M Chapter 693

M Chapter 693

Chapter 693 

Upon seeing Luna, Mia remained unfazed

Considering Luna’s jealous reaction to Timothy agreeing to date Mia, it was apparent that she wouldn’t readily accept it, given her temperament

Mia calmly washed her hands, stealing a glance at Luna in the mirror. If you have something to say, say it now. Our paths may not cross again once I leave. After all, we’re from different social classes.” 

This remark struck Luna’s insecurity, prompting her to raise her voice, Who do you think are? You put on this facade of wealth and virtue, but who knows, perhaps you’ve gained your riches by cozying up to men.” 


Mia couldn’t help but express her disdain with a click of her tongue. Luna, perhaps you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see how unattractive jealousy makes 


You act all high and mighty, yet why do you insist on flaunting designer labels from head to toe? Even when your clothing starts to show signs of wear, it seems you’re reluctant to replace them, don’t you think?” 

Mia’s gaze was sharp, instantly penetrating Luna’s hypocritical facade

Approaching Luna, Mia scrutinized her appearance from head to toe. It’s quite obvious that you also have a fondness for vanity and luxury brands

However, despite your financial constraints, you maintain an air of indifference

pretending not to care about money. Don’t you think you’re quite the actor?” 

Luna’s expression immediately flared; it seemed as though Mia had pierced through her facade. She clutched her boutique luxury handbag tightly, a flicker of resentment passing through her eyes

Although she took pleasure in her wealth, she couldn’t afford to openly display it

Mia responded with a cold sneer. Move aside, you’re blocking my way.” 

Luna awkwardly stepped back twice before meeting Mia’s gaze. Don’t think resorting to such tactics to win Tim’s affection will guarantee a smooth path to becoming his girlfriend, or even marrying into the Barrett family. You’re just a standin, after all.” 

Tsk tsk, what a shame. You’ve been with Timothy for so long, yet you couldn’t even secure 


a position as his backup.Mia fired back

Mia herself remained unfazed by Luna’s insinuation about being a substitute, now realizing that she was Timothy’s exwife. Hence, such remarks were unlikely to sway her

Even if she had been unaware, Mia wouldn’t have been phased by the term standin.After all, she was typically the one who left men with lasting regret and longing; none had the ability to hurt her

Observing Luna’s frustration and inability to retaliate, Mia’s mood lifted

Ms. Maynard, I have a suggestion for you: why not consider plastic surgery? Maybe then you’ll have a chance as a standin.” 

That’s it! This is Bern City; don’t push too far, or there will be consequences,Luna retorted sharply

Mia’s gaze turned cold. I’m warning you, think twice before you act. Next time, it won’t just be a matter of swimming with sharks; I’ll personally ensure you become their prey. Mark my words!” 

Haunted by memories of being thrown into the sea, Luna spoke with a hint of fear, This is Bern City; the Barrett family won’t tolerate such behavior.” 

Now that I’m Timothy’s girlfriend, whose side do you think he’ll be on?Mia countered, raising her eyebrows slightly and wearing a playful smirk. With that, she turned and exited the restroom

As Luna observed Mia walking away, she felt a surge of anger. She was driven to the point of wanting to break something

Despite her indignation, Luna managed to control her emotions as she reminded herself of the new handbag she held, bought during her trip to Xanier Island

Ultimately, Luna could only suppress her rage, aware that when her son eventually assumed the role of heir to the Barrett Group, she would seek revenge for the humiliation she endured today

As Mia descended the stairs and left the hospital, she couldn’t help but notice Shelly waiting on the ground floor. Shelly was incessantly taking selfies, clutching a handbag and a pair of shoes

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/17/2024 Native Language: English
Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen ) Mia Bowen accidentally marries the heir to an affluent family. On the day that she finds out she's pregnant, he gives her a divorce agreement.The fake heiress takes over Mia's marital home, and her mother-in-law is disdainful of her for being poor and powerless.

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Then, six handsome and wealthy men descend from the heavens.The first is a real estate mogul who's determined to give her a hundred villas.The second is a scientist who researches artificial intelligence, and he gives her a limited-edition driverless car.The third is a renowned surgeon whose hands are the tools of his trade. He cooks for her daily.The fourth is a talented pianist who plays for her every day.. The fifth is a well-known lawyer who takes the initiative to get rid of all her anti-fans.The sixth is an award-winning actor who publicly announces that she's the love of his life.The fake heiress boasts, "These guys are my brothers and cousins."The six men refute her in unison, announcing, "No, Mia is the true heiress of our family."Mia goes on to have a great life with her baby as she enjoys the boundless affection and doting of her six brothers and cousins.Yet a certain man gets anxious because of this.  


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