Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Chapter 190

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Chapter 190

Chapter 190 

Elysia plopped down onto the chair with a sense of forced bravado, her mind a whirlwind of confusion 

Callum asked, It’s been years since we last met. How have you been doing?” 

Fine, just fineElysia replied, taking a sip of her coffee to calm her nerves

Callum continued. You know, after that incident years ago, Winona was half out of her mind with worry. I heard she’s been looking for you all this time. Now that you’re back, she must be thrilled, right?” 

Callum was also Elysia’s senior of college. He was Zane’s classmate

He had a crush on Winona and used to woo her by bringing treats to her dorm, like fresh baked cookies and apple pastries

To get closer to Winona, he had often gone out of his way to be nice to her and Blossom, so they were all familiar with each other 

Elysia steadied her thoughts and asked, Have you been in touch with her recently?” 

No, we lost touch after she started dating Zane. You know I pursued her once. I’ve kept my distance to avoid any misunderstandings or unnecessary drama 

Right. I remember you studied film direction. Are you a director now?” 

Yeah, what about it?” 

You must know Winona’s agent, night?” 

I know of the person, but we’re not close, and I haven’t contacted Winona’s agent I’ve always been careful to maintain professional boundaries” 

Elysia continued, I heard from Zane and Blossom that Winona has gone off to shoot a movie and signed some sort of nondisclosure agreement. She’s not allowed to have contact with anyone outside the production crew and has been off the radar for over a year now. Do you have any news of her?” 

Callum looked shocked. No contact for over a year? That doesn’t sound right. In our industry, NDAs are 

e common, but I’ve never heard of an actor being cut off from their family. They just need to keep the script confidential.” 

y increased Elysia’s concem. Could you find out what’s going on? I’m worried since there’s been no word from her.” 

This only

Sure, Ill ask around as soon as I get back and let you know if I hear anything Let’s exchange numbers.” 

They swapped contact information, and then Elysia couldn’t help but ask, Did you book this table in advance for your meeting?” 

Yeah, why?” 

That’s strange. I also 

lso had a reservation for this table” 

Callum paused, then it clicked. You’re meeting Tarquin?” 


Callum’s face twitched as he glanced upstairs, cursing under his breath


He was Tarquin’s buddy who had just flown in from abroad and gotipped into this setup by Tarquin himself

Tarquin had asked him to meet a woman on his behalf, just to listen to what she had to say

Who would have thought it would be Elysia

Realizing the situation, Elysia glared at Callum before gritting her teeth in anger quin asked you to meet me?” 

Callum awkwardly admitted, Well, yeah” 

Elysia was livid. She grabbed her phone to call Keaton

Keaton’s phone exploded with rings, making him jump in alarm

Oh no, the gig is up! You’ve really screwed me over. If you were going to get someone to stand in, at least pick someone she doesn’t know! What am I supposed to do now, huh?” 

Tarquin was stonefaced, silent. He hadn’t expected Elysia to know Callum

Callum was a film director with a background in screenwriting, a true professional in the craft

Tarquin had thought that hiring an actor would be the perfect cover, but he hadn’t anticipated this twist

Keaton’s phone was relentless. He answered reluctantly 



Chapter 190 

What the hell is Torquin playing at?asked Elysia 

Keaton, sticking to the code of every man for himself, foigned ignorance

What do you mean? Didn’t Tarquin show up for the meeting?” 

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin)

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin)

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/12/2024 Native Language: English
Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Six years ago, Elysia unexpectedly lost her innocence, and Tarquin accused her of having an affair during their marriage. With a divorce agreement, 

Hitched & Hitched Again A Comedy of Marital Mayhem

Six years later, she returned with her children, and when Tarquin saw the little versions of himself beside her, he finally realized that he was the very "illicit lover" in their marriage mystery. Regretful but overjoyed, the once cold CEO Tarquin transformed into a clingy, lovesick man, attempting to share her bed every night. 

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