re making her feel insecure. Nothing might have happened yet, but the potential for trouble is always there. After all, you’re quite a handsome young man, the type who could easily live off a woman’s money.” 

Emrys had used his Shapeshifting Technique, but his basic features were still apparent. No matter how much he altered his appearance, it wouldn’t deteriorate too much

Being attractive was essential, after all

However, when these words came from Nedley’s mouth, they seemed to carry a different flavor

What does he mean by the type who could easily live off a woman’s money

Emrys felt his dignity had been insulted, yet he refrained from interrupting Nedley. He merely listened as Nedley continued, Young man, heed my advice. Now that you have a girlfriend, it’s best to cut off those unnecessary ties with other women! Your girlfriend is truly remarkable, isn’t she? She’s got the looks, the physique, and a heart of gold to match. Just now, when faced with that crowd from the Jagger Association, she, a mere girl, had stepped forward to shield you. It must have taken a tremendous amount of courage. That’s why you should make her feel more secure and top messing around with those other women.” 

Nedley’s earnest advice left Yelena somewhat embarrassed. Feigning shyness, she lowered her head and responded, Old Mr. Donnelly, you’re making me blush with your words.” 

Emrys shot her a nonplussed glance

Go on then, keep acting

Emrys couldn’t be bothered to expose her. Instead, he chuckled and said to Nedley, Old Mr. Donnelly, you’ve only met us once, and yet you’ve managed to deduce so much. Seems like you’ve been around the block, huh?” 

Heh, at our age, who doesn’t have a story or two?” 



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Chapter 989 | Was Just Joking 

Surprisingly, Nedley didn’t get angry this time, even seeming a bit wistful

He thought about his past, about his longlost youth

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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