Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) chapter 52

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) chapter 52

Chapter 52 

Natalia couldn’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of the situation. To Hamilton, staying behind to take care of her was a sense of obligation

But it was his desire to accompany Eveleen to the clinic for her dressing change

She had always prided herself on not using obligation to tie anyone down. It was the same thing that she didn’t want to trap him with socalled responsibility when she first found out she was pregnant

Yet now, she had done just that. She really didn’t want to watch Hamilton just walk away with 

Eveleen. Maybe it was just to spite Eveleen

Hamilton squinted at her, and a smile finally broke through. Ms. Jenkins, weren’t you the one who didn’t want me sticking around earlier? What’s this? A change of heart?” 

Natalia met his mocking gaze, her lips turning a shade paler, You said that taking care of me was your responsibility, right?” 

Hamilton chuckled lightly and released her. Don’t worry. I won’t leave you high and dry. I’ll be back after Eveleen gets her bandage changed.” 

With that, Hamilton turned and left

Natalia watched the closed door and let out a bitter laugh. She had overestimated herself 

after all

Ms. Jenkins, are you alright?the nanny called from the side

Natalia snapped back to reality. She paused for a moment and replied, I’m fine.” 

The nanny frowned deeply. How could she be fine? She looked as pale as a ghost, she 


But Natalia felt genuinely alright. It wasn’t the first time, after all. She had somehow grown accustomed to it

She went into her room, thought for a moment, and then drafted a resignation letter on her laptop. Even though Hamilton had made it clear he didn’t agree, she sent it anyway

After sending out the resignation, Natalia lay down

Maybe it was the weakness in her body, but she felt cold throughout. She wrapped herself in blankets, only to feel uncomfortably warm moments later. After tossing and turning, she finally drifted off to sleep

When she woke up, it was the nanny shaking her gently, Ms. Jenkins? Please wake up.” 

Natalia’s head felt heavy, her body devoid of strength. She opened her eyes groggily to see the nanny standing by the bed with an anxious look on her face

Ms. Jenkins, you have a fever. Do you have a cold?” 



Chapter 52 

Natalia touched her forehead, I guess so, just get me some fever reducer” 

The nanny frowned, You should really see a doctor.” 

Natalia glanced at the time; it was already past one in the afternoon. She had slept for so long

Is Hamilton back?she asked

The nanny shook her head

Natalia was silent for a moment before she finally said, I’ll just take the medicine for now.” 

The nanny could only bring her the medicine and a bowl of oatmeal. Ms. Jenkins, have some oatmeal before you take your medicine.” 

Natalia didn’t have an appetite, but she knew this wasn’t the time to be stubborn. She took the bowl and began sipping it

But as soon as she swallowed, a wave of nausea hit her. She rushed to the bathroom, emptying the contents of her stomach until she finally felt a bit better

The nanny watched in horror, Ms. Jenkins, we really should head to the hospital. Shall I call 

Mr. Fowler?” 

Natalia shook her head. What’s the point if Hamilton doesn’t want to come back? She mused, Pushing through her discomfort, Natalia emerged from the bathroom, took the medicine the nanny had found, and swallowed it down

After taking the medicine, she fell asleep again. When she woke up groggily, it was dark 


You’re still running a fever. We’re going to the hospital,” the nanny insisted again

This time, Natalia nodded. She couldn’t just keep toughing it out

Descending the stairs, she realized it was raining outside. It was difficult to hail a cab during the rush hour, so several of her Uber requests were canceled

After some hesitation, she called Hamilton. The phone was picked up after two rings

Mr. Fowler, I—” 

Ms. Jenkins?Before she could finish, Victor’s voice, which was tinged with mockery, came through lazily, Hamilton went to pick up Eveleen. Left in such a rush he forgot his phone. Do you need something, Ms. Jenkins?” 

The knuckles of Natalia’s hand clutching the phone turned white. She hung up abruptly and continued trying to book a ride

When she finally got a car and arrived at the hospital, it was an hour later

Scarlett looked at the soaked Natalia and contorted her face. Don’t 


know you 



13 01 

Chapter 52 

be getting wet in your condition?she grumbled

Natalia’s pale lips curved into a weak smile, Okay, I get it. Don’t be mad. I’m seriously not feeling well. Can we not fight about this now?” 

Scarlett’s mix of anger and concern was evident. At last, she scolded Natalia and took her for an examination, You’ve got an infection. Let’s get you on an IV.” 

Natalia nodded. Scarlett found her a room and set up the IV before asking, Where’s Hamilton?” 

Natalia was silent for a second before replying, He’s busy.” 

Too busy to even take you to the hospital? Is this his idea of taking good care of you?” 

The corners of Natalia’s mouth tightened awkwardly, Him finding me a nanny is already beyond duty considering our relationship. How could I expect him to be here for me?” 

Scarlett cursed under her breath, What kind of a jerk is Hamilton anyway!? Does he really think money can solve everything? All his sweet talk about caring for you and all he does is hire a nanny?” 

Natalia’s bitter laugh was telling. Perhaps, at least to her, Hamilton did believe money could solve everything

She didn’t want to talk about Hamilton anymore

I’m tired. I want to rest for a bit.She muttered

Scarlett, knowing full well Natalia was avoiding the topic, nodded anyway, Get some sleep.” 

Natalia pretended to sleep, but as soon as Scarlett left, she took out her phone again

The company chat was unusually lively today. She clicked in to find out they were discussing Hamilton and Eveleen again

Man, Mr. Fowler’s really been pulling out all the stops, hasn’t he? First, he’s our knight in shining armor with those midnight walks home, and now he’s playing taxi in the rain. I never pegged him for the knightinshinyArmor type.” 

You are so right about that.” 

But, you gotta admit, Mr. Fowler and Ms. Schafer are like a match made in heaven.” 

Hey, has anyone heard the latest gossip? Are they already talking about tying the knot?” 

Natalia scrolled through the group chat with a wry smile before she decided to check out

Before she could exit, someone dropped a photo into the chat

Instinctively, Natalia clicked to open it. And she was instantly regretful in doing so

The people in the photo were none other than Hamilton and Eveleen. Whoever took the shot had skills, because it was crystal clear despite the low light. There was Hamilton, who was 


Chapter 52 

tall and distinguished, standing in the rain and holding a black umbrella; his head turned towards a woman approaching from not too far off. Eveleen’s face was lit with a radiant and 

vivacious smile

You could tell they were a perfect pair even just in a photograph of the two standing together. Natalia’s fingertips tightened involuntarily. She let out a selfdeprecating chuckle and logged off

By the time her IV treatment was finished, it was already past ten at night

As the nurse removed the IV, Natalia’s phone began to ring

It was Hamilton

She glanced at the screen and, after a moment’s hesitation, hit the mute button

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) For three years, Natalia has been a secret lover to Hamilton, 

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )


Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )


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