His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) Chapter 39

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) Chapter 39

Chapter 0039 

For goodnesssake

Just a week ago, Alexander was at the hospital to treat Amber’s throat. Neil, that ignorant fool, dared to go against him, the Lord of War. At this moment, Neil was still locked up in the military jail. He had only had two meals in seven days, both of which were moldy buns with nothing else

All because of this matter, Steve almost offended Alexander, and he had been on edge for a week

Steve clenched his phone, his voice furious as he yelled, This is getting on my nerves, alright. You stay right there. Herbert. I’ll be there shortly! It won’t take ten minutes.” 

Then, the call ended

Herbert, hearing Steve’s tone, burst into laughter

Everything was going according to plan

Though Herbert did not know why Steve was so angry, it did not matter. What mattered was that Alexander would not be able to escape Steve’s fury. Even if Alexander were strong, he could not go against Steve

As the top figure in OlMare’s Military, both in terms of power and influence, Steve was more than capable of crushing Alexander into dust

Thinking of this, Herbert’s spirits soared, and he became cocky. He pointed at Alexander from afar and sneered. You’re done for this time. Alexander! Taking on a hundred opponents, defeating so many of my bodyguards with a single moveI must admit that you can fight, but what’s the use? The power of my Dorvall family is something a worthless guy like you can never comprehend! In less than ten minutes, you’ll be a dead man!” 

Alexander turned away, not even glancing at Herbert as though nothing was happening. He warmly greeted Olivia’s teacher, the other parents, and the students. Carry on with your playtime,he smilingly said, you don’t need to worry about the rest.” 

Then, he turned to Amber and added, Amber, go and have some tea with your parents. I’ll be right here. Don’t let this kind of trash ruin your mood; they’re not worth it.” 

The Chesire family trio, teachers, and parents stared from a distance at the bodyguards writhing on the ground, Herbert’s terrible expression, and Zoe’s contorted face

They could not help but be on edge

How could they continue enjoying their time or have tea? Was Alexander making a joke? Their hearts were not strong enough to withstand 

such a terrifying turn of events

Alexander!Zoe’s pentup fury finally erupted, and she shouted at Alexander, Stop acting all high and mighty here. You’re in for it shortly

As for you, Amber, and your little girl? Don’t think you can escape unscathed. Herbert has made it clear; it’s either you or us today. We’ll finally settle our scores once and for all!” 

Alexander narrowed his eyes slowly

Alright. As they wished

He was willing to spare Zoe’s life for Amber’s sake, but since she insisted on heading down this path, he would grant her wish

I’ve said it before,Alexander stared at Zoe and spoke solemnly, As long as you and Herbert kneel and beg for forgiveness, your sins can be forgiven. Now, however, I’ve changed my mind. Exactly at noon, the Grand Dynasty Hotel will open its doors to welcome our guests. When a guest enters, both you and Herbert will genuflect once! If you miss one guest, I’ll crush your heads!” 

Countless guests were waiting outside the Grand Dynasty Hotel entrance, enticed by the free VIPexclusive packages and the pure gold commemorative badges

Moreover, the traffic on several nearby streets was significantly affected. The area was filled with OlMare residents dressed in festive attire. They cheered and hollered, ready to storm into the hotel

Considering the numbers, there were at least thousands and thousands of people

+15 BONUS 

One guest, one bow” 

Herbert was in disbelief

He gazed at the time on his phone, wearing a maniacal smile as he said, You can say what you want, but you’re a dead man in a few more 


10 minutes had passed

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2/12/2024 Native Language: English
His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) The eminent Lord of War, Alexander Kane, returned home with honor, only to find out that his daughter was locked in a dog cage and his wife was cheating on him…

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  Chapter 0001 "Daddy? Is that you? I…I'm hungry, and these people are starving me. They even locked me up with huge, fierce dogs that bit me all over… It hurts, Daddy, and I'm so scared!" A little girl could be heard sobbing on the other end of the line. Countless warships, carriers, and cruisers roamed the Artica Ocean in a massive battle. The phone rang in the command tower of the flagship carrier with a crimson dragon painted on it. Alexander Kane looked grim. "You have the wrong number." He was about to hang up. "Impossible! Mommy wouldn't lie to me; my Daddy is Alexander Kane! I'm Olivia Kane. Mommy said that she never regretted knowing you!"

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )



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