His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) Chapter 49

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) Chapter 49

Chapter 0049 

Back at the construction site, Amber beamed with joy as she successfully arranged the project. She prepared herself to face tough challenges when she arrived at the site, but things had gone surprisingly smoothly. Even the subcontractors, who previously gave her the cold shoulder, seemed to show a degree of respect and even flattery

Amber cast a discreet glance at Alexander not too far away, feeling deeply moved. She was sure Alexander’s earlier intervention brought them all in line

Make sure to keep an eye on this area. Report any issues to me immediately.Amber instructed before approaching Alexander

Just a few steps into her walk, her phone rang. She quickly checked the caller ID and answered the call with a soft smile, saying, Hey, Mom! I just finished work. I’ll be back in a little while-” 

Susanne’s sobs interrupted her. Help me, Amber! These people are accusing me of something I never did! You see” 

Susanne described everything that happened at the bank between sobs

Let’s go!Alexander, overhearing their conversation, swiftly pulled Amber along and rushed to their car

With the engine ignited, their Porsche shot forward like a bullet as they headed straight for the bank

Amber’s heart ached as they drove. Tears streamed down her face as she said, My mom has never been wrongly accused like this before. She’s a prideful woman! This matter will surely” 

Amber could not believe that Susanne was falsely accused of being a thief by the bank and was being handed over to the police

This might as well be a death sentence

Although they had little savings and struggled financially, they would never resort to illegal and shameful activities

My dad has never even scolded her since they got married, yet those staff at the bank” 

Amber covered her face and cried in frustration

Alexander gripped the steering wheel tightly, his expression icy as he sped toward the bank at maximum speed

Meanwhile, in Jamie’s office… 

Susanne, face stained with blood and her hair tousled, buried her head in her arms, trembling with sobs

Have you called your family? Hmph! You’re a thief, and your whole family is no good. In a while, we’ll send all of you to the police station!” 

Jamie crossed his arms, his face full of disdain

The tough alloy security door of the office was kicked open from the outside with tremendous force

What the hell? Who is that?! How dare they cause trouble here!” 

The two security guards reacted reflexively, drawing their rubber batons and swinging them down forcefully

Fuck off!” 

Alexander did not bother to dodge and threw powerful punches

Before the security guards even processed Alexander’s movements, they found themselves beaten bloody. They were sent crashing into the wall, leaving a trail of blood and broken teeth on the floor

This shocking scene stunned Jamie and Cindy, and they quivered with terror

SSecurity! Help, quick! We need help!” 

Alexander snorted and grabbed Jamie by his suit collar, lifting him into the air with a single hand

How dare you mess with my mother. You’re digging your own grave!” 

Jamie trembled in fear, unable to utter a single word

Was this the son of the socalled thief? How terrifyingly brutal


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YYour mother stole someone else’s card, yet you still dare to cause trouble! I’ll report this to the policeargn!” 

Cindy stuttered as she attempted to take out her phone, but Alexander delivered a backhanded slap that sent her sprawling to the ground

Jamie’s eyes were wide with shock, and he found himself wetting his pants out of sheer fright

Did she just accuse them of stealing someone else’s card

Alexander glanced at the Centurion card in Jamie’s hand

This was clearly his card

You mean this one?Alexander stared at the card and said in a cold, low voice, This card is my mother’s allowance! You call it stealing

How foolish!” 

Jamie was initially stunned, but a mix of anger and embarrassment quickly washed over him, and he burst into laughter. Do you even know what this card is? And you called it an allowance? You’re just spouting nonsense!” 

This prestigious card had a minimum balance requirement of 150 million dollars, which was a higher value than that of a mediumsized publicly traded company! This man dared to call it an allowance

He should have come up with a better lie

Jamie thought Alexander must be foolish to think he was clueless


Alexander had no patience for Jamie’s antics. He tossed him aside with a flick and then took out his phone, quickly dialing an international number. He sternly said, “Get your CEO on the line!” 

This was a direct line set up by the American Express headquarters for the convenience of their toptier clients worldwide. Soon, a familiar voice came from the other end

Right, why did you suddenly call-” 

Alexander did not wait for him to finish and scolded, Yohannes, I need an explanation. One of your underlings is acting all high and mighty, even bullying my mother! It seems I’m no longer worthy of the Centurion card you gave me, huh?” 

On the other end of the phone, Yohannes was so shocked that he spilled coffee all over

He quickly shot a fiery glare at his assistant. Investigate this matter! Hurry! Don’t waste a single second! We can’t afford to offend this 


His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2/12/2024 Native Language: English
His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) The eminent Lord of War, Alexander Kane, returned home with honor, only to find out that his daughter was locked in a dog cage and his wife was cheating on him…

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  Chapter 0001 "Daddy? Is that you? I…I'm hungry, and these people are starving me. They even locked me up with huge, fierce dogs that bit me all over… It hurts, Daddy, and I'm so scared!" A little girl could be heard sobbing on the other end of the line. Countless warships, carriers, and cruisers roamed the Artica Ocean in a massive battle. The phone rang in the command tower of the flagship carrier with a crimson dragon painted on it. Alexander Kane looked grim. "You have the wrong number." He was about to hang up. "Impossible! Mommy wouldn't lie to me; my Daddy is Alexander Kane! I'm Olivia Kane. Mommy said that she never regretted knowing you!"

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )



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