Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 990

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Promoting Traditional Medicine. 

Master Donnelly, you’re spacing out.” 

The insensitive young man pulled Nedley back from his reminiscences to reality

Nedley gave him a displeased glance, then turned to Yelena and said, Ms. Lynch, we’re all fellow Chanacans. Why not come and visit my Vitality Oasis?” 

But I’m waiting for someone.” 

Don’t worry,” he reassured her. My traditional medicine clinic is just around the corner. It’s only a few minuteswalk. You can wait at my place just as easily.” 

Wellall right then!” 

After some thought, Yelena agreed to accept Nedley’s invitation

Having stood for quite a while, she was feeling tired. Once Chloe arrived, they could get in contact by phone

And so, the group headed toward the direction of Vitality Oasis

Throughout the journey, Nedley never spoke to Emrys again

Although the recent events were simply a misunderstanding, Nedley’s initial impression of Emrys wasn’t particularly good to begin with. Naturally, he couldn’t be bothered to engage in much conversation with him

His main target for the invitation was actually Yelena, yet Emrys had shamelessly followed. along, so he really had no other choice

However, through the conversation between Nedley and Yelena, Emrys was able to gain a rough understanding of who Nedley

Over a decade ago, Nedley had journeyed alone across the ocean to Jetroina. His purpose was to promote Chanaea’s traditional medicine, which led him to establish a traditional medicine. clinic here

Over the years, he had taken on quite a few students who were interested in traditional medicine

Nedley’s concept of traditional medicine differed significantly from those of the old- fashioned conservatives

Those oldtimers believed that traditional medicine was the cultural quintessence of Channes somathing that could ka chaweneed to farainare hit should not ha vidalu 



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Chapter 990 Promoting Traditional Medicine 

However, Nedley didn’t see it that way.. 

He felt that in addition to feeling proud of Chanaea’s traditional medicine, it was also necessary to promote it. He wanted to share the allure of traditional medicine with the world, allowing all countries feciate its charm

Hence, he was willing to teach those who came to visit him as long as they genuinely wanted to learn, regardless of their nationality

Of course, Kepraria was the exception

He refused to be asked why, simply stating it was just a whim

Emrys refrained from passing judgment on whether Nedley or the traditionalists were right. or wrong. However, simply considering the fact that Nedley had been living here alone for over a decade was enough to command respect

Upon reflection, the elderly man was indeed somewhat intriguing

Impressed, Yelena uttered, Old Mr. Donnelly, I truly admire you. To be here in this foreign land, all alone while promoting our traditional medicine culture, is truly remarkable.” 

Nedley laughed lightly and said, It’s really nothing. Seeing more and more people recognizing and learning about traditional medicine makes me feel a deep sense of pride. Moreover, I’m no longer alone, so I don’t feel particularly lonely.” 

All the while, Emrys had remained silent. However, he couldn’t help but break his silence. then, saying, One day, Chanaea’s traditional medicine will undoubtedly shine brightly on the world stage.” 

Young man, out of everything you’ve said, this one sentence resonated with me the most.” 

Nedley gave Emrys an approving glance, feeling that this young man wasn’t as displeasing ast he had initially thought

Emrys wasn’t sure how to respond.

Yelena’s eyes sparkled brightly as she suddenly leaned in closer to Emrys and whispered, Rys, you’re quite knowledgeable about acupuncture, arent you? Why don’t you teach Old Mr. Donnelly a few techniques!” 

Tell him yourself. I’m afraid he might think I’m challenging him 

Pfft, like you haven’t provoked him enough?” 

Yelena gave Emrys a pointed look before casually chatting with Nedley for a bit. Suddenly, a thought struck her, and she asked, By the way, Old Mr. Donnelly, why did those people from 


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Chapter 990 Promoting Traditional Medicine 

That’s because the vicedent of the Jagger Association is actually one of Master Donnelly’s students,the slim young man said, brimming with pride

After a brief introduction, the thin young man was revealed to be called Justin Walker. He was another Chanacan

There were actually quite a few young apprentices from Chanaea at Vitality Oasis

Most of them came after hearing of Nedley’s reputation, and while they were learning, they shared the same aspiration as Nedley they all hoped to promote traditional medicine

With a sigh, Nedley expressed, Igor is indeed my student, but I only took him under my wing because of his passion for traditional medicine. As for his background, I chose not to pry.” 


Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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