M Chapter 796

M Chapter 796

Chapter 796 

Mia’s phone suddenly rang. With her heart in her throat, she looked at the caller’s ID. It was Nicholas calling

Worried that something happened to Sage, she turned sideways and answered the call. Hello?” 

How’s it going?” 

“We have new leads. I’ll settle it as soon as possible.” 

He knows it already,Nicholas blurted out

She bit her lip, her heart wretched upon hearing that. Calm the kid down. I’ll bring the bone marrow back, don’t worry.She hung up the call and felt Timothy’s gaze on her

In the end, he couldn’t help but voice out his curiosity, Someone’s looking for you?” 

He didn’t hear the conversation clearly, but he could discern that it was a male voice

She turned to face him. My fiancé, Nicholas. His team is in charge of the treatment.” 

I thought he was a gynecologist, no?Timothy distinctly remembered that the Lanes had chosen a gynecologist fiancé for her

Calmly, Mia replied, As I said, it’s his medical team.” 

What can a gynecologist do about this? It’d be better if you bring the child over here.” 

Nick is the godfather. He will do everything in his power to help my child.” 

The way she addressed Nicholas made Timothy frown. They sounded close

The conversation stopped, and an awkwardness hung in the air

When they reached the hospital, they met the doctor in charge first to ask if there were other possibilities

Generally, a person is allowed to donate their bone marrow once in their whole life. It’s difficult to be a match again for the second time. Even if the same people have the matching bone marrow again, the donor can’t donate immediately after the first surgery.” The doctor delivered some rather bad news

Timothy frowned. I’m perfectly fine and healthy. I can donate my bone marrow again immediately.” 

Still, Mr. Barrett, we can’t take blood from you right now. There’s nothing we can do,the 

doctor said

Mia slumped her shoulders in disappointment. Which means we have to find the bone marrow donated yesterday, right?” 

You’re right. Thankfully, the ldd isn’t in the vacuum chamber yet, I think we still have time to look for another matching bone marrow,” 

Mia broke down. No, we don’t have time. The child is already in the vacuum chamber!” 

Early preparations were made for a long time and Sage was already waiting in the vacuum chamber

If the plan had gone well, the treatment would have begun

However, the container was received without the bone marrow. Someone stole it away

Timothy held her wrist. I’ll ask them to look for another matching bone marrow. We can find a match as soon as possible.” 

Do you think we don’t have the money and men to do that? We searched for so long, but it was in vain! Instead of wasting time on this, why don’t you send more men to look for your mother? Ask her, where is the bone marrow!Mia was at her wit’s end

In case something bad happens, tell them to put everything on hold on Ginger’s side.They can’t. It has already begun.” 

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/17/2024 Native Language: English
Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen ) Mia Bowen accidentally marries the heir to an affluent family. On the day that she finds out she's pregnant, he gives her a divorce agreement.The fake heiress takes over Mia's marital home, and her mother-in-law is disdainful of her for being poor and powerless.

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Then, six handsome and wealthy men descend from the heavens.The first is a real estate mogul who's determined to give her a hundred villas.The second is a scientist who researches artificial intelligence, and he gives her a limited-edition driverless car.The third is a renowned surgeon whose hands are the tools of his trade. He cooks for her daily.The fourth is a talented pianist who plays for her every day.. The fifth is a well-known lawyer who takes the initiative to get rid of all her anti-fans.The sixth is an award-winning actor who publicly announces that she's the love of his life.The fake heiress boasts, "These guys are my brothers and cousins."The six men refute her in unison, announcing, "No, Mia is the true heiress of our family."Mia goes on to have a great life with her baby as she enjoys the boundless affection and doting of her six brothers and cousins.Yet a certain man gets anxious because of this.  


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