I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson) Chapter 4

I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson) Chapter 4


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Nydia was dumbfounded. No 

matter what Cade did before, it was in private. He had never crossed the line and brought Josephine to the company, let alone assigned her such an important position. It

seemed he had been overwhelmed by love.

Nydia didn’t care how inseparable they were, but he put her in an awkward position by initiating such a significant personnel decision. He humiliated her with so many eyes on her.

She was wondering what would her parents think about it.

He couldn’t wait to stamp on her dignity, tear up her deepest wound, and make her face the bloody reality. She felt a string tied up her heart. Each time it was pulled, she felt itchy and painful.

“Miss Sharp, it seems we are going to see each other every day. Let’s have a good time working together.” Josephine grinned at Nydia and walked into her office.

Nydia stood frozen until her assistant Alison Cook came forward.

“Ms. Sharp, are you okay?” asked Alison. Nydia’s face was pale. Alison was worried and reached out to feel her forehead.

The cold touch made Nydia come to her senses. Looking down at her wristwatch, she realized her hand was covered with red marks pinched by her fingernails.

She almost lost it just now, which was terrible. She had been having trouble controlling her temper recently, especially when it was related to Cade, probably because she was tired.

“I’m fine.” She waved her hand and headed to her office.

“Those old devils of the board have been making a fuss. What do we do this time?” asked Alison.

“Play it by ear. We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? The worst thing is to be scolded by them again. I’m used to it!” answered Nydia

Different kinds of complaint files piled up on her desk. She frowned and smiled bitterly. “When did 1

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Chapter 4




become the customer service? These complaint files should go to the corresponding departments. instead of piling up on my desk.”

Alison pursed her lips. “Because Mr. Marshall says they are all caused by your private lifestyle, and you should deal with them.”

Nydia randomly grabbed one file and couldn’t help but laugh. “Does the internal products test go wrong due to my lifestyle?”

Alison also laughed.

“Ms. Sharp,” said Alison.


Alison looked like she was holding back.

Nydia looked up at her and said, “What? Go ahead and say it.”

Alison swallowed and approached with a smile. “Why don’t you talk to Mr. Jackson? You are husband and wife. He won’t leave you in the lurch, will he?”

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I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson)

I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/4/2024 Native Language: English
I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson)" After the bankruptcy of the Sharp Group, Nydia Sharp’s parents committed suicide, leaving her to live alone. To save the Sharp Group, Nydia married Cade Jackson. However, married life was not as easy as she had imagined.

I Love You More, Cade

Cade did not love her and had his own beloved, Josephine Brooks. But for the sake of the Sharp Group, Nydia had to endure it. Cade Jackson was the handsome and wealthy heir of the Jackson Group. His grandfather forced him to marry Nydia.

I Love You More


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