I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson) Chapter 1

I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson) Chapter 1

ring. Are you sure she’s Cade Jackson’s wife?”

“Hell yeah! They had a wedding and everything.”

“I made at least six calls and even texted him, telling him we have his wife and we want money. And nothing. He just ignored me.”

Nydia Sharp was kidnapped.

Last night, she went to talk about cooperation as promised, and it turned out to be a trap.

As the night passed and the deadline approached, the kidnappers became anxious cause they couldn’t even reach Cade.

“Why didn’t Jackson answer my call? Did he not care about your freaking life?” One kidnapper asked Nydia furiously.

Nydia pursed her lips, the bleeding corners of her lips curled. “So you know who he is. Cade Jackson doesn’t just answer the call from a random guy. Give me my phone, and I’ll call him.”

The two kidnappers exchanged a look. They were after the money. Murdering was not their intention. It wouldn’t hurt to let her try.

Nydia dialed the first number on her list. She gave him an alias, Mr. Jackson.

Nobody answered.

She called again—still nothing. After the third call, he finally answered.

She hurriedly explained to him, “Mr. Jackson, I’m kidnapped. Can you pay my ransom?” She tried to stay calm, but her shivering breaths gave her away.

There was a pause over the phone, and then he hung up without a word.

The busy signals startled her. She was used to his indifference. But to ignore her so ruthlessly at this critical moment gave her chills all over her body.

“Damn it! I knew she was useless!” One kidnapper burst into anger and was about to slap her with his hand raised. The other one stopped him by pointing at the TV. “Dude, look, is that Cade Jackson?”

Nydia also turned her gaze to the TV.

A man in a fancy suit accompanied a nice-shaped woman into a restaurant. The woman seemed to be muttering something, and the man lowered his head gently to listen to her.

Nydia could recognize them from only behind. The man was the eldest son of the Jackson Group, the biggest group in Creekheim, Cade Jackson, whom she had been married to for five years,

As for the woman, Nydia was even more familiar. That was Josephine Brooks, Cade’s true love.

Five years ago, Sharp Group, which used to be the biggest group in Creekheim, went bankrupt. Mr. and Mrs. Sharp both jumped off a building and died. The Jackson Group took over whatever was left of the Sharp Group. As a sign of respect, Orson Jackson arranged a marriage between his favorite grandson, Cade, and Nydia, causing him to separate from Josephine.

So it all made sense now. He had no time for her when Josephine was around.

She felt startled, then sad. She inhaled and forced herself to calm down. She looked up at the kidnappers and said, “It must take you a lot to kidnap me, right? If I die, not only will you not be able to get a penny, but what you spent before will also go down the drain. You might as well let me go. I have the money you want.”

Her phone was on. All she needed to do was to buy enough time for Orson to locate her.

“Yeah, right, nice try. What you have is nothing compared to the money we want from Jackson. But it seems we are not getting it cause you are nothing to him. We probably should have kidnapped that woman,” said one kidnapper.

“We should just kill her, man. But before we do that, let’s not waste her beautiful face and nice body,” said another kidnapper.


I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson)

I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/4/2024 Native Language: English
I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson)" After the bankruptcy of the Sharp Group, Nydia Sharp’s parents committed suicide, leaving her to live alone. To save the Sharp Group, Nydia married Cade Jackson. However, married life was not as easy as she had imagined.

I Love You More, Cade

Cade did not love her and had his own beloved, Josephine Brooks. But for the sake of the Sharp Group, Nydia had to endure it. Cade Jackson was the handsome and wealthy heir of the Jackson Group. His grandfather forced him to marry Nydia.

I Love You More


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