How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 299

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 299

Chapter 299 

Mr. Lynch, it has nothing to do with you whether I stay here or not.” 

Jensen showed his attitude

Patrick knew that it was useless to say more. He just reminded Jensen, Mr. Harrington, even if someone misses the train, he will catch up with the next one. After all, everyone knows that the train won’t go back even if they stick to the missed train. Mr. Harrington, you should understand this truth.” 

With that, Patrick left with Braydon

Patrick, why do you let him stay here?” 

ydon was still 

Braydon was still reluctant, but Patrick said, If he doesn’t leave, what can we do?” 

But Gilly doesn’t want to see him!” 

We have to trust Gilly. She has the right judgment, and she will know who is worth entrusting for the rest of her life.” 

Hearing this, Braydon calmed down a lot. I hope so!” 

Gilda felt that she had slept for a long time. She had a very long dream

She dreamed of the first time she met Jensen five years ago

Back then, she was still studying as a graduate student at the Design School of Eledrikin University. For the first time, she left home and went to an unfamiliar city. All members of the Lynch family were worried about her

Gilly, I bought you a house opposite the school and arranged bodyguards and nannies for you. Don’t be hard on yourself 


On the phone, Patrick said repeatedly

But Gilda said, Don’t worry, Patrick! I came here to study, so I just need to live on campus. I am old enough and can take care of myself. Please rest assured.” 

But you have never left us. We are still worried” 

Gilda shook her head helplessly. Patrick, I’m already twenty years old, not a child. I will grow up sooner or later” 

Gilda talked a lot and finally convinced Patrick

After hanging up the phone, Gilda breathed a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, a figure ran straight towards her in the next 


Before Gilda could react, she lost her balance and fell heavily to the ground. She felt a burst of pain in her buttocks

The person who ran into her was just a teenager

Chapter 299 

Seeing this, he kept saying sorry to her in Ethusian. Gilda saw that he was young anu

with her suitcase. Before she could say anything, the boy disappeared

Gilda was surprised and muttered, Why is he so strange?” 

Before she could finish her words, her expression suddenly changed. She touched her bag and found that the wallet inside was missing

No way! I ran into a thief as soon as 

I went out?” 

At the thought of that boy, Gilda stamped her feet angrily. Damn it. If I see him again, I will skin him alive!” 

As soon as she finished her words, there was a burst of laughter beside her

Gilda looked back and saw a delicate featured man sitting on the bike, smiling at her. He had blond hair and a light complexion, so it was obvious that he was Mirausan

Therefore, she said angrily, What are you laughing at? What’s so funny?” 

The man circled his chest and sized her up. The girl was very cute with bulging cheeks

Then he raised his eyes slightly and said, You should be more careful when you go out. Next time, you won’t necessarily meet a righteous man like me.” 

With that, the man threw the wallet at Gilda. You’re welcome!” 

Then he waved at her and stepped on the bike to leave

Gilda couldn’t help laughing when she saw the money intact in her purse

Then she raised her eyes and looked at the man’s back

With such a glance, she engraved the man’s back in her mind

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

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How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Married for three years, Gilda's life remained untouched by the warmth of intimacy. 

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


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