Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 204

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 204

Chapter 204

The video was only six seconds long, ending abruptly as Natalie coughed up a mouthful of black blood

The old professor had watched it repeatedly, finally offering his analysis. Hard to say, Mr. Doonan, judging by the points where the girl inserted the needles, it looks like she targeted the area near the old lady’s pancreas. The pancreas is complex; the needling could be harmful or healing. But the color of the blood she spat out suggests internal bruising.” 

Ludwik’s expression froze for a moment

Parker thanked the professor and personally escorted him to the door.

Returning, he shrugged, This professor is as credible as they come. At least he didn’t rule out the possibility that Whitney might have been trying to save your mom. Elaine shot this video, claiming Whitney was harming Natalie. I wonder, could she have been mistaken?”

Ludwik’s face twitched slightly as he remembered Whitney insisting at the hospital that it was his mother’s pancreatitis acting up, and that she was needling to release the congestion

His mother did indeed suffer from pancreatitis!His gaze fixed on the emergency prescription order, perhaps Whitney was really trying to save her

Braxton said she was kindhearted, and he himself had seen her take Braxton’s pulse, claiming her acupuncture was to save lives, not for money, her expression soft and sincere

Even Nolan could see she was close to Natalie

If she was as innocent as Parker suggested, then the whole tender issue wasn’t a setup, and when Keegan kidnapped Natalie, could she have been trying to stop him? According to her story, was she trying to sneakily rescue Natalie instead of aiding Keegan in his misdeeds?

Unfortunately, complications later led to his mother suffering renal failure and becoming comatose

His heart pounded

Could she be innocent

Reflecting on his treatment of her these past days, verbal and physical abuse, Ludwik’s brow furrowed deeply

If she was innocent, then he was not acting like a man for hurting her this way

Figuring anything out?Parker handed him a glass of wine, teasing him with a look

Ludwik remained silent, tilting his head back and downing the wine in one go.

It’s not that I’m making excuses for Whitney,Parker continued, but I just feel that she isn’t irredeemably evil. If she harmed your mother, why is she still enduring your torment and fighting to stay by your side?”

She wants redemption,” Ludwik replied coldly

Parker chuckled, countering, And what if she’s innocent? She stays, drinking down your hate, why do you think she’s doing this for?”

Chapter 204 

Ludwik paused in his drinking, the sharp vodka accentuating the depth in his eyes. He abruptly put down his glass, closed his eyes for a couple of minutes, feeling a softening in his heart

Was Parker suggesting that she was in love with him

He stood up

Ludwik, it’s almost dawn. Where are you going? Get some rest, your eyes are red,” Nolan attempted to stop him

Parker raised a hand to silence him, his lips curving into a smirk, Fool, he’s obviously going back to Whitney. Go back to her, Ludwik. Calm down, ask her what really happened that night, give her a chance to explain,Parker said, patting his shoulder with earnest

At 4:30 AM, Elaine was jolted by a call from Jaxon. What did you say? Parker had some old professor analyze that video I shot?

She sprung from her bed, her face pale as a ghost. That meddlesome Parker

She had presented that video at the hospital to frame Whitney, convinced that Ludwik’s fury would ensure he believed it without scrutinizing the footage

To incriminate Whitney, she had handed the video over to the police as evidence

But she hadn’t counted on Parker keeping a copy

Now, with the professor’s expert analysis, her claims were falling apart, and she risked getting burned herself

Parker was such a busybody. What if he started digging into the old lady’s hospitalization

The truth about the kidney transplant it couldn’t be discovered

Biting her lip, she hurriedly got out of bed, feeling uneasy, she needed to give strict instructions to the hospital’s doctors to destroy the evidence and keep their mouths shut

Otherwise, if Ludwik suspected anything, he might start investigating

Elaine, with Lyra in tow, rushed out the door

As the sky began to lighten, Ludwik returned to the villa, where the living room was eerily silent

Standing tall, he paused in front of a room on the first floor, ran a hand through his handsome face, and quietly opened the door

The room was cold, the chill palpable

He saw a small figure huddled on the bed, her belly round with pregnancy, but she was curled up, her little face buried in her knees, a picture of self-preservation

Whitney?” Ludwik frowned and walked over

Seeing she had no blanket and was lying there, her face flushed, breathing ragged, lips cracked and peeling, he touched her forehead, alarmed by the heat

Wake up… Whitney, why aren’t you covering up? You’ve got a fever!”

He roused her.



Chapter 204 

Whitney, in a daze, opened her

lip, What are you doing here? Dia 

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He was silent for a moment. She always knew how to rile him up

Ludwik clenched his teeth and reproached her, Have you forgotten you are about to become a mother? Are you tormenting yourself on purpose just to make me see?”

I’m tormenting myself? Get out!Whitney wanted to laugh

Then why didn’t you cover up?”

Whitney gave him a selfdeprecating look, My room was locked, and the maid took the blanket. Someone made sure I had no water to drink, no food to eat, and was left to freeze all night. Do you believe that?”

Why would the maid do that?Ludwik was incredulous

Heh, Elaine told her to. I know you won’t believe it, no matter what I say.” 

Whitney’s pale lips twitched

Elaine has no reason to do something so stupid right under my nose. It’d be too easy to get caught,” Ludwik reflexively defended Elaine, his tone softening a bit

Whitney’s heart ached. You blind man, can’t you see?

She closed her eyes, You conceited bastard, get out.” 

In the dim light, Ludwik gazed at her frail body and the desperate disappointment in her eyes

In his anger these past days, he had been blind to her suffering. She was unhappy, indeed, and seemed so wronged, her eyes filled with countless unsaid words of defense against him

Was he the one who was conceited? 

His jaw clenched, and instead of leaving, he moved closer to her, watching her silently

WhitneyHis voice trailed off, deep and hesitant

His gaze was fixed on her, evaluating, intensely complex

What?” Whitney was puzzled. What did his silent stare mean

It had been ages since he looked at her with such tranquil eyes. Now, it was nothing but hate, disgust, or blatant longing

Was he slightly gentler today? A flicker of uncertainty crossed her mind. His look sharpened, he let out a soft sigh, and suddenly, he scooped her up and strode out of the room

Enveloped in his heady scent, Whitney felt waves of cold then heat wash over her until her dazed thoughts snapped back to the present. She realized he was carrying her, heading towards the backyard, towards the cottage

Dawn was breaking, a hint of daybreak etched into the sky, making it look tranquil and beautiful

Whitney found her voice again, You… you’re taking me to see your mother?”

He didn’t answer, just continued to hold her as they entered the cottage

Whitney was incredulous. He’d sworn to keep her away from his mother what had changed today

Ludwik, what are you doing?

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

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Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

  On the eve of her wedding, Whitney Valentine and her younger stepsister were kidnapped, but her fiancé only rescued her sister. The kidnapper lunged at her with a sneer, tearing at her clothes with a vicious rip. Still in disbelief, Whitney waited foolishly, yelling, "No! Please wait more... Simon Perlman said he'd pay the ransom." With a mocking laugh, the kidnapper dialed a number and barked, "Monica Valentine, your elder sister sure is a fool!" Whitney froze. Her sister's mocking voice came through the phone. "You really believed that knight-in-shining-armor crap? Let me tell you the truth: I'm carrying Simon's baby!" Whitney's face turned ashen. "When


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