Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 8

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Chapter 8

That was because someone else had made her change

Whitney tried to shift her angle slightly, but the man suddenly grunted and growled, Be careful, or your face might touch something.” 

Whitney stiffened, her cheeks blazing

He began to pull the towel from her back, gently easing her off him

Whitney sat to the side, covering her eyes, panting. Okay, are you decent now?” 

Looking at her flushed appearance, the man hooked the corner of his lips in a faint smile

Stand up slowly,he advised, not wanting her to stumble again

Seeing him wrapped in the towel once more, Whitney dared to open her eyes. The man seemed oddly familiar

Looking at his perfectly sculpted features, Whitney remembered the purpose of her visit. Hey, are you the owner of Imperial Gem Corporation, Mr. Lippert?” 

And who might you be?He asked, towering above her with an air of indifference as if he did not know her at 


I’m the owner of Skye Gem Ltd.! Your sworn enemy,Whitney declared with a mix of frustration and anger

Never heard of it,he replied arrogantly, his gaze deep and unreadable


He claimed not to know her? But he had emailed her insults about her figure! Whitney refused to believe he did not recognize her

Are you Mr. Lippert or not?She pressed, seeking confirmation

He gave her a fleeting glance, his look dark and warning, Is it safe for you to be standing here dressed like that? Or are you interested in watching me change my pants? If something else happens, I might just have to pin you down.” 

Whitney was dumbstruck, and upon glancing down, she noticed her shirt was about to tear

And the man, unhurried, began to unravel the towel

Ah, you creep.” 

With cheeks flushed and indignation bubbling within her, Whitney bolted for the door

Watching her flee with such grace and beauty, the onlookers outside were left with agape jaws

And then, they were all suddenly blinded by Ludwik

Nolan quickly removed the shirt covering his eyes and turned to see the tall man with a mask emerge, his curiosity piqued, Ludwik! Why the sudden need for a disguise?” 

Who brought her in here?Ludwik asked with a heavy tone

Seeing Ludwik’s darkening expression, Nolan shivered and weakly raised his hand, II brought Whitney in” 

You let her dress like that?” 

It was for you, Ludwik, to spice up the newlywed’s life!” 

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

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Read Online Love beyond the mask ( Whitney ) Love Beyond the Mask Whitney, the dazzling socialite of Emperor City, not only serves as the general manager of a prestigious jewelry company but also boasts an innate talent as a jewelry designer. However, behind the glitz and glamour, a sinister tale unfolded as her own fiancé and stepsister conspired to snatch away Whitney's jewel kingdom. In the midst of her escape, Whitney collided with a mysterious masked figure known as "L." In a twist of fate, their paths intertwined intimately for one unforgettable night. Fueled by the searing pain of betrayal, Whitney emerged from the ashes with a fierce determination for revenge! Yet, fate dealt her an unexpected card - Whitney found herself pregnant. As the tumultuous journey of revenge unfolded, L extended an unexpected hand of assistance, and an unforeseen emotional connection blossomed between them. But the mystery persisted as L remained veiled be...

Love beyond the mask ( Whitney )

  On the eve of her wedding, Whitney Valentine and her younger stepsister were kidnapped, but her fiancé only rescued her sister. The kidnapper lunged at her with a sneer, tearing at her clothes with a vicious rip. Still in disbelief, Whitney waited foolishly, yelling, "No! Please wait more... Simon Perlman said he'd pay the ransom." With a mocking laugh, the kidnapper dialed a number and barked, "Monica Valentine, your elder sister sure is a fool!" Whitney froze. Her sister's mocking voice came through the phone. "You really believed that knight-in-shining-armor crap? Let me tell you the truth: I'm carrying Simon's baby!" Whitney's face turned ashen. "When


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