Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) chapter 49

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) chapter 49

Chapter 49 

Natalia had thought that Hamilton wouldn’t be returning that day. After all, Eveleen was surely there waiting for his comfort

Yet, to her surprise, he came back that evening

Mr. Fowler, you’re back?the nanny inquired as Hamilton simply nodded, his expression somber before he posed his own question

How is she? Did she have dinner?” 

She did. Ms. Jenkins had a good meal.” 

Hamilton nodded once again and pushed open the bedroom door

Inside, Natalia sat propped up against the bed, engrossed in a novel

Hearing the door, she looked up, her eyes meeting Hamilton’s

Without a word, Hamilton strode over and plucked the book from her grasp. You shouldn’t be reading right now. Take a break from books for a while.” 

Natalia was silent for a moment before acquiescing softly, Okay.” 

After a pause, she added, I’m sorry about earlier today. I shouldn’t have snapped at you.” 

Hamilton glanced at her as he methodically unbuttoned his shirt. So you also realize you shouldn’t have lost your temper?” 

Natalia’s lips quivered, I just hope that you won’t bring up the matter of baby in front of me anymore. Since whether or not I have a kid is my own business from now on, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t interfere.” 

Hamilton’s eyes narrowed suddenly. After a moment, he let out a light chuckle, Ms. Jenkins, you’re overthinking it. Why would I want to bring it up?” 

His initial intention was to offer some comfort. If she wanted a kid, she could marry a man who truly loved her someday, have as many as she wished. No need to fret over this child

But given her attitude, his comfort was clearly unwarranted

Natalia didn’t respond after that. Another argument would be imminent if she talked

After washing up, Hamilton retreated to his study. Soon after, he returned with a document in hand. Take a look. If there’s no issue, you can sign your name.” 

Natalia skimmed the document. It was a deed transfer agreement. A villa, owned by 

Hamilton, now was transferred into her name

Natalia’s grip on the paper tightened ever so slightly

Hamilton watched her. What? Not enough for you?he asked



Natalia didn’t look up. She just let out a bitter laugh. It’s enough.” 

More than enough

A child that was never meant to be in exchange for a villa worth millions. Who could say it 


Hamilton was ruthless and coldblooded, while he was generous without a doubt

Thank you, Mr. Fowler,Natalia finally looked up and said in smile

Hamilton scrutinized her smile and still felt off. Natalia, if you don’t want to smile, then don’t. It’s so unbecoming.” 

Her smile froze

Hamilton observed her, Get some sleep. I’ll be in the guest room tonight.” 

Alright.Once Hamilton left, Natalia stared at the agreement for a while before placing it in the drawer. She hadn’t signed it, and she couldn’t bring herself to do it

The wound from losing her child was too fresh; she couldn’t simply trade that for money. She couldn’t get over that hurdle

The following morning, the nanny served up a bowl of sweet oatmeal at the breakfast table

Hamilton raised an eyebrow, Is that sweet?” 

The nanny nodded with a smile, Ms. Jenkins said she likes it sweet.” 

Hamilton raised an eyebrow in surprise as he glanced at Natalia, You like sweets? Why didn’t 

I know?” 

Natalia’s spoon hung in the air. She murmured an acknowledgment without looking up

Hamilton’s lips twitched into a halfsmile, Why you’ve got a sweet tooth just like a kid?” 

I’ve always liked it,” Natalia said, emphasizing the point for some unknown reason

Hamilton simply nodded, Alright, now I know.” 

Natalia almost retorted that she hadn’t meant to tell him specifically, but the words caught in her throat. To explain now would seem too deliberate

After breakfast, Hamilton slid a danish across the table to her. Why didn’t you mention your 

sweet tooth before?” 

Natalia was silent for a moment. There’s nothing to say. If someone cares, they’ll notice without being told. If they don’t, it won’t matter what you say.” 

She had told Hamilton, of her fondness for sweets before. When they first got together, she used to prepare a few sweet dishes. And Hamilton would ask, “Why the sweets?” 



Chapter 49 

Back then, she was having hopes for him and replying with expectation, “Because I like 


But he would ask again the next time he encountered a sugary dish. Eventually, Natalia stopped preparing them, learning new recipes tailored to Hamilton’s preferences instead

Now, three years later, he was surprisingly asking again

Hamilton cast her a look. “If you like something, you should express it. Otherwise, how will anyone know?” 

Natalia’s smile was tinged with bitterness

Those who were cherished had the privilege of expression. Those who were not just weren’t qualified

She remained silent and focused on her meal

Hamilton didn’t pursue the conversation. It seemed his remark was just casual banter

He only said that after the meal, “I’ve covered your position at the office for now. Take a month off to recover, then you can come back.” 

Natalia hesitated before speaking, I want to resign.” 

She literally couldn’t bear to go on like this. Even if she couldn’t leave immediately due to their agreement, she at least wanted to distance herself from this man as much as possible. And if she was destined to leave Hamilton, she needed to stand on her own

Hamilton paused. He looked at Natalia intently before asking, Why?” 

Natalia looked down to hide her emotion, There’s no reason. I just feel I might not be up to the job anymore.” 

Hamilton let out a knowing chuckle, his gaze enigmatic, Ms. Jenkins, you underestimate yourself. I’m well aware of your capabilities.” 

Natalia’s brows knitted together as she tried to decipher Hamilton’s thoughts. Just moments ago, he was suggesting that if she couldn’t cut it, he’d find someone who could. Yet now, when she was ready to throw in the towel, he was putting up roadblocks

With a heavy sigh, she steeled herself for the unpleasant task aheadconvincing Hamilton to let her walk away

Right now, the face of Ivy Gemstone is Ms. Schafer,Natalia began, her voice laced with a plea for understanding. “You’ve seen the sparks fly between Ms. Schafer and me. If I stick around, it’s only going to fan the flames of our feud.” 

Hamilton nodded, conceding the point, I could shuffle Ms. Jenkins to another role,he suggested, seemingly indifferent to her distress

Natalia felt queasy in the back of her mind, Mr. Fowler, I truly want to resign.” 

Did I wrong you in some way?Hamilton’s gaze bore into her, weighty and unyielding



Chapter 49 

Her lips pressed into a thin line. After a moment of pause, she managed a wry smile, Haven’t you? You swapped out our agreed spokesperson on a whim. We could work things out so well but you let Eveleen derail the project time and again. Mr. Fowler, I just can’t work like this anymore.” 

Hamilton’s response was a scoff after gazing at her for a while, After all this, it still boils down to Eveleen?” 

Yes,Natalia admitted

Her desire to resign was, indeed, largely due to Eveleen. She was tired of being in Hamilton’s orbit, and she had no intention of crossing paths with Eveleen ever again

Well, if a simple job transfer solves the problem, there’s no need for resignation,” Hamilton repeated his earlier sentiment

I’m sorry; I choose to resign.” 


you insist on resigning, then I can’t stop you. But are you sure you can afford the penalty for breaking your contract?Hamilton challenged, setting down his fork and fixing Natalia with a stern look

I’ll have our legal department follow up with you. I suggest you think it over very carefully, Ms. Jenkins.” 

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )

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Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) For three years, Natalia has been a secret lover to Hamilton, 

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )


Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )


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