Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Chapter 149

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Chapter 149

Chapter 149 

What’s with her friendly overture? Is there a difference between being kind and outright flirting

What is this woman up to

Tarquin returned home, his mind a tangled web of confusion. He opened the thermos and was greeted by an inviting aroma

Inside, she had prepared two side dishes, a fluffy omelet, six delicate pastries, and a serving of mixed fruit compote

The sides were fresh and vibrant, the omelet a perfect golden brown, the pastries tender and pale, and the compote sweet and sticky…. 

It looked downright appetizing

Tarquin hesitated for a moment, but then decided to sample each dish a personal poison test of sorts

No poison detected, but his appetite certainly was. Before he knew it, he had polished off most of the meal

If he hadn’t pulled the brakes in time, he might have devoured Elijah’s share too

Glancing at the clock, it wasn’t even 6 AM yet. Tarquin carefully packed the remaining breakfast back into the thermos and retreated to his bedroom

Sleep was now a distant dream

He lay on his back, hands clasped behind his head, staring at the ceiling in a daze

All he could think about was Elysia

He couldn’t help but wonder what she was up to

At 6:30 AM sharp, Elijah got up, ready to start his day with his usual grooming routine

Tarquin had already set the remaining breakfast on the dining table, waiting for Elijah to finish up so he could invite him to eat

Elijah looked at the spread on the table, then at Tarquin, his gaze inquisitive

His breakfasts were usually made with expensive ingredients, a variety of lavish dishes. By comparison, today’s meal looked modest, which had never graced Elijah’s table before

Tarquin knew what Elijah was wondering and explained, I made it.” 

Elijah was skeptical, You’ve never made these before.” 

It’s because I’ve never made them that I wanted to give it a try, to see if you’d like the taste,” Tarquin said, picking up a pastry and placing it on Elijah’s plate

Try it, see if it suits your taste.” 

Without overthinking, Elijah eyed the pastry for a moment, took a bite, and chewed thoughtfully

Tarquin sat across from him, watching intently

After a while, Elijah uttered two words, “It’s good.” 

Tarquin’s eyes flickered with unbidden joy, and a weight lifted from his heart

Good to hear. Have some more, these are also for you, and try the omelet,he said with a smile

Elijah said nothing more, just quietly ate his breakfast

Watching him clean his plate, Tarquin was deeply touched. His son was finally eating well

But then, unexpectedly, Is there more?” 

Elijah looked up at him, eyes full of hope. 

Tarquin was taken aback, Hmm?” 

I’m not full. I’d like some more,” said Elijah

If Tarquin had truly been the cook, he would have dashed into the kitchen by now. Nothing pleased him more than to see his son enjoying his food; he’d even cook in the middle of the night if asked

But the truth was, he hadn’t made the breakfast, and he couldn’t replicate it

Even if he tried, the taste would surely not match Elysia’s handiwork

All he could say was, Not now, kiddo. Daddy’s got some urgent business. I’ll make some more for you later.” 

A shadow of disappointment crossed Elijah’s face. He didn’t speak, just got up to wash his hands and returned to his room

Tarquin’s emotions were a complex mix, both elated and regretful


Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin)

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/12/2024 Native Language: English
Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Six years ago, Elysia unexpectedly lost her innocence, and Tarquin accused her of having an affair during their marriage. With a divorce agreement, 

Hitched & Hitched Again A Comedy of Marital Mayhem

Six years later, she returned with her children, and when Tarquin saw the little versions of himself beside her, he finally realized that he was the very "illicit lover" in their marriage mystery. Regretful but overjoyed, the once cold CEO Tarquin transformed into a clingy, lovesick man, attempting to share her bed every night. 

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