I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson) Chapter 5

I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson) Chapter 5


It was

Nydia was stunned. She didn’t answer Alison for a long time. She didn’t know how. not like she

could tell Alison that she and Cade were barely friends, even though they had been married for five


The board meeting started at nine in the morning. It was already lunchtime when Nydia left the conference room after hours of tug–war.

Alison looked at Nydia with total admiration and stuffed the documents in her hands. “Mr. Jackson will be more than happy to know that you have nailed such a big project, which not only sealed those old fellas‘ mouths but also brought huge profits to the company. Why don’t you go have lunch with him?”

Nydia’s lips curled, but she didn’t feel any relief inside. She made it through the board this time, but her path in the Jackson Group as a Sharp was still difficult.

She looked at the closed door of Cade’s office, exhaled, and walked up.

Before she could knock on the door, Josephine stepped out, blushing. She seemed embarrassed to see Nydia and shyly asked, “Why are you here?”

For a moment, Nydia was quite confirmed that was Josephine’s after–sex face.

She felt that anxiety again, but she forced herself to look normal. “That’s none of your business. Get out of my way,” she said indifferently.

Josephine didn’t move. She leaned against the doorframe. Her tender vibe was gone. “Miss Sharp, I’ve always thought of you as intelligent and dignified. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed today.” Josphine snorted disdainfully.

“I am the only one Cade loves, and that has not changed in the five years you have been married. He gave me a position because I have been bored at home. And here I am, equal to you. Does that mean I’m the real Mrs. Jackson in his mind?” Josephine added.

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I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson)

I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/4/2024 Native Language: English
I Love You More, Cade by Coral Hume ( Nydia and Jackson)" After the bankruptcy of the Sharp Group, Nydia Sharp’s parents committed suicide, leaving her to live alone. To save the Sharp Group, Nydia married Cade Jackson. However, married life was not as easy as she had imagined.

I Love You More, Cade

Cade did not love her and had his own beloved, Josephine Brooks. But for the sake of the Sharp Group, Nydia had to endure it. Cade Jackson was the handsome and wealthy heir of the Jackson Group. His grandfather forced him to marry Nydia.

I Love You More


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