Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 40

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 40
  1. Caught In the Act

“Hubby? I came all the way here, canceling the catwalk to arrange our wedding, but you greet me like this?”

Frank raised an eyebrow. A tall and slim woman had just pushed the door wider. She wore a bright red dress that showed off her smooth shoulders. A bag studded with crystals dangled from her slender fingers. The light reflection from it made Frank frown.

“We’re not married yet, so don’t call me that.”

While Kara froze in confusion, Isabela blinked in disbelief.

“What’s wrong with you, Hubby? We’re getting married soon. It’s

natural for me to call you that. Do you want me to keep calling you


Frank snorted in amusement. His attitude made Kara furrow her eyebrows, especially as his arms wrapped around her more tightly.

“Every call from your mouth sounds bad,” Frank sighed thinly.

Isabela spontaneously clenched her jaw. How could Frank have the heart to be rude to her in front of strangers?

“Who is she? Why do you … keep hugging her? You do realize that your fiancee is here, right?”

Seeing the annoyance on Isabela’s face, Frank smiled. He had been caught off guard, so he had to go on. U-turn was not in his dictionary.

“She is my secretary and personal assistant.”

“Personal assistant? Don’t you already have Jeremy?” Isabela

muttered, shedding confusion. However, after a blink, she lifted her chin and returned her fierce look.

“Then why are you hugging her?”

Frank smiled slightly. He liked that question.

“She knew you would come back, so she planned to quit. I hug her to keep her by my side. I don’t want her to leave.”

Kara’s mouth opened wide. ‘He confessed his feelings for me in front of his future wife? Is he digging a hole for my grave?’

Suddenly, Isabela stepped forward and swung her hand. Kara wanted to defend herself, but her hands were still locked.

“Wait! You misunderstand!”

The next second, Kara closed her eyes. However, nothing happened. As she opened her eyes, she found Frank holding Isabela’s wrist, right

in front of her face.

“You dare hurt the woman I love?”

Kara’s heart exploded. She didn’t expect Frank to dare pour gasoline on the burning fire.

“Hubby!” Isabela screamed as she pulled her hand away. A second later, she pointed her finger at Frank’s nose. “Don’t mess up with me! I’ve sacrificed a lot for our marriage. You should respect me, not defend a cheap woman like this.”

Frank’s expression darkened. He brushed Isabela’s finger away from his sight. “Watch your mouth. Kara is not a cheap woman.”

“Sorry, Miss Isabela,” Kara interrupted as she pulled away from the CEO. “Mister Harper was just joking. It’s impossible for him to like a girl like me. He just wanted to test your reaction.”

“Shut your mouth! I don’t need your explanation!” Isabela’s rebuke made Kara flinch. A second later, the fashionable woman took out her folding phone. “I will report your actions to Grandpa.”

Kara was wide eyed. She looked at Frank in panic. However, the man looked relaxed.

“Sir, you can’t let that happen. I could really die,” Kara whispered as she shook Frank’s arm.

Unexpectedly, Frank put his arm around her waist. “Don’t worry, Kara. Nothing can separate our love. Let’s face this reality together.”

Isabela snorted. Putting the phone to her ear, she glared at Kara. ‘This woman is no match for me. This is truly an insult.’

“Grandpa, I just arrived at Frank’s office. Your beloved grandson is making out with his secretary.”

Rowan seemed to be talking about something on the other side. The corners of Isabela’s lips twitched upward at that.

“Okay, Grandpa. I will be patient. I hope your plan goes smoothly.”

Kara’s breath hitched. She could not imagine what misfortune

awaited her.

“Hubby, I understand that you’re bored of being in a long distance relationship. But, can’t you find someone classier than her?” Isabela quipped as she put her phone into her luxury bag.

“Open your eyes, Frank. What plus points does she have? Nothing. The clothes she wears are already 5 years behind. And those shoes, oh my…. Even my maid’s shoes are cooler than that.”

Kara looked down checking her appearance. She agreed. She and Isabela were like slum housing and luxury apartments.

“Is that so? But there’s no need to doubt her performance in my bed. She’s very soft and warm.”

Kara’s jaw dropped. Frank has really gone crazy.

“That’s not true. I never even got into his bed.” Kara shook her head quickly.

“Yes, Kara has never climbed into my bed. I was the one who carried her there so we could spend the night together.”

Isabela sighed in disbelief. Her pride was hurt.

Before leaving for Europe, she courted Frank several times, hoping that it would cement their bland engagement. However, the mant always refused.

Now, Frank had done it? With a woman from a lower class?

Isabela could no longer hold back her annoyed chuckle. “Just watch, Hubby! You’ll regret betraying me.”

Instead of shrinking, Frank responded lightly. “I never promised you anything. How could I betray?”

Isabela’s tears almost spilled, just like a flood of emotions that almost exploded her chest.

“But we are engaged. You can’t love another woman besides me.

That’s treason.”

Once again, Frank pursed his lips and shook his head lazily. “I’ve been trying to love you for years, but that feeling never comes. Now I’m tired. Let’s just end this relationship full of falsehood.”

“But I love you!”

“No,” Frank said firmly. “You only love the wealth and throne that I have. You agree to our marriage in order to strengthen your family business and become a queen.”


Isabela snorted quickly. Then, a dry laugh escaped her lips.

“Don’t you want to be a king? Do you think you can keep everything

you nuve with a cup won un by your o

Suddenly, Isabela stroked Frank’s face with the back of her hand, ignoring Kara who watched their conversation without blinking.

“Come on, Hubby. It’s not too late to fix things. Together, we can immortalize success.”

“You look down on me?” Frank bowed his head and lowered one. eyebrow. “You think I can’t survive without your family’s intervention?”

Isabela’s face suddenly turned flat. She forgot that she and Frank had one similar quality. They both didn’t like insults.

“It’s not like that, Hubby,” she said sweetly. “I just want to remind you that I am a much better choice than this geeky girl.”

Frank suddenly grabbed Kara’s shoulder and pulled her closer. “But actually, with Kara’s abilities and intelligence, I’m sure my company can progress further. Apart from that, she can also give me genius. children, something that you most likely can’t make happen.”

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/6/2024 Native Language: English
Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Kara Martin was known as Miss Perfect. She was a beauty with good personality and successful career. Unfortunately, her life changed at one night. She was accused of adultery, losing her job, and abandoned by her fiance.The arrogant man who slept with her did not want to take responsibility..

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

  He even threatened to kill her if they met again. What’s worse, Kara was pregnant with twins and she chose to give birth to them.Four and a half years later, Kara returned to work at a large company. As the secretary, she would frequently face their notorious CEO. Kara thought it wouldn't be a problem, but as it turned out ... the CEO was the father of the twins!

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie


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