Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 992

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 992

Chapter 992 Did You Sense It 

Nedley wore a serious expression as he said, That’s enough, Justin. You go and help fill the prescription! Ms. Lynch, please come with me!” 

Thinking that Yelena was upset, Nedley wanted to spare Emrys the humiliation

Had Yelena joined in blaming Emrys earlier, it would have undoubtedly left Emrys utterly humiliated

Look at her! She’s such a considerate girl! Even in that situation, she’s still preserving her boyfriend’s dignity. Her understanding nature truly is heartbreakingly endearing. Unfortunately, some people just had to be ignorant

Nedley glared fiercely at Emrys

The break room at Vitality Oasis was spacious. Much like a living room. Its decor had an antique charm, and every now and then, the herbal aroma wafted through, easily bringing a sense of tranquility to one’s mind

Please have a seat, Ms. Lynch. I’ll go and prepare a pot of coffee for you.” 

There’s no need for formalities

No worries; it’s just basic hospitality.” 

Nedley turned around to make coffee, while Yelena leaned in toward Emrys and asked, Emrys, what was the deal with that girl just now?” 

It was just a spurofthemoment thing.” 

Speak to me seriously!” 

With a fierce stare, Yelena glared at Emrys Left with no choice, Emrys admitted honestly, It’s not really a big deal. It’s just that there’s some demonic energy on her bracelet.” 

Demonic energy?” 

Indeed. It’s an ominous thing. Wearing it for a long period will surely invite a bloody disaster.” 

Why can’t I sense the demonic energy?” 

Yelena, being of the spirit fox clan, had an exceptionally keen sense for certain special auras. However, she was unable to detect any signs of the demonic energy Emrys mentioned

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Chapter 992 Did You Sense It 


Although the ghost clan seemed peculiar, appearing as a mass of black mist, they too had a lineage. However, the color of their bloodline was different. It was probably black in color

Yelena’s perceptivity was likely targeted toward such unique bloodlines. 

That demonic energy from before 

for her to not sense it

was akin to an essence of death, so it was perfectly normal

After hearing Emrysexplanation, Yelena was still confused

She was completely in the dark about her own situation, and no one had ever discussed it with her. All she could do was to slowly uncover and explore it in the future

However, Emrys thought of something, and asked Yelena with a puzzled expression, Lena, are you really unable to sense anything unusual about my body?” 

This question had been bothering him for quite some time

Based on his past experiences, Emrys was certain that his lineage was far from ordinary. If Yelena has a special perceptivity in this regard, shouldn’t she be able to sense it

However, Yelena never really showed anything

Upon hearing Emrysquestion, Yelena suddenly blinked her slender eyes and replied, Perhaps it’s due to my lack of skill. Why don’t you come a bit closer so I can sense it more carefully?” 

Emrys moved a bit closer as he was told

Come a little closer.” 

Emrys took another step closer

A little more.” 

Emrys did as told once again


Emrys let out a wry chuckle. Don’t make me come any closer, Lena. I’m so close now that I could almost kiss your face!” 

At that moment, he was less than five centimeters away from Yelena. They could distinctly feel each other’s breath. Looking at her from such a close distance, Yelena’s face was flawlessly perfect, not a single imperfection to be found

Beneath her long, neatly arranged eyelashes, her eyes blinked slightly. Her gaze was fluid

Chapter 992 Did You Sense It 

array of enchanting charm

The fair, prominent nose added depth to her alluring face. Her lips were a vibrant red, tender and lustrous, seeming to possess a lethal allure that made one yearn to steal a kiss

Quickly distancing himself, Emrys shifted his gaze and asked, Did you sense it?” 

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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