Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 995

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 995

Chapter 995 You Must Really Be Something Else 

Even the elders in the field of traditional medicine, including myself, wouldn’t dare to claim that Five Element Duality Acupuncture method is outdated! Yet, you, a young man, have the audacity to say such a thing

Since you had the audacity to shamelessly claim that you came up with it all by yourself, then you must really be something else! A onceinamillennium miracle doctor!” 

As Nedley was speaking, his tone suddenly grew sarcastic

Yelena, always one for enjoying a spectacle, chimed in, Rys is indeed a miracle doctor, Old Mr. Donnelly. Even the traditional medicine master wants him as a teacher!” 

Although Yelena was suspected of stirring up trouble, what she said was not incorrect at all. Emrys was indeed a divine doctor, and the traditional medicine master, Duncan, had truly taken him as his teacher

There was absolutely nothing wrong with her statement, but Nedley wouldn’t possibly 

believe it

It seemed way too dubious

You actually believe the nonsense spouted by such a person? You’re just too naive and kind- hearted, Ms. Lynch. He’s merely read a few medical books and brags as if he’s an expert.” 

He may be able to fool you amateurs, but to us professionals, it’s nothing more than a joke

Ms. Lynch, I don’t mean to overstep, but there’s an old saying that it’s better to preserve the sanctity of a marriage than anything else! However, this young man, he’s just not reliable. You should really keep your eyes wide open!” 

Nedley quickly steered the conversation back to the initial topic, hoping that Yelena could come to her senses and stop being infatuated with Emryshandsome looks

He’s a man who is all surface and no substance, who lacks responsibility and integrity, and flits from one romantic entanglement to another. Such a relationship is destined not to last. It’s truly baffling what has become of young ladies these days! Oh, it’s heartbreaking

Nedley clutched at his chest, appearing deeply distressed and heartbroken

Emrys couldn’t help but burst into silent laughter

All this talk is really pointless, isn’t it, Old Mr. Donnelly? Whether I’m bragging or not, won’t 

it be clear once we test it out?” 

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Chapter 995 You Must Really Be Something Else 

the crafty and sly Yelena

Naturally, Emrys wouldn’t get upset over this. After all, it was a matter of no real 


On the contrary, he thought that Yelena’s previous suggestion was good

He could teach Nedley a few sets of acupuncture techniques. It was a perfect opportunity for him to spread the word, allowing more people to witness the charm of acupuncture

Out of respect for Ms. Lynch, I can’t be bothered to squabble with a youngster like you!” 

Unwilling to engage with Emrys any further, Nedley suppressed his anger. Naturally, he also dismissed the evidence Emrys had previously presented with contempt

Isn’t this just a waste of time? What’s there to even verify

Emrys was at his wit’s end. His expression turned gloomy as he said, You stubborn old man, you really don’t understand, do you? I tried to respect you, but you’re pushing me to use force.” 

After Emrys finished speaking, he suddenly strode forward, abruptly seizing Nedley’s arm and pressing it down onto the table

You b*stard! What are you doing?” 

Instantly, Nedley was engulfed with rage. His face flushed red in a blink, nostrils flaring as he seethed with anger

What kind of behavior is this? He’s so unreasonable and rude! I had kindly invited him over for a rest and some coffee, but he just had to cause trouble! It was one thing to be shamelessly boastful, but he even dared to lay a hand on me just because we had a disagreement. He must be a habitual offender! Not only did he enjoy taking advantage of girls, but he’s also laying his hands on an old geezer like me! Is this the result of a decline in morality, or a distorior of human nature

Naturally, Nedley refused to submit. He struggled vehemently, determined not to let his lifelong reputation be tarnished by Emrys

But his strength was no match for Emrys 

Master Donnelly!” 

Upon hearing the commotion, Justin rushed over. A single glance at the scene made his face drastically change. In a fit of rage, he bellowed, You b*stard! What are you planning to do to Master Donnelly?” 

He picked up a stick, ready to charge over



10:15 Mon, 20 Apr 

Chapter 995 You Must Really Be fomething Flas 

At that moment

Suddenly, the commanding voice of Nedley echoed, Get out, Justin! Stop meddling in things that don’t concern you!” 

Master Donnelly” 

I told you to get out!” 

Understood, Master Donnelly. Sorry for being shallow.” 


Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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