Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 1

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 1


On the eve of her wedding, Whitney Valentine and her younger stepsister were kidnapped, but her fiancé only 

rescued her sister

The kidnapper lunged at her with a sneer, tearing at her clothes with a vicious rip

Still in disbelief. Whitney waited foolishly, yelling, “No! Please wait moreSimon Perlman said he’d pay the ransom.” 

With a mocking laugh, the kidnapper dialed a number and barked, Monica Valentine, your elder sister sure is a fool!” 

Whitney froze

Her sister’s mocking voice came through the phone. You really believed that knightinshiningarmor crap? Let me tell you the truth: I’m carrying Simon’s baby!” 

Whitney’s face turned ashen. WhenWhen did you two get together?” 

Simon’s always loved me. He only used you to start his business! Now that he’s CEO, guess why you’re the one kidnapped?” 

Chills crawled up Whitney’s arms as she shook her head in disbelief. I don’t believe it. Put Simon on the phone!” 

Then a man’s voice that came through was cold and remorseless. Whitney, you’re no longer of any value to me. Take care on your journey.” 


Whitney’s world collapsed into a pallor of despair. 

Eight years of love, all just a ploy? He wanted her dead so he could take over the company

Whitney’s tears fell down her cheeks

Monica’s twisted laugh cut through. “He wanted to leave you a pretty corpse, but I’ll make sure you die ugly. Have your fun with her, then leave her to the wolves!” 

Monica, I treated you like my own sister. Why are you doing this? Mom and Dad won’t let you get away with 


Do you think Mom and Dad really loved you?Monica sneered coldly

Whitney was stunned. What did Monica mean by that? Before she could ponder, she was dragged deeper into the wilderness

The kidnappers pressed down on her with sinister grins. Whitney trembled with fear, unwilling to accept this 


Was she really going to be a pawn in Simon and Monica’s scheme, toyed with to her death

No, she could not let it end like this

Suddenly, she saw a car parked strangely with its door ajar on the dark roadside below the hill

A man sat in the back seat, his large silhouette vague, but the atmosphere was heavy with suppressed 


Summoning an unknown strength, she broke free from her captors and tumbled down the hill toward the car, desperately pleading, Sir, could you please let me in to take shelter for a moment?” 

Get lost.” 

The man’s icy gaze halfclosed, his breath heavy with warning


The kidnappers were closing in

Someone’s trying to kill me, sir, please!Whitney clung to his leg, crawling into the car and slamming the door shut

Her trembling body inadvertently brushed against the man’s slacks, but she was oblivious

The predatory eyes suddenly opened wide, and the man’s Adam’s apple bobbed, You’re not getting out?” 

I can’t!She shook her head frantically, pleading

Huh. Whoever sent you, since you’ve come,the man’s voice was a dark, cold chuckle. Don’t regret it.In an instant, his powerful frame enveloped her

When Whitney slowly came to, the man was still asleep; dawn had not broken

Whitney picked up her clothes and fled from the car in disarray

That night, she lost something precious. With a wretched wipe of her eyes, Whitney did not dare linger. Ten days later

Whitney, barely alive, finally made it back to the Valentine family in Banyan City

With nothing to her name, she endured hunger and cold, clinging to life

Whitney clenched her fist. In ten days, she hadn’t seen a single piece of news about her father searching for her

Monica said Dad never loved her. Recalling the injustices of her childhood, Whitney bit her lip hard

She refused to believe it, so she returned to confront the truth

At the back door of the Valentine Mansion, Whitney entered with a cold gaze. Before she could step further, she heard a dispute from the living room

We can’t rest until we find the body!Her stepmother, Yvonne, fretted

Monica’s tone was sinister as she said, Dad, if you’re worried about her haunting us, let’s arrange a ghost marriagefor her! We’ll make a profit and bind her spirit. She won’t dare come after us then.” 

Isn’t that a bit harsh?That was her father, Preston Valentine, devoid of any paternal warmth

Whitney slumped to the floor, her expressionless face stripped bare by the cold, and her fantasies of a concerned and remorseful father shattered

Instead, they only sought to squeeze value out of her even in death, discussing using a ghost marriageto trap her soul

Harsh? Preston, Whitney was born to shield Monica from misfortune, a life cheaper than dirt! Besides, we know what happened to her mother. If Whitney’s still alive and finds out your secret” 

Enough! If she’s alive, I’ll make sure she doesn’t leave here today,Preston’s voice was devoid of any fatherly compassion

We’ll smear her reputation. Monica and Simon will take over her company. Her grandfather’s legacy, her uncleAll will be taken care of.” 

Hell was empty, and devils walked the earth

Whitney bit her lip to keep from storming in

Fury and terror caused a sharp pain in her abdomen. She understood now; there was more to her mother’s death, and her birth was even more suspicious



She could not die here

With a heart torn asunder, Whitney fled, hailing a cab. To the hospital” 

The Valentine heiress Whitney Valentine allegedly engaged in promiscuous affairs and was murdered by her lover in the wilderness. Her family is heartbroken, desperately seeking her bodyThe radio in the taxi 


Whitney’s hollow laugh was her only reaction. The news she had hoped for about her family’s search for her was finally here

But it was all to tarnish her death, allowing Simon and that vile woman to seize everything rightfully hers

Hatred seared through her. She had to survive. She needed revenge

Miss?The driver’s shout snapped her back as she fainted. What’s this girl been through?” 

Whitney faintly heard the doctor’s footsteps hastening towards her

When she awoke again, she found an IV in her hand, and the doctor approached with a puzzled expression. Miss, your HCG levels are quite high, which means not only are you injured, but you’re also pregnant!” 

Whitney stiffened as if struck by lightning. DocWhat did you say?” 

Whitney’s lips had gone as pale as the frosted cupcakes in the bakery window. Barely two weeks had passed since that night when she had been with that man

How could her luck be so rotten that she ended up pregnant

The doctor, reading her stricken expression, understood. Considering abortion? I can arrange the procedure for you” 

No one is going to touch her belly!The words thundered through the emergency room as a group barged in

A man dressed to the nines in a sharp suit led them, who promptly dismissed the doctor

He turned, nodding politely at Whitney. Ms. Valentine, I understand you’re expecting. Please, come with us.” 

Whitney’s anxiety skyrocketed. Who are you people?” 

The father of the child you’re carrying would like a word!” 


Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

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Read Online Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Love Beyond the Mask Whitney, the dazzling socialite of Emperor City, not only serves as the general manager of a prestigious jewelry company but also boasts an innate talent as a jewelry designer. However, behind the glitz and glamour, a sinister tale unfolded as her own fiancé and stepsister conspired to snatch away Whitney's jewel kingdom. In the midst of her escape, Whitney collided with a mysterious masked figure known as "L." In a twist of fate, their paths intertwined intimately for one unforgettable night. Fueled by the searing pain of betrayal, Whitney emerged from the ashes with a fierce determination for revenge! Yet, fate dealt her an unexpected card - Whitney found herself pregnant. As the tumultuous journey of revenge unfolded, L extended an unexpected hand of assistance, and an unforeseen emotional connection blossomed between them. But the mystery persisted as L remained veiled be...

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

  On the eve of her wedding, Whitney Valentine and her younger stepsister were kidnapped, but her fiancé only rescued her sister. The kidnapper lunged at her with a sneer, tearing at her clothes with a vicious rip. Still in disbelief, Whitney waited foolishly, yelling, "No! Please wait more... Simon Perlman said he'd pay the ransom." With a mocking laugh, the kidnapper dialed a number and barked, "Monica Valentine, your elder sister sure is a fool!" Whitney froze. Her sister's mocking voice came through the phone. "You really believed that knight-in-shining-armor crap? Let me tell you the truth: I'm carrying Simon's baby!" Whitney's face turned ashen. "When


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