Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 5

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 5


The silence was deafening

Preston looked up. The casket was to his left, draped with flowers

Suddenly, from the adorned casket emerged something bloody

What’s that? It’s a hand!” 

But wasn’t Whitney’s body never found?” 

A chilling terror swept through the room

Just then, a person, bloodied and mangled, clambered out of the casket, wailing ghostly, Daddy, it hurts so much! Am I dead?” 

Preston, frozen, looked up in horror, his soul seemingly fleeing as he crashed to the ground

The gruesome corpse crawled out of the casket, approaching Yvonne, Yvonne, it hurts. My sister crushed my palm. Sis, you let the kidnapper beat me so badly!” 

Ah!Yvonne and Monica screamed, tumbling to the floor

Their faces were ashen

Monica, clutching her head, wailed, Mom, wasn’t she supposed to be trapped in hell, never to return? Why has the ghost come for us? Oh, don’t come for me, please!” 

Her words revealed a crucial piece of information

Whitney, with a cold sneer, slowly stood up

The palefaced crowd, some lifting their eyes, saw Whitney moving freely, asked, Ms. Valentine, you’re not dead, are you?” 

Yeah!Whitney walked over, stepping on Monica’s hand with a chilling smirk, Strange, my family acted as if I were dead, pressing me into hell.” 

This revelation shocked everyone

Whitney’s eyes turned a piercing red as she sneered. Was it that by burying me, my company would be easier to swallow whole, my will easier to forge? My fortune willingly left to Monica? Dad, have you forgotten how just ten days ago Monica and Simon paid off kidnappers to abduct me to the wilderness, to kill me off for good?” 

My God, the story’s different. Wasn’t she killed by a lover?” 

What, she’s implying the Valentine family conspired to kill her” 

Preston stared at Whitney, convincing himself she was real, alive

He reacted quickly, rushing to embrace Whitney. Whitney, you’re alive! Thank goodness!” 

Daddy, how could I bear to die?Whitney, with a spectral gaze, turned to Simon. Before the wedding, my fiancé and my stepsister had an affair; she got pregnant, and for their child, they left me for dead. Such a debt of gratitude, how could I ever forget!” 

Monica and Simon turned ghostly white

The room erupted into whispers, and journalists who had somehow infiltrated the scene raised their cameras

Preston signaled his security to clear the room

What’s gotten into you, child, speaking such nonsense?Yvonne reacted quicker, rushing to cover Whitney’s mouth and squeezing crocodile tears. Are you angry with me and Daddy? Sorry! We thought you were dead



Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
Read Online Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Love Beyond the Mask Whitney, the dazzling socialite of Emperor City, not only serves as the general manager of a prestigious jewelry company but also boasts an innate talent as a jewelry designer. However, behind the glitz and glamour, a sinister tale unfolded as her own fiancé and stepsister conspired to snatch away Whitney's jewel kingdom. In the midst of her escape, Whitney collided with a mysterious masked figure known as "L." In a twist of fate, their paths intertwined intimately for one unforgettable night. Fueled by the searing pain of betrayal, Whitney emerged from the ashes with a fierce determination for revenge! Yet, fate dealt her an unexpected card - Whitney found herself pregnant. As the tumultuous journey of revenge unfolded, L extended an unexpected hand of assistance, and an unforeseen emotional connection blossomed between them. But the mystery persisted as L remained veiled be...

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

  On the eve of her wedding, Whitney Valentine and her younger stepsister were kidnapped, but her fiancé only rescued her sister. The kidnapper lunged at her with a sneer, tearing at her clothes with a vicious rip. Still in disbelief, Whitney waited foolishly, yelling, "No! Please wait more... Simon Perlman said he'd pay the ransom." With a mocking laugh, the kidnapper dialed a number and barked, "Monica Valentine, your elder sister sure is a fool!" Whitney froze. Her sister's mocking voice came through the phone. "You really believed that knight-in-shining-armor crap? Let me tell you the truth: I'm carrying Simon's baby!" Whitney's face turned ashen. "When


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