Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Chapter 155

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Chapter 155

Chapter 155 

She eyed Elysia for a moment, a flicker of something sinister in her gaze as she declared


Yet Elysia didn’t feel a surge of joy. Her gaze was fixed on Oriana, sensing something off in her demeanor

It was as if she had taken the balt, yet not quite

Indeed, she had underestimated Oriana’s ruthlessness

Turning to the bald man, Oriana said, I’ve now reached an agreement with Ms. Thome, so don’t you guys hurt her. And all that stuff you’ve prepared? Don’t bother using it. Instead, take good care of her. After all, a gentleman always shows kindness to a lady” 

Elysia’s heart skipped a beat

The bald man instantly got the message, chuckling smugly, Thanks to you for the generosity. The boys have been drooling for a while now, genuinely scared you’d tell us to just let her go, heh.” 

Oriana replied coolly, We had an agreement, so of course, I won’t let you come here for nothing. Remember to shoot plenty of videos.” 

Uhhuh, Ms. Sutton, don’t worry, you’ll be satisfied!

Oriana! What do you mean by this?* Elysia frowned

Oriana squinted at her and said, The terms you offered are indeed tempting, and I’m willing to work with you. But before I let you go, I need something to hold over you. What if you break your promise once you’re free? I don’t trust your words, but I do trust leverage. You just cooperate with them, let them shoot some videos, leave some evidence, and I’ll have no reason not to trust you. After all, if you dare renege on our deal, III release your videos for the whole world to see you delighting beneath men.” 

After instructing the bald man once more, Remember to focus on the details. Capture Ms. Thome’s moments of pleasure clearly, in case we need to share it publicly later, to give everyone an eyeful.” 

Sure thing, you can count on us, heh heh.The bald man nodded obsequiously, his eyes leering at Elysia, saliva almost dripping from 

his mouth

Oriana, youElysia’s breathing was heavy, her mind racing

Oriana was planning to let these men abuse her and then use the videos as blackmail

Indeed, looks can be deceiving! Beneath that innocent facade hid a heart of pure malice

But Oriana countered, Don’t look at me with those eyes. I know your husband passed away early, leaving you with just your three sons. It’s been years without a man, so don’t you miss it? I’m actually doing you a favor. Just enjoy it.

She then said to the bald man, Be gentle with Ms. Thome.” 

Hehe, don’t worry, Ms. Sutton, we’ll make sure Ms. Thome has a comfortable night. Us seven or eight big guys will definitely take her to cloud nine, heh.

A smirk curled on Oriana’s lips as she headed towards the door

Elysia called out, Oriana, stop right there!” 

She attempted to follow, but two of the bald man’s cronies blocked her path. Come on, sweetheart, let’s have some fun, heh heh.

Oriana!She watched helplessly as Oriana disappeared, anger boiling inside her

Suddenly, a man grabbed her, going in for a kiss. Elysia’s hand flew up, delivering a stinging slap as she yelled, Back off!” 

Damn it!the man cursed

The bald man stepped in and shouted to the man, Get lost. Didn’t I say to treat her gently? What are you doing, getting rough?” 

The man, still holding his face, snickered, I just got a little excited, man. You see, my little brother here’s been eager for a while now, all stiff and ready. This woman’s just too damn fine.” 

Well, it’s not your turn, get in line,” the bald man said, then turned to Elysia with a sleazy grin, Don’t be scared, sweetheart, I’ll treat you right.” 

Elysia, panting, glared at him and backed away, Stay away from me, get out!” 

Heh heh, playing hard to get? No need for games, darling. We all know you want it too. We’re all adults here, be honest. Come on.” 

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin)

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin)

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/12/2024 Native Language: English
Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Six years ago, Elysia unexpectedly lost her innocence, and Tarquin accused her of having an affair during their marriage. With a divorce agreement, 

Hitched & Hitched Again A Comedy of Marital Mayhem

Six years later, she returned with her children, and when Tarquin saw the little versions of himself beside her, he finally realized that he was the very "illicit lover" in their marriage mystery. Regretful but overjoyed, the once cold CEO Tarquin transformed into a clingy, lovesick man, attempting to share her bed every night. 

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