His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) Chapter 12

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) Chapter 12

Chapter 0012

Alexander was embarrassed. It appeared he had just been judged by his father-in -law.

Amber bit her lip lightly and tugged at Alexander’s sleeve. Then, she gestured at him which meant, “You spent your allowance on renting the cars and hiring actors, right? Don’t waste money like that in the future. Find a job and work hard. Our lives will improve, and my parents won’t look down on you.”

She then tugged at Alexander’s sleeve to lead him back to their room, locking the


Finally, some peace and quiet.

“Olivia is napping, and she’ll be going to kindergarten this afternoon.” Amber signaled, blushing slightly as she pointed to the double bed in the room. She gestured with her hands, indicating, “You should rest. We can look for work together in the afternoon. I won’t work at the bathhouse anymore.”

Alexander gazed at his shy wife, reminiscing about their passionate night five years ago. He opened his arms, his eyes burning with desire as he said, “Amber, come here.”

Amber’s face instantly reddened. She bit her lip, and her hands fidgeted nervously, making a few trembling hand signals. 2

“Alexander, don’t… I’m not ready yet. Besides, I’ve not been feeling well these past few days,” read her signs.

Alexander was stunned, but he quickly understood and laughed. Moving closer to Amber, he gently stroked her blushing cheek and whispered, “Amber, it’s not what you think. Come on, open your mouth.”

Amber was so shy that she wished she could find a hole to hide in. Even though he knew she was feeling unwell, he still asked her to…

Alexander was so naughty!

“Why is your face so red?” Alexander noticed Amber’s red cheeks, reaching out to gently touch her face in confusion. “Open your mouth. I learned some basic medical skills in the military, and I think I might be able to help with your throat.”

Amber was feeling even more embarrassed.

Why did he not just say he was going to check on her throat?!



Amber glanced at Alexander before closing her eyes and hesitantly parted her red lips.

“Hmm…” Alexander examined Amber’s throat, his eyes narrowing.

It was severe.

The flames and smoke from the car explosion five years ago had seriously damaged the tissues in her throat. While the visible wounds had mostly healed, the damage to her vocal cords could not be repaired, causing her to lose her voice.

In cases like this, conventional medicine could not provide a cure. Special needle treatment had limited efficacy, too.

There was only one solution to heal her throat completely.

The Skyflower.

The Skyflower was Serandsi’s national flower, with only a single plant in the world nurtured in the rear garden of Serandsi’s main palace by a dedicated

caretaker. The Serandsi people called it ‘The Language of the Heavens’ because of its remarkable effect on throat ailments.

It bloomed only once a year in September, spreading its fragrance throughout the entire palace for about 15 days.

Thankfully, it was September.

“I’m confident I can help you heal your throat,” Alexander said, tenderly caressing Amber’s hair. “I’ll be gone for a bit, but I should be back by eight tonight.”

Amber gazed into Alexander’s eyes, her expression seemingly filled with countless unspoken words. Ultimately, she raised her hands and made a few simple hand gestures, telling Alexander that she would make dinner tonight and have it ready for him when he returned.

Alexander smiled at Amber and said no more, heading out of the apartment.

To avoid unnecessary commotion, the Temple of War’s exclusive motorcade had departed from the Belmont Hills. Only a figure in red trailed respectfully behind Alexander and continued walking with him outside the apartment.

They kept going until the outskirts before Maxine hurried forward and slightly bowed, “Your Lordship.”

Alexander’s eyes shone with determination as he ordered Maxine, “Amber’s throat is damaged, and only the Skyflower can heal it. Assemble all the Four


Gather them at Serandsi Palace three hours from now. I must have a talk with the ruler of Serandsi. No matter what he says, I’ll have the Skyflower.”

Maxine swiftly pulled out her phone to issue the orders through the Temple of War’s internal channels. Then, she turned and looked to the far north, ready for the fight.

During the battle in the northern region years ago, Alexander himself had taken action, slaying Serandsi’s ten Lords of War, defeating the elite 50000-strong Serandsi Army, forcing the ruler of Serandsi to seek peace.

Since then, they had not dared to trespass the Wyverna border again. However, it was different this time…

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2/12/2024 Native Language: English
His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) The eminent Lord of War, Alexander Kane, returned home with honor, only to find out that his daughter was locked in a dog cage and his wife was cheating on him…

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  Chapter 0001 "Daddy? Is that you? I…I'm hungry, and these people are starving me. They even locked me up with huge, fierce dogs that bit me all over… It hurts, Daddy, and I'm so scared!" A little girl could be heard sobbing on the other end of the line. Countless warships, carriers, and cruisers roamed the Artica Ocean in a massive battle. The phone rang in the command tower of the flagship carrier with a crimson dragon painted on it. Alexander Kane looked grim. "You have the wrong number." He was about to hang up. "Impossible! Mommy wouldn't lie to me; my Daddy is Alexander Kane! I'm Olivia Kane. Mommy said that she never regretted knowing you!"

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )



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