His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) Chapter 8

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) Chapter 7

Chapter 0008

There were over 20 muscular Dorvall family bodyguards dressed in suits. They were clearly skilled fighters, and each had a menacing demeanor, ready to pounce. 

“Wait!” Zoe raised her hand suddenly, gesturing for the group of bodyguards to hold off for a moment. Then, she glared at Amber and taunted her viciously, “Do you feel a glimmer of hope now that this worthless man has returned from the military?” 

Then, she added maliciously, “Do you know what he’s been up to? He went to the Tempest Hound Stadium, fed Vernon to the dogs, killed three Tibetan Mastiffs that Grandpa loved so much, and injured many spectators. He got into all sorts of trouble! Not only that, but he also hit Herbert and me! Based on these actions alone, it’s enough to kill your entire family!” 

Amber’s lips quivered. Then, she glanced at Alexander beside her, her face filled with despair. 

Alexander had been impulsive. Far too impulsive! 

Given his behavior at the bathhouse, Amber could guess that Zoe’s accusations were not baseless. Alexander was more than capable of such actions! 

Alexander ignored the others, and his gaze locked onto Amber’s eyes as he assured her softly, “Don’t be afraid, Amber. I’ve got everything under control.” 

After that, he turned to Zoe, seemingly unfazed. “Zoe, are you here with the bodyguards just to spurt nonsense? Herbert ordered the bodyguards to attack, but you intervened. That can’t be out of goodwill! Out with it, then. What are you trying to do?” 

Suppressing his anger, Herbert also chimed in, “He’s right, Zoe. I was just about to ask why you stopped the bodyguards.” 

“Herbert, don’t get mad,” Zoe cooed as she leaned into Herbert’s embrace. She glared at Alexander coldly and continued, “I’ve checked the registry several times but couldn’t get his information. If he hadn’t contacted me while on the sea a while back, I would’ve thought he was long gone. It’s only now that I’ve realized that because he went to war, our marriage information must’ve entered the military system, and I can’t proceed with the divorce alone. He must agree to it!” 

Herbert frowned and grunted, looking displeased. 

Zoe was taken aback, but she quickly assumed an arrogant demeanor. “Alexander, considering your retirement from the war, Herbert and I are willing to spare your life today. We’re willing to let bygones be bygones. However, you must divorce me!” 

Alexander chuckled. 

Marriages were sacred for those in the military, not to be trifled with. Moreover, given Zoe’s capabilities, she could not possibly want a divorce so easily… 

As for the rest, Alexander—known as the Lord of War—held a status equal to the ruler of Wyverna. Let alone in Ol’ Mare’s registry, none of the intelligence agencies of various major powerhouses had a trace of his information. 

Zoe was foolish and ignorant. 

“A divorce, you say? Is that all you’re asking for?” Alexander, cradling Olivia and twiddling her little pigtails, smiled at Zoe. “You want a divorce, and so do I. Isn’t that quite a coincidence? Even though you lied to me over the past five years, you and I did walk down the aisle together and pledged our vows before friends and family. So I have to ask, are you truly prepared to divorce me?” 

Zoe’s initial surprise was quickly replaced by a cackle. She sneered and taunted, “Aren’t you full of yourself, Alexander? If it weren’t for your military service and that veteran status, you’d be long dead by now! Who do you think you are, asking me if I’ve thought this through? You’ve got to be kidding me!” 

She mockingly continued, “If we don’t go through with this divorce, we’ll settle all scores! The incident at the dogfighting arena and those three Tibetan Mastiffs… Alexander, you can never make up for what you’ve done!” 

Alexander shook his head slowly. This horrendous woman had no idea what she was giving up. 

Zoe did not understand that she had once been within arm’s reach of the pinnacle of the world. However, she was destined never to cross that final threshold. Furthermore, keeping her alive for a little while would be far more agonizing than her death. 

“Sure, let’s get a divorce as you wish,” Alexander spoke dispassionately. Then, he sent a text message. 

In just a little over ten minutes… 


Everyone heard a sound of roaring engines coming from far and near!

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2/12/2024 Native Language: English
His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane ) The eminent Lord of War, Alexander Kane, returned home with honor, only to find out that his daughter was locked in a dog cage and his wife was cheating on him…

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  Chapter 0001 "Daddy? Is that you? I…I'm hungry, and these people are starving me. They even locked me up with huge, fierce dogs that bit me all over… It hurts, Daddy, and I'm so scared!" A little girl could be heard sobbing on the other end of the line. Countless warships, carriers, and cruisers roamed the Artica Ocean in a massive battle. The phone rang in the command tower of the flagship carrier with a crimson dragon painted on it. Alexander Kane looked grim. "You have the wrong number." He was about to hang up. "Impossible! Mommy wouldn't lie to me; my Daddy is Alexander Kane! I'm Olivia Kane. Mommy said that she never regretted knowing you!"

His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar ( Alexander Kane )



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