Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 993

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 993

Chapter 993 What A Dangerously Captivating Vixen 

What a dangerously captivating vixen! She’s simply too enticing. Had I not been a man of integrity, I would have lost control long ago! Hmm, there’s also a less significant reason, which is that this location isn’t quite right

Slowly emerging from her deep thoughts, Yelena gave a charming smile and said, I’ve actually managed to sense something.” 

She managed to sense something

Emrys looked at Yelena in utter astonishment and asked, Lena, did you really sense. something special about the bloodline in my body?” 

No; I just noticed that there’s something different about your demeanor compared to others, Yelena said with a laugh

I knew I shouldn’t have held such high hopes for you.” 

Emrys was speechless, then narcissistically said, I don’t need you to perceive my distinguished demeanor. Everyone who knows me is aware of it.” 

You really have some nerve, Rys!” 

With a charming smile, Yelena’s eyes sparkled with mischief, her lips a vibrant shade of red. as she said teasingly, Actually, in my perception, your character is absolutely that of an unrivaled pervert, the kind that nobody could compare to.” 

Emrys clenched his teeth in frustration

GeezWould it kill her to not insult me? If we weren’t in someone else’s territory right now, I would have pinned you to the ground and wildly rubbed against you, thoroughly becoming the pervert you accused me of

Seriously, what’s your plan about the issue with that girl’s bracelet?Yelena asked, her tone no longer playful but serious

What’s there to deal with? She’s not going to drop dead on an instant. I’m not idle either. A simple reminder should suffice. Whether she believes it or not is her own business. Everyone has their own fate.” 

You’re right. If you straight up told her that, she’d probably think you’re crazy and blame you for meddling in her affairs.” 

The two stopped discussing that matter. By then, Nedley had already prepared the coffee and walked over


Chapter 993 What A Dangerously Captivating Vixen 


all, fellow Chanacans. Since Emrys had followed him to the Vitality Oasis, it wouldn’t be right to not even offer him a drink

Moreover, it was certain that their paths would not cross again in the future, so there was no need to be so petty

Therefore, Nedley merely offered some wellintentioned advice to Yelena, before they started discussing other matters

No matter how questionable Emryscharacter was, it was still a matter between the young couple. The more one talked about it, the more it seemed like they were overly concerned

After a bit of casual conversation, a middleaged man suddenly walked in and said, Master DonnellyHmm? Master Donnelly, are you entertaining guests?” 

Upon seeing the two individuals in the break room, the middleaged man paused slightly, ready to retreat

Nedley simply shrugged it off, saying, No worries, they’re just two fellow Chanacans. Come on in, Igor!” 

The middleaged man was none other than Jagger Association’s vice president, Igor

His features leaned toward the fierce side, with a slender scar trailing from the corner of his eye. Yet, at that moment, his face was filled with nothing but respect

Upon his entrance, he courteously greeted Emrys in Chanacan, expressing his pleasure to meet them. Then, he switched to his native language and began conversing with Nedley

A moment later, Nedley told Yelena, Ms, Lynch, please sit for a while. I need to finish giving my student his acupuncture treatment first.” 

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The reason why Igor was interested in traditional medicine was because he had personally experienced its remarkable effects

His arm had been injured years ago and the underlying medical condition had lingered. It would occasionally throb with pain, and there was no noticeable improvement despite extensive treatment at the hospital

It was during an unexpected opportunity that he found himself at Vitality Oasis. After receiving an acupuncture treatment from Nedley, his symptoms showed significant improvement

From that point forward, Igor had developed a fascination for traditional traditional medicine. Consequently, he took Nedley as his mentor

It had been a while since he had experienced any faint twinges of pain in his arm. Now, he 

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Chapter 903 What A Dangerously Captivating Vixen 

This was a normal occurrence

All he needed to do was to regularly visit Nedley for acupuncture treatments, and his symptoms would gradually disappear

Nedley quickly fetched a set of acupuncture needles, skillfully treating Igor with ease. His technique was seasoned, not a bit inferior to Duncan

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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"I have seven stunning sisters who are all obsessed with pampering me, their little brother. Little do they know, I've already become the mighty and highly influential Empyrean Lord. My eldest sister is a cold and aloof CEO, while my second sister is an exceptional doctor. My third sister is a beautiful assassin, my fourth sister is a gorgeous journalist, and my fifth sister has a mysterious and unpredictable nature. My sixth sister is an unparalleled award-winning actress, while my seventh sister has an extraordinary background. Fifteen years ago, all of you treated me like your own family. Now, it's my turn to protect you.

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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