Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 43

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 43

“I can’t possibly allow Young Master Harper to endanger his own children. His nature is easily provoked.”

Kara gasped. It was as if she had just received a lightning strike right. through her heart. She suddenly felt humb.

“W-what are you talking about, Jeremy? I don’t understand.”

werny cuyledirled up the corner of his lips and turned to the secretary.” u don’t needed to worry, Miss Martin. I am a logical person and good keeping sec secrets.”

efore Kara couldbed express her surprise, Jeremy added, “I know that e twins are the che consequence of four and a half years ago, when you d Mr. Harper acciaccidentally spent the night together.”

ira pated. She never ever expected her secret to be so close to Frank. id if Jeremy could undercover the truth, didn’t it mean that Rowan

irper could 100koo?

eing the bloodless los

sedererny continued, “Last week, Young

investigate the case back. I went to meet the

aster assigned me to an

rtender who served men din drinks. Accidentally, I discovered a rprising truth about you. You.”

ter giving Kara a pause to diesigest, he added, “I know you were imed with your co-worker. katsbatso know about the rumors and video.

hen why do you conclude thatthaytney are Frank’s children? You saw F yourself that I entered a hotel bekroom with a man who was

Frank, Kara stammered. red.

in you denied the truth of the video. You Yoxpalso insisted that you int sleep with your coworker. I looker ked into it, Miss, and then I alized….”

remy hung up on the conversation Kara’s he’s heartbeat turned errat

e: Harper accidentally slept with a girl at that thatnight in the same he, in the same room. I don’t know the chronolooylogy, but i’m sure that dwas you

You have a crazy imaginationicleremy. You have a talent forwritting ovels. Frank and couldn’t possibly sleep together. He’s disqusisted st by looking at my face..

Do you forget. Miss MarainiMiMia per asked you several times if if ou two had met. He must seri ramarat with you.”

era quickly waved her hari.My/farce is common. Many people look te me. He must have made e a inista.

But you immediately got angry with no on your first day of work. ou must have kept that anger in youotona a long time.”

That’s because I heard from Mrs. Belethanat de CEO of Savior Group is

annoying and arbitrary person. Sc. v. weten ne sisuited me, i mediately became angry.”

ara nodded, hoping Jeremy would a cam tee reason. However, the an smited as if he knew it was a made upocxxISE.

ou don’t need to avoid it anymore, Miss Maran.our children lock a tlikke nim, especially with those sunglasses. Arerent dicir eyes cisc ay? Should we do a DNA test to prove it?

ara’s expression turned stiff. Her breath roared. She knew t

uth could no longer be hidden. While locking devIS SAS SIRIE

Brown ingers.

hastitouto i do, Jeremy? My children are so young and dyey are ocent tos not fair that they have to bear the sins of bon trener


Teeny turned siten: A moment later, he said casually, Frank keper actuallywery different from Rowan Harper. His grandfather caulki

meone, bunYoung Master wouldn’t have the heart.”

you. Make him crazy about you. That

way, it won’t be a problem if your identity and the children’s

whereabouts are discovered.”

Panic suddenly hit Kara’s mind. “No, Jeremy. That was a very bad idea. Frank threatened me not to appear in front of him again that night. He wouldn’t hesitate to take my life if we met again. I’m still alive now because he doesn’t remember me.”

Kara’s gaze wandered a little, but then, she looked back at Jeremy intently.

“He once said that everything that hinders the company must be removed. I was too careless to bring my children into his

environment. I’m sure you understand this situation, Jeremy. You even hesitated to tell him the truth.”

“That’s because I wasn’t sure about his feelings, Miss Martin. When I came back here, I thought that he was still firm in his stance and forcing himself to hate you.”

d to

Suddenly, Jeremy curled up the corners of his lips. “But now, I’m sure he has changed. He was so tormented by missing you, he fight his grandfather to protect you, and he finally didn’t h break off the engagement. You can be sure that you have n his heart, Miss Martin.”

Kara shook her head firmly. “It’s impossible.”

“I suggest you to be honest at the right time, Miss Martin. I’m sure of you can be a happy family.”

Kara closed her eyes in contemplation. Jeremy’s idea was too good to be true. She must not be lulled.

“Jeremy, you want the best for your master, right?”


“What is it?”

to do something for me?

Kara took a deep breath. “This Saturday, please prevent Frank from coming to the scholarship award ceremony. You can take him to meet clients or go to trials. I don’t want him to meet the twins. My children are invited there.”

Jeremy blinked slowly. Behind his flat expression, he tried to

understand Kara’s plan. “Okay, but please consider my advice. The truth can’t always be hidden.”

“I understand. Thank you, Jeremy.” Kara managed a smile. However, unease could not be hidden from her eyes. The plan that came to her mind was quite crazy.

“Now, where is he? He couldn’t have followed you here, could he?” Kara asked in an anxious tone.

Jeremy considered it for a moment. “He didn’t notify me, but I’m sure he went to see his grandfather.”

Silence fell again. While Kara pondered the situation from Jeremy’s car, Frank drove up to Rowan’s villa.


As Frank arrived, Rowan immediately got up from the sofa and approached him. Without hesitation, the old man gave him a slap.

“You, ignorant grandson! Just because of a woman, you’re being rude to me? Why did you just hang up on me?”

Frank’s expression remained flat. He didn’t look disturbed by the heat

on his cheek.

Rowan snorted and shook his head in disappointment. “Don’t play stupid, Frank. You know the reason behind my anger, apart from your insolence.”

Frank raised an eyebrow slightly. After a blink, he nodded. “I think you also know the reason behind my coming. I really can’t continue my arranged marriage with Isabela.”

“Frank Harper!” Rowan shouted with wide eyes. “I told you to leave that lowly secretary. Why are you still keeping her? Isabela is back. Treat her well!”

Frank sighed faintly. He already knew the consequences of his madness. He was ready to face all of that.

“I have no heart to give to Isabela. Therefore, I decided to end our engagement. Our relationship will not work. So, why maintain it?”

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/6/2024 Native Language: English
Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Kara Martin was known as Miss Perfect. She was a beauty with good personality and successful career. Unfortunately, her life changed at one night. She was accused of adultery, losing her job, and abandoned by her fiance.The arrogant man who slept with her did not want to take responsibility..

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

  He even threatened to kill her if they met again. What’s worse, Kara was pregnant with twins and she chose to give birth to them.Four and a half years later, Kara returned to work at a large company. As the secretary, she would frequently face their notorious CEO. Kara thought it wouldn't be a problem, but as it turned out ... the CEO was the father of the twins!

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie


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