Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 994

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 994

Chapter 994 Unbelievable 

That being said, it made sense. One couldn’t possibly promote the traditional medicine. culture of Chanaca in Jetroina without some level of skill

Emrys watched as Nedley administered the acupuncture, murmuring softly, Five Element Duality Acupuncture” 

Oh? You actually know about Five Element Duality Acupuncture?” 

Taken aback. Nedley gave Emrys a surprised glance. He found it unexpected that, despite the young man’s questionable behavior, he was quite knowledgeable. Impressively, Emrys was able to identify the specific acupuncture technique he was using


But Nedley was only taken aback for a brief moment before he asked, How much do you know about the Five Element Duality Acupuncture?” 

Emrys simply smiled, offering no response

Nedley didn’t seem to mind, assuming that Emrys only knew the name of that acupuncture technique, perhaps having seen someone perform it before. If asked to explain it, he wast certain that Emrys would not be able to articulate the reasoning behind it

Consequently, he stopped paying any attention to Emrys

After the acupuncture session, Igor thanked them and left

After tidying up a bit, Nedley settled back down. However, this time he initiated a casual conversation with Emrys, asking, Have you eyer seen anyone else use this acupuncture technique before?” 

Emrys shook his head. I haven’t seen anyone else perform it. I just know it myself.” 

Originally, Nedley had merely asked Emrys a casual question, not intending to engage in a deep conversation. However, upon hearing his response, his expression faltered

You know it

Nedley’s gaze took on a peculiar edge as he said, Young man, I’d believe you if you claim to have read about this acupuncture technique in medical texts. But if you dare say you can perform itWell, that’s a bit preposterous.” 

Mastering a set of acupuncture techniques isn’t just about remembering a few acupoints and inserting needles accordingly. It’s a lot more than that. It requires a particular technique in threading the needle

Tha farca anala and donth of the naadla incertian muauld all impact the affactinomare of the treatment Tu 

10:15 Mon, 21 

Chapter 994 Unbelievable 

depending on the practitioner’s technique. Even if the acupoints were identical, some people might not experience any effects at all. Since Emrys mentioned that he had never seen anyone use it before, it is implied that he has learned this acupuncture technique from medical books. Likely, he has only memorized a few corresponding acupoints. That doesn’t count as knowing the acupuncture technique! That’s utterly useless! If acupuncture was so simple, then it wouldn’t be so amazing! Therefore, Emrys was merely bragging shamelessly when he said that

Nedley shook his head in disappointment

As expected, he is still unreliable

Emrys didn’t rush to explain. Instead, he smiled and said, Actually, this set of Five Element Duality Acupuncture is a bit outdated. There are many of the acupoints that are unnecessary

to needle.” 

What nonsense are you spouting, you ignorant fool?” 

Initially, Nedley had been patiently conversing with Emrys. However, something Emrys had just said seemed to have hit a nerve, and a flash of anger suddenly appeared on his face

Five Element Duality Acupuncture technique was a legacy left behind by our ancestors, akin to a national treasure. Nedley had used this method to help countless patients, and the results were unquestionable

As such, it was audacious of Emrys to claim that this acupuncture technique was outdated. Is there such a thing as an outdated acupuncture method? If that isn’t utter nonsense, then what is it

Naturally, Nedley was upset

Initially, he didn’t quite fancy Emrys, and now, his dislike had only intensified

Emrys, however, was not in the slightest bit anxious. He calmly said, Please don’t get upset, Old Mr. Donnelly. When I said this acupuncture technique is outdated, I didn’t mean it’s ineffective. I just meant it doesn’t have to be this complicated.” 

What does that mean?Nedley asked with a solemn expression

In truth, Five Element Duality Acupuncture could be separated into two distinct acupuncture technique. One being the Duality Acupuncture and the other, the Five Element Acupuncture. When performed individually, the results could surpass those of the combined. method.” 

You’re talking nonsense! In all my years of practicing medicine, I’ve used the Five Element Duality Acupuncture technique countless times, but I’ve never heard of such a method of application!Nedley rebuked furiously

Of course you haven’t heard of it, because it’s something I’ve developed myself,Emrys 

10:15 Mon, 29 Apr. er 

Chapter 994 Unbelievable 


Upon hearing these words, Nedley instantly grew even more furious. He scoffed and said, Are you implying that your skills in acupuncture surpass those of our ancient predecessors, even surpassing mine?” 

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