Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 6

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 6

Simon raised his palm, and Whitney glared coldly at the despicable jerk before her

Still, his betrayal pierced her frozen heart like a dagger

Their tender eight years togetherhe had claimed to be the bastard of the Perlman family, placing extra importance on family values

He had talked about having a whole brood of kids with her

Now, he had traded her for Monica

We’ll see what kind of spawn you two produce. Hell’s got a special place for you both!Whitney wrenched her hand away and stormed off

Simon frowned, instinctively following her retreating figure, lithe and indifferent

Monica caught his gaze, her expression darkening suddenly

Damn it,” she thought, I can’t let that wench take back the company and lure Simon in again!” 

Outside the towering skyscraper of Skye Gem Ltd. 

Tiana saw Whitney emerge, her demeanor icy, and quickly asked, How did it go? Did any shareholders back you up?” 

Whitney shook her head. Business folks chase profit; no one’s dumb enough to cross the Valentines right now. But I did sabotage Simon’s deal today and goaded Monica into making a bet.” 

Nice! What’s the bet?” 

A provincial jewelry contest next month. If I win, I take over as General Manager.” 

No way! You struck a nerve. Simon and Monica, those two must be rattled!” 

I don’t know if they’re rattled, but the shareholders at Skye Gem sure don’t believe in me. They’re all backing Monica, mocking me openly.” 

Tiana clenched her teeth, a cold smirk crossing her face as she booted up her computer. They have no clue about your skills, do they? We’ve got to win this! Let’s see, the regional contest starts in October, and it’s hosted by Imperial Gem Corporation, the top judges” 

She suddenly fell silent

Whitney’s face turned rigid with anger as she spun around. What did you just say? Which jewelry company?” 

Swallowing hard, Tiana muttered, The jewelry monarch, your archnemesisImperial Gem Corporation. They’re running the show.” 

Silence filled the car

Tiana turned to see Whitney’s face ablaze with fury, her eyes smoldering

Isn’t Imperial Gem Corporation’s CEO the same guy who emailed you mocking your breasts?” 

And I cursed him with a hidden ailment!” 

That evens it out, right?Tiana’s lips twitched. Imperial Gem’s the industry leader, but the boss is a mystery. Rumor has it he’s from the Lippert family, third son or something? And you’ve got him as your rival, headtohead with his firm.” 

You don’t get it. Our families have a history. A Lippert stole my grandfather’s deal! And every bid Skye Gem made, Imperial Gem tried to snatch it. A few years back, I lost a huge contract to them in a neighboring state because I stopped to help some guy with hysteria. I’ll remember that for life.” 


Chapter 11 

Whatever,Tiana muttered, watching Whitney rant

She thought that if Mr. Lippert was a young man, this could be quite the feuda pair made in adversary heaven

Sighing, she said, You’ve never even seen Mr. Lippert’s face, and you’re holding a grudge. But we can’t let Monica win this contest. We need to get cozy with Mr. Lippert. He’s the judge!” 

Tiana hacked the system. Look, Mr. Lippert has a business appointment at the Southern Elegance Club tomorrow at 3 PM.” 

Whitney was taken aback. Send me the address.” 

Tiana’s grin was sly. You’re going to suck up to your mortal enemy?” 

Mind your own business,Whitney snapped

In the current predicament, she had no choice but to make nice with her foe

Her emotions were a complex web

The following day, in the afternoon, Whitney arrived promptly at the Southern Elegance Club

After mentally bracing herself, she approached the establishment, only to be condescendingly stopped by a security guard. Ms. Valentine, do you have an appointment?” 

F < F

This was a playground for the rich and powerful, a place Whitney used to enter at will. But now, with her accounts frozen and penniless, she was about to be turned away when- 

What’s going on here? Let her be!A roguish male voice suddenly called out

Whitney turned, surprised. There stood a man with phoenix eyes, young and with a rakish charm

The man was equally startled upon seeing her. Isn’t that Whitney?He wondered

He approached her, eyeing her curiously yet warmly, Ms. Valentine, I own this club. Who are you looking for?She sized him up, a man of leisure, seemingly harmless

I’m here to see Mr. Lippert of Imperial Gem Corporation. I hear he’s here today. Could I trouble you to introduce me?” 

Isn’t the boss of Imperial Gem Corporation Ludwik?The man thought

The man’s amusement was evident as he teased, Oh, you want to see him? But Mr. Lippert isn’t someone you can just meet.” 

Seeing his hesitation, Whitney asked, What will it take?” 


He looked at her pointedly, You’ll have to cater to his tastes. Go change into something appropriate first!Eager for a chance, Whitney did not hesitate and followed a manager into the changing room

But once changed, she was stunned/A super short white blouse, a deep neckline, a pleated skirtthis wasa schoolgirl look. What was this man planning? She was fuming

Yet the man tempted her, He’s in room 2022, just ahead.” 

Reluctantly, Whitney followed him into the room 

The man glanced at the empty bed, then pushed Whitney towards the bathroom, smirking mischievously. Wait here, and I guarantee you’ll meet him!” 

After he swiftly exited and locked the door, Whitney’s head spun. Hey, why are you locking the door?Her defenses went up




Nolan, what are you sneaking around for, dude? You know full well that Ludwik’s been struggling with insomnia like crazy. If you mess with him now, you’re asking for a world of hurt.” 

Isn’t Ludwik just hitched, bro? I snuck in a killer wedding gift! A freshly woken man seeing that he’s gonna lose his mind! Heh heh.

Nolan Fuller said with a cheeky grin, Ludwik’s gonna thank me big time!” 

Inside the room

Whitney surveyed the posh bedroom, feeling out of place and thinking about making an exit when the bathroom door suddenly swung open

She stood right by the door, and with a natural reflex, her delicate frame lurched forward, crashing into a towering wall of flesh


The man instinctively wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and Whitney’s head shot up, her eyes widening, completely stunned

What a sight the Adonis fresh from the shower

The guy in front of her was about sixfoottwo, strikingly tall and proud, and she had to tilt her head back just to get a glimpse of his face

The thought flashed through her mind: A vision of endless charm

This man’s features were exquisitely defined, with deepset eyes, a highbridge nose, and thin lips he was a total knockout, surpassing any of the highclass hunks Whitney had ever encountered

Such perfection in a face, Whitney caught her breath

And the moment the man saw Whitney, he subconsciously touched his face, his eyes narrowing sharply

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

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Read Online Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Love Beyond the Mask Whitney, the dazzling socialite of Emperor City, not only serves as the general manager of a prestigious jewelry company but also boasts an innate talent as a jewelry designer. However, behind the glitz and glamour, a sinister tale unfolded as her own fiancé and stepsister conspired to snatch away Whitney&#039;s jewel kingdom. In the midst of her escape, Whitney collided with a mysterious masked figure known as &quot;L.&quot; In a twist of fate, their paths intertwined intimately for one unforgettable night. Fueled by the searing pain of betrayal, Whitney emerged from the ashes with a fierce determination for revenge! Yet, fate dealt her an unexpected card - Whitney found herself pregnant. As the tumultuous journey of revenge unfolded, L extended an unexpected hand of assistance, and an unforeseen emotional connection blossomed between them. But the mystery persisted as L remained veiled be...

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

  On the eve of her wedding, Whitney Valentine and her younger stepsister were kidnapped, but her fiancé only rescued her sister. The kidnapper lunged at her with a sneer, tearing at her clothes with a vicious rip. Still in disbelief, Whitney waited foolishly, yelling, &quot;No! Please wait more... Simon Perlman said he&#039;d pay the ransom.&quot; With a mocking laugh, the kidnapper dialed a number and barked, &quot;Monica Valentine, your elder sister sure is a fool!&quot; Whitney froze. Her sister&#039;s mocking voice came through the phone. &quot;You really believed that knight-in-shining-armor crap? Let me tell you the truth: I&#039;m carrying Simon&#039;s baby!&quot; Whitney&#039;s face turned ashen. &quot;When


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