Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 46

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 46
  1. Happy Family?

Rowan hesitated. Kara’s voice was too convincing. Before he could

make a decision, Louis and Emily’s voices broke his focus.

“Mommy, Mommy….”

Laughing, the twins hugged Kara’s legs.

“Look! We got lots of gifts from fans.” Louis showed off several

packs of chocolates in his bag.

“Fan?” Kara widened her eyes.

“Yes, Mommy. People said that they were our fans because we’re cool and smart,” Emily continued while adjusting her crown.

As Kara chuckled, the twins’ gaze turned to Rowan.

“Mommy knows this grandfather?” Louis whispered while placing one hand beside his mouth.

“Yes. Mister Harper is my boss’s grandfather.”

“That annoying CEO’s grandfather?”

Rowan widened his eyes at the nickname Louis called Frank. “My grandson is annoying?”

“Yes. Since Mommy worked with him, Mommy rarely comes home. Mommy gets a lot of assignments from him,” Louis explained with a gloomy face.

Emily nodded beside him. “It seems like he likes to bully and scold Mommy. Mommy has become sadder since moving to this city. Mommy is also getting thinner and often tired. Can you tell your grandson not to be mean to Mommy, Sir?” Emily’s round eyes radiated hope. Her sweet voice touched Rowan’s heart.

is guard down. He cleared

his throat. Just as he was about to answer, Emily spoke again.

“Mommy, do you remember the kind grandfather we told you about when we were secretly taking part in the selection? This grandfather is the one who gave us the scholarship.”

“That’s right. Thanks to this grandfather, we can go to Savior

Kindergarten for free!” Louis jumped once. Her red cheeks looked even more adorable.

“Really? Wow….”

Rowan knew that Kara was pretending to be impressed so as not to disappoint the twins.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Harper. You really have a noble heart.”

Rowan felt there was another meaning to those words. He sighed faintly before looking at his platinum watch.

“I have another agenda. Kids, keep your mothers from getting close to my grandson.”

“Aye, aye, Captain!” Louis and Emily said like crew members to their captain.

A second later, Rowan left. He needed time to digest the situation. However, before leaving the main door, Sean whispered to him, “Sir, south.”

Rowan spontaneously looked back. The guards shifted slightly so as not to block the way. Watching Ben Wilson greet Kara and the twins, he was stunned.

‘What is that boy doing here?’ After a few moments, he snorted. ‘He wants Kara too?’

Slowly, the corners of his lips lifted and his head nodded. Rowan just

“Sean, invite Ben Wilson to dinner with me. There is a special deal I want to offer him.”

“Okay, Sir.”

Not long after that, Ben’s phone vibrated. However, seeing the

incoming message notification, the man ignored it. He didn’t want to be disturbed.

“So, how about I treat you to lunch? Your achievements should be celebrated,” Ben said lightly.

Kara shook her head politely. She realized that Ben Wilson was trying to attract her attention through the children. She didn’t want to be close to any man.

“Thank you, Mr. Wilson, but your presence here is more than enough. to make Louis and Emily happy.”

Louis was secretly disappointed. He wondered why his mother

refused free food at expensive restaurants. Even so, his head nodded, following Emily to support Kara’s words.

“Oh, please don’t hesitate. I was late in listening to the news. As soon as I found Louis and Emily’s names on the list, I immediately came here. But apparently, the event was already over. I didn’t get to see Louis and Emily’s happiness on stage.”

Seeing Ben’s seriousness, Kara fell silent. She now felt

uncomfortable refusing his invitation. Moreover, Louis looked at her


“Well then, let’s have lunch together. But, let us treat you.”

“Woohoo! I think it would be fun!” Louis exclaimed spontaneously. Even though he didn’t eat for free, he was still happy. It’s not every day they could eat a luxurious menu. Taking Emily’s hand, he led the way.

In restaurants, they occupied square tables. Kara sat facing Ben. Emily sat next to her mother, while Louis was next to Ben. Many people secretly observed them and envied.

“Look at that couple! Aren’t they very compatible? And look at their cute children! They are definitely a happy family.”

Kara overheard it. She subconsciously lowered her head, embarrassed to face the fact that she was actually just a single mother, while Ben was a kind man who was too stupid to be interested in her.

“Mommy, can I order this special pancake? The pile of ice cream looks delicious,” Emily asked, touching the picture on the menu with her tiny finger.

“Yes, Little Bee.”

“Then can I order this lasagna?” Louis continued while showing Kara

the menu.

“It’s spicy, Louis. Look at the red color. Your stomach will hurt,” Emily scolded through her pouted lips.

Louis snickered. “I’m a man, Emily. I can’t be afraid of anything, including spicy taste.”

Kara wanted to explain to her son. However, Ben suddenly pressed Louis’ nose, grabbing his attention.

“You’re right, Buddy. Men have to be brave, but you shouldn’t ignore the risks. Being brave doesn’t mean having no fear. It’s about using fear wisely.”

Louis blinked innocently. “So, it’s not wise for me to order this spicy lasagna because it might hurt my stomach?”

Ben smiled warmly. “That’s right. You’d better choose another, healthier menu. How about steak? You need protein to build your muscles.”

Louis’ eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. “Really?”

Ben nodded. Louis subconsciously stifled a laugh.

“Well then, can I order a milkshake too? Emily said milk is high in protein.”

“Of course you can. Then Emily, what would you like to drink? Or is there anything else you want to order?”

Kara pensively watched Ben’s warmth towards the twins. Since b

birth, Louis and Emily had never felt the love of a father. Ben’s presence by their side made her feel grateful and guilty.

Slowly, her eyes started to fill with tears. ‘If Frank was this warm and he wasn’t engaged with Isabela, maybe we could be a complete family. But the fact….”

“Kara? Kara?”

Kara blinked. “Yes, Mr. Wilson?”

Seeing that surprised expression, Ben smiled slightly. “What do you want to order?”

Kara looked at the menu that Emily handed her, but was still in a daze.

“You want to order the same menu as me?” Ben understood that Kara was not completely focused.

Getting that much understanding, Kara pursed her lips and nodded. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had paid attention to her after Finnic.

“By the way, Emily,” Ben’s voice broke her thoughts again, “you’re so

Ота тану сать, сорестану

with that crown.

Emily smiled very sweetly. Her long eyelashes moved gracefully as she blinked. “Thank you, Mr. Wilson.”

Again, Kara lowered her gaze. She just remembered that Louis and Emily were wearing the same clothes when they first met Ben. Those were the only nice clothes they had. She bought it when she received severance pay from two previous dismissals.

Kara felt guilty for not being able to give more to the twins.

Pixie Author

Oh, noo…..

Will Kara open her heart for Ben Wilson?

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/6/2024 Native Language: English
Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Kara Martin was known as Miss Perfect. She was a beauty with good personality and successful career. Unfortunately, her life changed at one night. She was accused of adultery, losing her job, and abandoned by her fiance.The arrogant man who slept with her did not want to take responsibility..

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

  He even threatened to kill her if they met again. What’s worse, Kara was pregnant with twins and she chose to give birth to them.Four and a half years later, Kara returned to work at a large company. As the secretary, she would frequently face their notorious CEO. Kara thought it wouldn't be a problem, but as it turned out ... the CEO was the father of the twins!

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie


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