Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 49

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 49
  1. Need a Father

“You must feel that we are one family,” Louis said, snapping his fingers even though it didn’t make a sound.

Emily smiled shyly. Putting her hands together on her lap, she

nodded. “You feel that way too?”

“Yep! Thanks to Mr. Wilson, I know what it’s like to have a Daddy. It’s very fun! Should we ask Mr. Wilson to be our Daddy?”

Kara was stunned. A heavy weight hit her chest. All this time, she thought the twins were fine. Turned out, they secretly yearned for a father, and they liked Mr. Wilson? Kara’s eyes started to fill with tears.

“I’m sure he won’t refuse.” Emily’s enthusiasm burned. “He looks like he loves us and Mommy. Did you notice the way he looked at Mommy? He was like a prince who fell in love with a princess.”

“You read too many fairy tales, Emily,” Louis commented, shaking his head slowly. “But, I agree with you. Mister Wilson seems to like Mommy. I hope they start dating soon.”

Kara flinched. She didn’t know her children’s conversation c that far. ‘Four-year-old toddlers understand the word dating? did they learn it?’

“But before that, we have to make Mommy fall in love with him. Mommy won’t want to date if she’s not interested in him,” Emily continued, adding to Kara’s surprise.

“Then, how about next Monday, we go to the relationship.

management section again?” Louis suggested, indirectly answering his mother’s surprise.

“But the books were placed at the top of the shelves. We can’t take


пу про рагоса ит анноуанее.

“That’s easy,” Louis said, folding his arms. “I can ask other visitors or library staff for help. I’ll lie to them if Grandma asks.”

Kara sighed in disbelief. Not wanting to interrupt her children’s overly critical discussion, she walked to her own room.

‘The twins are secretly hoping for a father? They have such high hopes for Ben Wilson. Is that a sign that he is a good man?’

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kara looked at her phone. As Ben’s message waited to reply, Jeremy’s warnings clashed with Louis and Emily’s wishes.

‘I’m not interested in a relationship. But, what if Mr. Wilson was sent by God for the twins? They really need a father figure.”

After deep contemplation, Kara finally took a deep breath. She opened the message from Ben and replied, “Okay.”

there’s no harm in

‘Whether Mr. Wilson is the right man or not…, there’s r getting to know him better.’

Meanwhile, outside the apartment, Jeremy was still awake. He occasionally checked the second floor window, where Kara h spying on his car. The light was still on.

“What should I report to Frank Harper?” he muttered with a fla He didn’t like indecisiveness, but now he was trapped in it.

Not long after, his phone vibrated. As expected, Frank called him.

“Where have you been? Why hasn’t there been any news yet?” The CECEO sounded furious..

haven’t given you any news because nothing urgent has happened, SiSir Jeremy said, tapping the steering wheel. “Miss Martin just went to to attend an invitation from a friend, had lunch at a restaurant, and

“Shopping? She still has time to have fun when her safety is

threatened?” Frank grumbled in disbelief.

Jeremy raised his eyebrows as high as possible. His brain looked like it needed a massage. He must be extra careful in selecting which information could be conveyed.

“It seemed that Miss Martin dared to have fun because of the person accompanying her. She feels safe.”

“Safe? Who accompanied her shopping?” Frank inquired in a wary


Jeremy took a moment to pause. He couldn’t possibly hide everything from Frank. “Ben Wilson.”

The sound of a table crashing suddenly came from across the phone.

“Ben Wilson? How could that be? They’re secretly dating behind me? That stupid woman dared to defy my prohibition?”

Jeremy was silent. He knew that no words could quell the jealousy in his master’s heart.

“Then now, are they still together?” Frank inquired sarcastically.

“No, Sir. Miss Martin went straight to her apartment after coming from the mall.”

Frank snorted. “I was trying to protect her from my grandfather, bu she just acted as she pleased.”

“Miss Martin doesn’t know that you are secretly protecting her, Sir. Didn’t you send me in secret?” Jeremy said lightly. He knew that tone of voice-Frank Harper trying to hide his feelings even though he was emitting smoke.

“Yes,” Frank answered simply.


“Are you jealous?”

An annoyed chuckle was immediately heard. “Enough talking! I don’t want to listen to any of your crap. I’d rather soak in the tub.”

As Frank hung up the phone, the corners of Jeremy’s lips lifted higher.

“How hot is the fire of jealousy? He has to soak in the bath,” he muttered before putting the phone on the dashboard.

Once again, Jeremy checked Kara’s apartment window. The lights. had apparently been turned off.

“Bringing two people together is not easy. The angels of love must be confused about arranging the lines of their destiny.”

Suddenly, Jeremy’s cell phone vibrated again. Vivian Bell’s name appeared on the screen. His face instantly became covered with wrinkles. Why did that middle-aged woman contact him on the weekend?

“Good evening, Ma’am,” Jeremy said flatly.

“Jeremy, how are you?”

He pondered for a moment. “Fine. Is there anything I could help?”

“Yeah, I want to know how Frank’s doing. I’ve called him dozens of

times, but he didn’t answer. What really happened?”

Jeremy furrowed his brows deeper. He was considering which

position the commissioner was in.

“Young Master had a big fight with his grandfather.” That’s the safest



The loyal assistant took another break. “He refuses his arranged marriage with Isabela.”

Vivian’s sigh was heard again. “What was Frank’s reason for making such a crazy decision?”

“You’d better ask the Young Master directly, Madam. I don’t know what his motive is either.”

“This is serious, Jeremy. If this fight drags on, Savior could be

shaken. I’m the one who has the biggest headache in the end,” Vivian muttered in a desperate tone.

Jeremy just listened without commenting.

“Since Frank won’t answer my calls, please remind him not to be careless. He is an adult. He must realize that the fate of millions of

people is far more important than his ego.”

“You support Mr. Rowan Harper?” Jeremy inquired spontaneously.

“No. I support the continuity of the company. Even if Frank doesn’t want to marry Isabela, that’s fine with me, as long as he doesn’t abandon the company. It would be in vain for me to fight for his rights if in the end he ignores his responsibilities.”

Jeremy nodded faintly. As far as he knew, Frank was able to gain the trust to serve as CEO because of Vivian’s help.

Previously, Rowan was reluctant to step down from Savior. Vivian helped Frank reform the company in a much better and brighter direction. Apparently, she was still on the same side.

“Okay, Madam. I’ll tell him later.”

“Thanks, Jeremy. Be patient with a boss like that.”

Jeremy just raised an eyebrow when Vivian ended the call. After five years of service, he was used to facing Frank Harper. However, he had to admit that Frank had never been this reckless.

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/6/2024 Native Language: English
Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Kara Martin was known as Miss Perfect. She was a beauty with good personality and successful career. Unfortunately, her life changed at one night. She was accused of adultery, losing her job, and abandoned by her fiance.The arrogant man who slept with her did not want to take responsibility..

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

  He even threatened to kill her if they met again. What’s worse, Kara was pregnant with twins and she chose to give birth to them.Four and a half years later, Kara returned to work at a large company. As the secretary, she would frequently face their notorious CEO. Kara thought it wouldn't be a problem, but as it turned out ... the CEO was the father of the twins!

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie


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