Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) chapter 51

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) chapter 51

Chapter 51 

Victor couldn’t believe his ears when Hamilton dropped that bombshell. He raised an eyebrow, casting a curious look at Hamilton, then at Natalia

Hamilton, you’re not getting all soft over this woman, are you?he teased

Eveleen’s eyes were already rimmed with red, a look of hurt painting her features as she turned to Hamilton

Hamilton’s gaze darkened even further. You’re reading too much into it, Mr. Henkel. I’m merely stating the obvious,he retorted

After a brief pause, he turned to Eveleen, How’s the arm? The wound healing alright?” 

Tears spilled from Eveleen’s eyes in just sec. As she dabbed at them, she also gazed at Hamilton through her frustration, Do you even care at all?” 

Hamilton was not in the best of moods. The pallor of Natalia’s face was enough to make his chest tight with unease. So when Eveleen started to cry, he replied with a hint of irritation

Have I ever not cared about you?” 

Caught off guard by his tone, Eveleen’s tears began to cascade, I just wanted a bit more attention from you, that’s all. I didn’t mean anything by it.” 

She was always the squeamish type, and Hamilton indulged her. For Eveleen, such a plea was nothing out of her ordinary playbook. Hamilton couldn’t fathom why he even felt off

It wasn’t Eveleen’s fault that Natalia had been in such a state since the miscarriage, so he really had no reason to lash out at her

His voice softened after he saw her dropping tears in silence. “If you’re hurt, you should be resting at home. No more gallivanting about, you hear me?” 

I understand. I won’t do it again,” she wept her tears and added, Could you come with me later to change the dressing? I get so scared when they change it, so go with me, please.” 

Hamilton glanced at the bandage wrapped around her arm and finally nodded

Eveleen’s face immediately lit up with a smile

Victor smirked sardonically at Natalia, who met his gaze briefly before looking away as if nothing had happened

She had thought she was past the pain. But watching this scene, a throbbing ache spread through her chest

It wasn’t that sharp, but it was suffocating

She had been by Hamilton’s side for three long years. However, when he merely spoke up for her, it seemed to others that he had committed a crime



Chapter 51 

On the other hand, it seemed expected no matter how well Hamilton treated Eveleen

Natalia mused that Victor was indeed overthinking. How would Hamilton ever feel for her? 

I’m exhausted, Mr. Fowler. I need to rest. Could you please show these two out?” 

Hamilton frowned slightly. He was about to respond when Victor chuckled, Are you kicking us out?” 

That’s right, Mr. Henkel. Quite observant,Natalia shot back

Victor’s face soured as he sneered at Natalia, I wasn’t aware that Ms. Jenkins calls the shots around here.” 

He paused, then turned to Hamilton. I’ve got other matters to attend to, so I guess our chat will have to wait, won’t it?he asked

Hamilton glanced at Natalia, Ms. Jenkins, if you’re not feeling well, you can go to the bedroom and rest.” 

With that, he walked toward his study. Victor gave her a smug look and trailed behind

Now alone in the living room were just Natalia and Eveleen

Natalia had no interest in a private conversation with Eveleen and headed toward her bedroom

But after just a few steps, Eveleen’s voice stopped her cold. Natalia, did you have a miscarriage?” 

Natalia froze, her heart clenching painfully. She mustered her composure and replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ms. Schafer.” 

Eveleen laughed lightly, Why bother pretending? I found out at the hospital. You lost the baby when that fan’s father pushed you, didn’t you?” 

Natalia spun around. Anger was flaring in her eyes

So you knew everything and still played the part of the grieving penitent?” 

Eveleen sneered, “Yes, I did it on purpose. What are you going to do about it? You see, Natalia, this is what they call poetic justice. Now everyone knows you’re the villain, not just meddling in a relationship but also ruining a child’s life! And even if it wasn’t for that fan, do you really think Hamilton would have let you keep the baby?” 

Her words pierced Natalia’s sourest spot

The baby was gone, but deep down she knew that Hamilton wouldn’t keep the baby even if it survived. Her inner pain was nearly suffocating

Eveleen wasn’t satisfied. She leaned in to whisper venomously in Natalia’s ear

You still don’t get it, do you? You were nothing more than a bedwarmer. Did you actually 

think you could climb the social ladder by having his child?She laughed coldly, Imagine if 



it were me who was pregnant. What do you think Hamilton would do?” 

What would happen if it were Eveleen

Natalia even didn’t need to guess the answer; she knew he’d be full of tenderness and care

Her hands clenched, her knuckles white with tension. She lifted her gaze to meet Eveleen’s, forcing a smile and keeping her voice light

Well then, Ms. Schafer, you’d better get cracking. You’ve been back for quite a while and Hamilton hasn’t shown any sign of rekindling things. You have a long way to go before you’re pregnant.” 

Eveleen’s face twisted with rage at Natalia’s barb

Natalia’s words also hit a nerve

Eveleen had been back for so long, and yet Hamilton showed no sign of reconciliation. The last time, she had manipulated the situation and made Hamilton publicly acknowledge their past relationship. But despite the online uproar and her fans starting to call him brotherinlawon Ivy Gemstone’s official website, Hamilton remained indifferent

Just you wait, Natalia. Hamilton will kick you to the curb sooner or later!” 

Natalia chuckled, Fine, I’ll wait.” 

With that, she clammed up

Eveleen seemed to have had her fill of provoking her, so she just stood up to head to the study

Hamilton’s study was offlimits to Natalia without knocking. But Eveleen breezed in as if she owned the place. She left the study door ajar, which might be intentional

Natalia could hear laughter from inside

Hamilton’s voice was deep. He sparingly spoke, yet his voice was dripping with indulgence

Natalia felt suffocated and walked out to the balcony

The nanny was watering the plants. She hurriedly shut the windows upon seeing Natalia approach

Ms. Jenkins, it’s getting chilly lately. I’ll fetch you a blanket in case you catch a cold.” 

She kindly brought over a blanket for Natalia as she talked

After a word of thanks, Natalia wrapped herself in the blanket, staring blankly at the balcony’s flowers

The flowers on the balcony were all planted by Hamilton. They were all bellflowers, in every color imaginable. These flowers had been her mother’s favorite. As a child, her yard was always filled with swathes of bellflowers planted by her mother



Chapter 51 

Whenever Hamilton would peek over the wall calling for Evi, Natalia would always lift her head from among the bellflowers and smile at him

Bellflowers are so beautiful.” 

Natalia could still remember the way that boy’s eyes shone when he said those words

Ms. Jenkins, what kind of flower is this? They’re so lovely,the nanny inquired

As Natalia snapped back to reality, her eyes were filled with nothing but bitterness. Hamilton had always loved bellflowers but had completely forgotten about her

Bellflowers,she replied and left the balcony

The study door swung open, and the three emerged, laughing and chatting

Hamilton, hurry up; we’re waiting for you downstairs.” 

Hamilton nodded and went into the bedroom

Natalia’s face was slightly pale

Are you going out?she asked

Hamilton nodded again and put on a different shirt, Call me if you need anything.” 

Natalia was silent for a moment before saying, Can’t you stay?” 

She looked at Hamilton after saying that

Hamilton paused for a moment, his eyebrows raising slightly. What’s the matter?” 

Natalia’s lips were tight, and after a long pause, she managed to utter, Nothing.” 

Hamilton’s eyes narrowed slightly, Not feeling well?” 

Natalia avoided his gaze, “No.” 

Hamilton approached and gently held her chin, forcing her to look at him, What’s really going on?” 

Natalia met his eyes, Didn’t you say you would stay home and take care of me?” 

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) For three years, Natalia has been a secret lover to Hamilton, 

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )


Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )


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